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So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish.

I don't eat fish, but thanks anyway.

This is the last post you'll see on this blog, unfortunately. The roundup posts have become more of a tedious annoyance now, so there's really nothing left for me to contribute here on GameSpot. It's been fun guys and gals, it was nice meeting and chatting about the vidio gamez, but I'm done.

Of course, I'm still alive and well on my YouTube channel, so if any of you want to check up on my videos every once in a while, that'll be the place from now on. I had a lot of fun here on GameSpot, but honestly this site just isn't the same and it's time to move on. Blame Jeff Gerstmann.

Take care y'all, and catch you on the Yootoobs. Gar out.

The Music of Video Games, Roundup No. 11 (Entries 100-110)

Well, this one's pretty self-explanatory. All 16-bit titles, and nearly every one of them is a known gem of the past, so there's probably a few games in there that you played a hell of a lot of and enjoyed the tunes as well.

From Bleeps to Beats, The Music of Video Games

Entry 101 - Super Mario RPG

Entry 102 - Tetris Attack

Entry 103 - Streets of Rage

Entry 104 - Streets of Rage 2

Entry 105 - Streets of Rage 3

Entry 106 - Mortal Kombat

Entry 107 - SimCity

Entry 108 - Super Punch-Out!!

Entry 109 - Sonic CD

Entry 110 - Secret of Mana

If you were a Super Nintendo kid back in the day and let the Streets of Rage franchise pass you by, you missed out on some great soundtracks. At least you got a few vids, and while you're at it, go for Secret of Mana and Super Mario RPG, I know you want to. More later this week. Gar out.

The Music of Video Games, Roundup No. 10 (Entries 91-100)

Time to break out the Doritos and the Mountain Dew, because the series has finally hit 100 entries. Still tons of 16-bit games to cover, leaving me to contemplate just how many more hundred videos I'll make in the future. I just thought I was making a little video feature about sweet gaming tunes, but now I've morphed into this completist mega-nerd seeking to leave no stone unturned, so I guess this'll just go on for many months to come.

From Bleeps to Beats, The Music of Video Games

Entry 91 - Snatcher

Entry 92 - Zelda: A Link to the Past

Entry 93 - Equinox

Entry 94 - The Secret of Monkey Island

Entry 95 - Street Fighter II

Entry 96 - Donkey Kong Country

Entry 97 - Donkey Kong Country 2

Entry 98 - Donkey Kong Country 3

Entry 99 - Maniac Mansion

Entry 100 - Day of the Tentacle

Yep, SF2 and the DKC games have cool music, I agree. That being said, I'd like to bring Snatcher to your attention. Like just about everything else in this game (maybe not the voice acting), the music is phenomenal if you ask me. Seriously Kojima, please go back to this franchise after you've served the fanboys your latest offering of cyber-chicks and ninjas running about. Just too good to let it die in obscurity like that. If you've ever heard the song 'Heat Miser' by Massive Attack, I'm quite certain you'll especially like the first tune in the video. If you haven't heard that song, well, stop reading this blog and go to iTunes or something like that. Gar out.

The Music of Video Games, Roundup No. 9 (Entries 81-90)

Ah, the 16-bit era. Fun times when you're making videos about sweet tunes. There's probably at least one or two titles in there you'll like.

From Bleeps to Beats, The Music of Video Games

Entry 81 - Mega Man X

Entry 82 - Spy Hunter

Entry 83 - Shadowrun

Entry 84 - Sonic the Hedgehog

Entry 85 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Entry 86 - Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Entry 87 - F-Zero

Entry 88 - Super Castlevania IV

Entry 89 - Castlevania: Dracula X

Entry 90 - Plok

Most here are known quantities, except maybe for the original Shadowrun (cyberpunk goodness) and Plok. The latter was composed by the Follin brothers and has a pretty neat trivia story attached to it. From what I understand, it seems that when he first heard the music to this game, Miyamoto actually thought that the cartridge had a special sound chip included to produce the tunes. Turns out it didn't, and Tim Follin is just a genius at pushing consoles to their auditory limit. I'm impressed. Gar out.

The Music of Video Games, Roundup No. 8 (Entries 71-80)

The series continues, this time with a whole bunch of 16-bit games, most of which you probably know of already. I know, go click on some Final Fantasy games or Super Metroid, I'll just wait and jabber afterwards.

From Bleeps to Beats, The Music of Video Games

Entry 71 - Adventures of Batman and Robin

Entry 72 - Final Fantasy IV

Entry 73 - Final Fantasy V

Entry 74 - Final Fantasy VI

Entry 75 - Super Metroid

Entry 76 - Contra III

Entry 77 - Ristar

Entry 78 - Sweet Home

Entry 79 - Super Mario World

Entry 80 - Yoshi's Island

So yeah, Final Fantasy. Good music. Anyhoo, there's not much here that's really obscure, maybe with the exception of Sweet Home. Personally, I only found out about this game a few months ago, so I won't claim I knew all along, but this game is seriously the origin of Resident Evil, no doubt. Also in the 'whuh?' category, Adventures of Batman and Robin probably has one of the most unique 16-bit soundtracks ever, created by Jesper Kyd, whom some ultra-geeks might know is a pretty damn good composer. More tunes coming over the weekend. Gar out.

Edit: 100 blog posts. Woo.

The Music of Video Games, Roundup No. 7 (Entries 61-70)

When you're doing a series of videos about video game music and it takes you over 60 entries to get to Chrono Trigger, you know you're in for the long haul. Yep, definitely gonna take a while. Anyhoo, more tunes, and the bit count has even doubled in this batch, up to a staggering sixteen. Whoa.

From Bleeps to Beats, The Music of Video Games

Entry 61 - Phantasy Star

Entry 62 - R-Type

Entry 63 - Alex Kidd in Miracle World

Entry 64 - Wonder Boy III

Entry 65 - Golvellius

Entry 66 - Chrono Trigger

Entry 67 - ActRaiser

Entry 68 - Terranigma

Entry 69 - Top Gear

Entry 70 - Clash at Demonhead

Aside from the obvious, I recommend some Top Gear awesomeness. If you played this sweet racer back in the day and don't remember any songs, click and ready yourself to say "oh yeeeeah" and nod your head in approval. Well, I did anyway. Terranigma is another overlooked gem if you ask me, so if you like snes-era rpg's, check that one as well. Gar out.

The Music of Video Games, Roundup No. 6 (Entries 51-60)

After 60 games, we're finally down to the last few NES titles that I've featured. There's still some left to come here and there, but the bulk of that godly console has been pretty much covered. Even after 50 or so videos, there's still some really good stuff left to listen and nostalgialize, so click.

From Bleeps to Beats, The Music of Video Games

Entry 51 - StarTropics

Entry 52 - River City Ransom

Entry 53 - Bomberman II

Entry 54 - Marble Madness

Entry 55 - Double Dragon II

Entry 56 - Little Nemo

Entry 57 - Duck Tales 2

Entry 58 - Blades of Steel

Entry 59 - Tecmo Super Bowl

Entry 60 - Mother

My favorites of this bunch are probably Bomberman II (funkiest NES soundtrack ever) and Marble Madness (second song in the vid: lodged in my brain since childhood), although it's hard to pick in this bunch. Mother is the first game in the EarthBound series, so if you like those games, it's definitely a must-listen. And, well, the first track in the video for Little Nemo is the happiest friggin' piece of music I've ever heard in my life. Makes me smile ever damn time I listen to it. Oh Capcom, you're awesome. Gar out.

The Music of Video Games, Roundup No. 5 (Entries 41-50)

Yep, the list continues on with even more NES games. Of course, the likes of Double Dragon and Dragon Warrior are obvious choices to click and listen, but if you have some time to spare, check out Shadowgate and Gremlins as more obscure selections of the 8-bit era.

From Bleeps to Beats, The Music of Video Games

Entry 41 - Double Dragon

Entry 42 - Shadowgate

Entry 43 - Gremlins 2

Entry 44 - TMNT 2

Entry 45 - TMNT 3

Entry 46 - Kirby's Adventure

Entry 47 - Dragon Warrior

Entry 48 - Dragon Warrior II

Entry 49 - Dragon Warrior III

Entry 50 - Dragon Warrior IV

As usual, pass by my YouTube channel and say hi and check out the latest vids. I added one in particular today that's chock full of retro goodness, so if you want to get all nostalgic, come take a look. Gar out.

The Music of Video Games, Roundup No. 4 (Entries 31-40)

Time for some new tunes, and this batch starts diversifying things a bit (finally). Obviously, if I were to name a pick of the litter, I would say Mega Man 3 is most definitely worth your time. The first and last tracks from that video are still in my top five 8-bit tracks of all time. That being said, let's geek this up a bit with some props for SunSoft. The game Journey to Silius might not be very well known, but believe you me, the soundtrack is unbelievably awesome for an NES game. Those SunSoft dudes sure knew how to milk that sound chip, and I highly recommend that you check it out.

From Bleeps to Beats, The Music of Video Games

Entry 31 - Solstice

Entry 32 - Battletoads

Entry 33 - Crystalis

Entry 34 - Mega Man 3

Entry 35 - Dr. Mario

Entry 36 - Metal Gear

Entry 37 - Snake's Revenge

Entry 38 - Tetris

Entry 39 - Rush'n Attack

Entry 40 - Journey to Silius

It's been only a week since I've started my YouTube page, so obviously I wasn't expecting a million hits right off the bat, but I'm glad to see that already I've had a couple visits to my channel and nabbed a few subscribers in the process. Videos are moving along nicely and I like the look of the page, so I'd say things are off to a pretty decent start. If you want to forego these roundup posts and listen to some 16-bit tunes, come check me out and comment, subscribe and all that good stuff. Gar out.

The Music of Video Games, Roundup No. 3 (Entries 21-30)

Another day, another batch of videos. Most of the usual suspects have been covered by now, but there's still plenty more 8-bit tracks to come.

From Bleeps to Beats, The Music of Video Games

Entry 21 - Faxanadu

Entry 22 - Super Mario Bros.

Entry 23 - Super Mario Bros. 2

Entry 24 - Super Mario Bros. 3

Entry 25 - Ghosts n' Goblins

Entry 26 - Batman

Entry 27 - Rygar

Entry 28 - Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

Entry 29 - The Legend of Zelda

Entry 30 - Zelda II

Of the above, Rygar is probably the game with the coolest soundtrack that you've never heard. Give it a listen, and as always, hit me up on my other page to watch and comment on the latest music video offerings.