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My decadent gaming ways

Hey all,

After being reccomended to make this blog by a person from Decision Based Gaming Union, I decided to take them up on their offer.

Basically I have been in a gaming slow point for the last few weeks. I have been buying games, but not playing them much or at all in some cases.

For example, I recently picked up Diablo III last weekend after weeks of searching for it and driving around several stores without being able to find a copy. However I have yet to touch it, madness!

There are several games, on Xbox and PC, that I have bought and then not touched them even though I had good intentions when buying them. This trend has been a long term thing with me, but I think Mass Effect 3 is the one I really felt like I was going more into this trend. I have started the game and done a couple of missions, but with all the negativity surrounding the title ending it put me off slogging through the start to get to the meaty heart of the game.

This is a recurring issue, I have started Metal Gear Solid 2 in the HD Collection but got past the first boss then nothing. I seem to struggle to keep my attention to one game.

Now this issue is more previlant on my PS3 where I use that system more and more as a Blu Ray player and a console as a secondary function. I have downloaded or got the downloads in my qeue for the Playstation Plus games offered recently but not touched any of them.

What I tend to do gaming wise is plan ahead then not follow through. Like a couple of weeks ago I was off work so planned on playing Ghost Recon Future Soilder and Mass Effect 3, but touched neither of them the whole time.

I find when I get home from work I am tired and just slouch back into playing Team Fortress 2 for 20-30 minutes or a few matches on Fifa 12 and then turn the console/game off and that is it for the day.

Another user asked me from this union if I buy games on reptuation, but I just follow a variation. I have got a budget I use each week to save towards new games each month, within that I can either get myself X new titles or use it in Steam sales or cheaper games that are older or sales etc. I tend to buy games that I want to get and think I will play, rather than buying a game because it is cheap or because my friends all love it etc. I used to follow that and buy what they told me but now I just go with what I want.

Sadly this seems to be leading to a big backlog building up again and myself feeling jaded with games.

So who else out here is feeling like this?

May update


Long time no blog post.

As some of you may (or may not) have noticed, I am frequenting different boards on Gamespot to what I used to. You can now find me mainly posting on the UK board, PC Gaming board, and Decision Based Gaming Union (of course I am still active in Formula One Passion Union as well).

As for gaming, I have made a move towards PC gaming. I have only touched my Xbox 360 twice in the last few weeks to play Fifa 12 with a friend, outside of that PC gaming is my forte now. I have been playing a heck of a lot of Starcraft 2 (especially online, including with Lim_Ak who some of you may know from Gamespot UK boards). He has helped me a lot with my general skills on that game (although I am still not up to scratch, I am starting to last a little longer online in games and am starting to feel like Terran will be the faction I use most (I struggle to comprehend Protoss, and Zerg I like but you can not deffend your base area at the start thus making rush attacks hard to deffend against).

Outside of Starcraft 2, I have been buying and playing a fair few other games. This includes Syndicate, Race 07, The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition (man, a 10 gigabyte update but totally worth it from what I have seen so far). I have also finished To The Moon recently, I love that game and would reccomend it to anybody who has an open mind and enjoyed Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind film.

My future game puchases are open to suggestion for great PC games, but I am looking at getting:

  • Eldar Scrolls Skyrim (I have this on Xbox but would like to try the mods, plus the better fidelity on the PC and apparently shorter load times would help_
  • Diablo III (I have been saving up each week for this bad boy)
  • Max Payne 3 (Same as Diablo III, I am looking forward to giving this a go, even more so after seeing a trailer at a cinema)
  • Ghost Recon

But there are others potentially and probably making way to my PC, especially as there are some great sales on Steam and older titles/indie titles that I have been picking up.

So yeah, I am open to more Steam friends and people to play Starcraft 2 with and other PC titles. Feel free to PM or reply to this blog wiith Steam ID's or whatever.

Thanks for reading.

Games of 2012- Early part of the year

So with 2011 now in the past, it seemed like a good idea to discuss what games and other things going on in the new year are there to look forward to.


Mass Effect 3

I really enjoyed the second Mass Effect game. The combat felt much improved over the stop start nature of the original Mass Effect game. The science fiction universe the game uses is also well thought out and detailed to keep my interest levels. I will need to complete Mass Effect 2 at some point as I would like to get to the end game of this and have a save file for the newest game due out in March I believe.


I had very little interest in this game previous to seeing it being on demo at my local city. The graphics are impresive and if the SKATE control method is present, I may have to give this game a whirl. Saying that, I want to try a demo first before comitting either way to this game. I do not generally play extreme sports games so this needs to be something special to pull me in and maybe this game will have what it takes.

Ghost Recon

According to a store site I use, Ghost Recon is supposed to be coming out this March. If this is the case, I will likely get it in April or sometime around release. I enjoy the tactical elements of the game and would like to play co-operative with friends on Xbox Live.

Other than that there is not really much that I can confirm as games I really want to play. If the Darkness 2 or Max Payne have a demo that wows me then I may consider picking one of those two up. However I really want something that will grip me otherwise I should not buy it given how I amassed so many games in the past that I did not really put enough time into to justify their purhcase.

I am quite lucky in some ways that there is not a large ammount of must buy games coming out now as it means I can focus on reducing my backlog to the best I can.



I am very much looking forward to seeing the new Batman film. I hope the characters will be as well thought out as Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. The approach these films bring have pulled me into the Batman universe and so I hope the tradition they bring in keeps going. I am a huge fan of the Bale Batman husky voice so I hope that is maintained.

Mission Impossible

Yes this film is out now, I am hoping I get chance to see it but if not I will end up buying it on DVD or Blu Ray (maybe as a collection if that is done as I only own Mission Impossible III and would like the first film on disk at some point).


A film I did not get to see at my local cinema but when this comes to being released on disk I will likely get it as I hear the story is really well thought out.

Other than that I do not really know what else is coming out film wise, are there any big hitters or indie darlings I am missing you can inform me of?

I feel like we are lacking a Superbad type film in recent months. Also Micheal Cera has been a bit quiet of late, so I am hoping we get to see an Arrested Development film (as rumoured or even a new series which would be just as good).

In terms of what I have been playing and watching, Saints Row the Third took up most of my gaming day on New Years playing co-op with a buddie of mine. I hope to get some more of that done with him. It was a real hoot and the game is actually quite well thought out humor wise. I did not really know if I was going to like it but the Giantbomb podcast pushed me into it. I am glad I have tried it, sure it is not GTA IV in terms of character development and plot, but the humor allows it to not be that game.

I have also seen Superbad for the first time (loved it), Transformers Dark of the Moon (great effects, story, not so much), Hanna (loved it and want to get the soundtrack by The Chemical Brothers, an artist I like), and Lost in Translation (great film, made me think anyway).

So yeah, I have actually being keeping to my word of the last blog. I have only being posting when I want to and where I want to (avoidng System Wars now as it just makes me sad how the discussions can sometimes go there, I get people don't enjoy the same games or systems but all the hate just puts me off). I have also been very good in the sales, buying just the Portal 2 DLC for the tower deffence game I already had. I also got Saints Row 3 from Amazon in the sales (got it for just over 17 pounds, thank you lightening deals and good timing/luck on my part to check the site for prices whilst seeing where to get the game from).

So yeah other than that, just more of the same really. Going to have to be strong not to fall back into my old ways of buying games that are not needed and the same with films. I want to get Horrible Bosses but will wait for a price drop.

Anyway, happy new year to you all and I would love to hear your holiday stories and what you got, what you did, sales you bought things in, or just anything really.

More comments would be nice, as Gob would say "OH COME ON!"

Readjustment of thoughts

Hey all.

It has been a long time since I wrote a blog but have had a compulsion to do so today. Basically I have not been very active around this web site (or on Giantbomb) recently. This is due to me not having much to discuss in effect. I find using the main forums not as fun as it used to be, with discussions being derailed and the recent rule changes also seem to be a bit on the negative side I feel (perhaps not the rules, but how users can interperate them). I will still post (mainly at the Formula One Passion Union as I really enjoy Formula One and Redders, the union leader, makes a lot of work and I respect that and wish to help out where I can). However other unions I am in unfortunatly seem to have declined in activity (especially Console Generations Union, which is in part my fault given I am the leader).

Unions feel too much like hard work and it takes the fun out of posting when you have to try and get other people to post. Unions should be fun to run and a co-operation of a leader, officers, and recruits. However this does not seem to work as people join and don't post or contribute in any form thus removing the point of the union.

I will still post as I say, but my activity will not be as strong as it once was. I am more a lurker on here now, I check the unions and main boards daily but rarely post unless I have a desire to. In the past I think I used to post for the sake of it, but seeing how discussion seems to derail a lot around here I doubt I will try and discuss like I used to.

In terms of my gaming life, I have made some changes for the better (well for me anyway). I have traded in a lot of my old Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 games due to having a major backlog which I was never going to realistically play. So most of my games have now been sold and I plan to keep a low backstock of games now as to just have something fun to play which I enjoy and not worry. I will not be buying as many games as I used to (well, we will see how that one goes, but I am hopeful). This will mean me being more selective over what I buy. So looking at that, the chances are unless a game gets a demo or is from a developer I have had enjoyment from their games previous, I will probably over look the game (unless Steam sales or major discounts happen).

As for what I am playing at the moment, Team Fortress 2 and Fifa 12 are where my evenings are spent. I also enjoy playing some Eldar Scrolls Skyrim when I get the chance and will probably play some of that over Christmas (unless I get a game or two for Christmas). Future purchases I am unsure of, but I may look into Saints Row 3 in the post Christmas sales if it is available for a good price.

Other than that, I am also cutting the ammount of DVD's and Blu Ray's I have horded away. I wont be giving up on gaming (or at least I hope I will not, as I enjoy it and as long as I spend moderation and dont buy games to sit on the shelf, then there is no harm in continuing it).

As for unions, bar the F1 union, I feel like things are pretty done. I don't want to have to spend free time essentially working for free and getting little reward for it. I have made great friends, some of whom I still talk to and some I sadly do not, in the unions and I appriciate those who choose to continue on with the union work. I think highly of some of the leaders who are still in charge at some of my old haunts and wish them sucess.

However, that is where I am at currently. I do not know how many of you will read this or care if you have got this far in my wall of text. But I would like to think somebody is listening.

Cheers duders.

Movie Weekend- General update

Hey all

Long time no blog. I have been a bit quiet on the boards recently, more out of choice than anything else. I tend to prefer to read than post at the moment. However I feel compelled to post a new blog.

This weekend has been an interesting one in that I have seen three films that I have not seen before.

Starting off with the cinema, I saw Super 8. This film was something I had interest in, but misplaced in some ways (I had thought The Chemical Brothers had done the sound track for the film but it turns out it was Michael Giacchino, which is just as awesome). The film is very good and I reccomend watching it if you like science fiction, films with character, and looking at things from a different timeline. The language can be a bit harsh at times if you plan to take children to this and there are genuine make you jump moments.

The next film I saw was Super. This film features Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Taylor, and Kevin Bacon. It is an interesting take on the ordinary person becoming a vigilante/super hero type. The film has some issues due to the budget but if you like a good indie film this one may be up your street. The gore is noticable but the characters are interesting and the story telling works quite well. The cast bring and direction of this film are very good and I reccomend watching this film and will give it a shout out if you will given how this film has got little press or advertising budget.

Finally I have watched Kick Bum (not sure if the actual word in the title is available/censored so I will not put it just incase but it should be pretty obvious what film I mean). I really liked this film, again, the characters drew me in. I liked the lead person and then the father daughter team really works well. This film had me on the edge of my seat more than once.

So in all this was an enjoyable experience, the films were really interesting and I reccomend each one which prompted my blog.


I have finally got the 100 games played on Fifa 11 ranked versus. I have had over 150 matches on this mode I believe but finally got the achievment. I am still playing the game after this but it was a weight off the shoulders to get it.

Outside of that Summer of Arcade and online gaming has been taking my time on the gaming front.

I hope to pick up God of War on the Playstation 3 at some point, the HD remakes and the third game would be nice but finding the HD Collection in particular seems a struggle for a good price. The Playstation Play deal for PSN titles looks like a good deal and I may follow up my interest if I get around to buying PSN cards (whether I do or not is another question).

TV wise it has been more Battlestar Galactica and American Dad. Music wise My Morning Jacket and The Chemical Brothers are my most played recently.

As allways feedback is appriciated.

The Big 3 @ E3

The E3 Big Three report

Going in line with the press conference order, I will be taking a look at the big three conferences at this years E3, giving my own opinion on what happened both the good and the bad.


The good:

Microsoft seem to have woken up to a lack of first party games for their system. This year we are going to see Forza Motorsport 4, Gears of War 3, and Halo HD remake. Also Halo 4 was announced and given a holiday 2012 release window. These interest me personally as I am a fan of all the games mentioned (although Halo is one I have sort of lost interest in recently so maybe the HD remake will rekindle my love of the series).

There was also the news of new internet TV coming to Xbox live as well as Youtube and Bing. These are good to see as it adds to the Xbox experience and puts more under the same console system which is impresive. Also it looks like the Xbox could be used as a DVR which is an interesting idea and one I may get on board with depending on whether a new hard disk comes out and also how much the service costs (assuming it wont be free even for gold members).

The bad:

Fans were looking for hardcore games with the Xbox Kinect. Microsoft seem to have pushed this but still have not got what I wanted. Mass Effect 3 is one instance, the game looks good and Kinect seems to add a bit, however, a headset would do the same job as what was shown (i.e. telling your team to push forwards, use certain abilities). Ghost Recon adds a bit more to the experience and I could see voice commands working better in that game as it is more tactically focused so just ordering commands rather than having to go to each troop to select what you want them to do may be a great time saver. It just feels like a lot of the games shown feel like Kinect was thrown in rather than something crucial to the experience.

It was disapointing that the new Crytek game appears to be Kinect only. The visuals looked fantastic but if the controls are not up to scratch the game will suffer. A gamepad would have worked much better for that game and it would possibly have sold better given a lack of that type of game on Xbox at the moment.

Alan Wake also not being shown after being talked about before E3 by the studio developing the series is also disapointing. A lack of Xbox Live Arcade titles being pushed also was disapointing, Limbo, Braid, and others are a mainstaple of that service and it seems like Microsoft overlooked Summer of Arcade this year at E3.


Mixed feelings, some great announcements and games I like shown. However Kinect needs work but at least Microsoft seem to be listening. The I.P. TV seems to be a great idea along with Youtube and Bing, but is E3 really the place to talk about multimedia functions?


The good:

Sony have got a strong line up for the Playstation Vita in software terms. Uncharted, LittleBig Planet, Modnations Racing and many others. This will help the console with having big name titles on from the off. The price of the system is also lower than originaly anticipated by some (I saw talk of $400-500 on the message boards a few weeks back for instance).

Uncharted 3 was shown again and is looking fantastic, a game I hope to pick up. With the old gang back together again this looks to be another hit (I hope).

More Playstation 3 titles where shown briefly such as Starhawk. God of War Origins HD and ICO HD were announced also.

The bad:

Sony seemed to push 3D TV a lot again, something that is great if you like that. However personally I feel this is a bad timing as 3D requires a new TV which is frustrating when HD TV's only just got into households. Also I hear from the Giantbombcast that 3D films are not doing so great in the cinema at the moment with Pirates 4 doing better in 2D even though it is being shown on less screens than the 3D version in USA. I do like 3D in the cinema but the glasses can be annoying as my eyes get tired watching through them, so what would this be like for a gaming experience?

A lot of trailers were shown as well or games like God of War being announced, but no gameplay was shown. This disapoints and leaves me in that wierd place of not wanting many PS3 only games again. Starhawk would have been interesting to see but was only a trailer. The Ratchet all 4 one game was not shown again which begs the question is the game still around or even due out soon?

Resistance 3 is another title shown that disapoints as I am not a big fan of the series and this seems to be Sony's second title they are pushing for this winter after Uncharted. Throwing the game in with the 3D TV package and with a Move pack is a good idea but only if you actually like the game in the deal.


Mixed feelings again, Sony got some new exclusives but most didnt appeal to me. Gran Turismo 5 was not discussed for new DLC or expansions etc. Uncharted seems to be the best Playstation exclusive at the moment. Playstation Vita looks interesting but will suffer being to the PS3 as the PSP was to the PS2 (i.e. ports or spin off games, rather than titles that try to really push what the PSV is about).


The good:

No Wii vitality sensor! Nintendo gets it together! The start discsuing Zelda 25th year of existance was a good idea. Shiggsy is really a good person to start with as he is very likeable. The good ideas train continued with some big announcements for the 3DS from Nintendo.

Luigi's Mansion 2 was the big game for me as I really like the Gamecube original so this is something that could potentially push me into the 3DS. Mario 3D also looked good and the changes to Mario Kart could make for interesting racing.

The Wii U is an interesting development. This is not what I was expecting but a backwards compatible system is a good move. This allows costs to be saved in using the Wii remote controls and with motion plus it may allow an improved control scheme on games.

The tech demos and third party support is making for an interesting console release some time next year (assuming it will be a winter 2012 release rather than a summer one as the winter window will bring the most sales in for Nintendo at Christmas).

The bad:

The Zelda 25th year looked like a new Zelda remake of the original game in HD, that would have been a great idea.

Lack of third party support for the 3DS after a big list shown last year, where are the demos and trailers at the Nintendo conference? Also watching the E3 live stage show by Gamespot, there was PSVita games shown and other systems but no 3DS games shown?

The Wii U also may get lazy ports to it as the games shown are all on Xbox 360 and/or Playstation 3 so are developers really going to take advantage of the new set up?


Probably the best of the three manufacturers, the 3DS looks interesting as does the Wii U but neither really are ones I am going to really buy into. However in the neutral aspect a lot of good showings by Nintendo and if they can get the publishers to really push the unique features of the Wii U and the 3DS then I see this console outselling the others yet again.

Next blog:

I am thinking of doing an E3 round up with EA and Ubisoft press reports and games fro m off the floor. Maybe...

Think with Portals

Hey all

Just a quick blog. I got Portal 2 last weekend and managed to complete the game (admitedly with a guide at the last chapter as it got so very difficult and also I just wanted to get to the end game).

Chances are I will do a review (don't hold your breath though) to go into spoilers so I will not be posting anything like that on my blog. I totally reccomend getting the game if you enjoyed Portal 1 and could play a game that is a fair ammount longer but offers more dialouge.

I have picked up Enslaved on Xbox 360 as well on sale for a limited edition pack (apparently it has a book, a music cd and some fancy box I think, should be good). I will wait and see what else I get gaming wise. LA Noire and DiRT 3 are interesting me at the moment but I am not totaly convinced on the full price nature of them.

Anyway thanks for reading. I hope to hear from you :)

March 2011 update

Blog update March 2011

Hey all, it has been a while since I last did a blog so I thought it was time to give a general update.


I have mainly been gaming on my PC recently. My Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 have taken a back seat really as I have not got a new game on either platform since Marvel Versus Capcom 3 came out.

What I have been playing on the PC has been:

Total War Shogun 2

Crysis 2


Batman Arkham Asylum

I have been enjoying playing these titles although none are near completion but I am not too concerned. I am also looking at buying the following over the coming weeks/months:

Portal 2- (Valve make trailers that just bring out my inner Valve fan that makes me want to play most of the titles they release)

Dragon Age 2- I liked the demo, it seemed more cinematic.

Need for Speed Shift 2- it has been a while since I got a good racing game that has hooked me as Gran Turismo did not quite make it for me and F1 is a different category really for me.

Bulletstorm- just seems like a good graphics game and has some really random dialogue that makes me laugh so I will give it a go some time.

I probably will get all those on the PC as the cost is cheaper than the console editions and really I don't play my Xbox 360 or PS3 much at all at the moment.

Films/TV shows

This is where the majority of my free time is going at the moment, I am loving being able to pick up cheap DVD's and take a risk on quality with them. My last few films I have watched are:

Bourne Trilogy- I am a fan of the series and had not watched them in ages so I randomly decided to watch them in a row after a few shifts at work (i.e. one film one night, the next the next night and so on).

Iron Man 1 and 2- I was not a big fan of Robert Downey Junior until I watched Due Date for a second time and decided to give Iron Man a shot when I saw it cheap. I liked it so I got the sequel when the price was right.

3:10 to Yuma- This film is very cool and got me into the western spirit, so I picked up the Clint Eastwood collection but I have yet to watch them.

I have also picked up several more films, usually in the 3 for 10 pound deals or similar sales. I also got Unstoppable on DVD today as the trailer looked promising.

In terms of the cinema I have not been going as much recently, although I did go over the weekend to see Battle Los Angeles which I thought was a decent film.


I have been mainly listening to a wide range of music again. This includes the Brit Awards 2011 album, Red Hot Chilli Peppers (Parallel Universe in particular has got my interest on the Greatest Hits album), The Beatles (when is it ever not time to play at least one of their tracks?). I also have been listening to soundtracks as well and try to expand my horizon with music I listen to.


It has been a slow time with these lately, I have picked up a few titles lately including the new Bourne book but that's about as far as I have gotten with these.


My activity in these has been slow lately, I will be first to admit that. I have been mainly going to the main boards such as UK discussion, PC games board, and System Wars. I also have been active with the Decision Based Gaming and Formula One Passion unions. I totally recommend going to both those places if you are wanting sensible discussions on PC gaming, RPG's or are a fan of motor racing. Both DeadManRollin and Redders have been influential in me staying as they are both very committed to getting the unions active and up to date with news and competitions etc.

Other than that I don't really have much else to add. If you have any questions or comments I am as always open to feedback.


More update's

So in keeping with doing things when I have the time. I thought another blog was in order.


Gaming wise has been pretty quiet recently. I have completed Scott Pilgrim Vs The World on Xbox Live Arcade with Scott and have started a new character file with Knives Chau. I may write a review for this at some point but I feel compelled to try more with another character before really giving the game a review as it would feel harsh to not get another characters approach into the mix incase there is more depth to the level system than how it seems on the surface.

I have also been playing a bit of Chris Sawyers Locomotion on PC when I literally have no energy to be doing anything else. Its a good time killing game and the mod support out there is really strong community wise. There are real life train, tram, truck etc updates as well as scenarios and the like. Boring to some but for me it really adds to the depth of this game.

Marvel Versus Capcom 3 is out soon in Europe and I just ordered the game today. Apparently it is on its way as I have a despatch email but I can not say if this will be arriving quicker than I expected or whether a release day arrivial will happen.


I have been watching more films and TV recently as my time focus shifts from gaming a bit (I am still a gamer but I tend to do more of it at a weekend as after work I tend to just be in the mood to watch a film, read or listen to music than doing anything more energy consuming). I have seen Black Swan in the cinema as well as Tron Legacy (I may have mentioned that in the last blog, I can not remember). Black Swan is unusual as it is a film I did not really think would interest me but the character development is really excellent and the story has some interesting twists. I would not reccomend seeing this film to people without an open mind or people of a younger age as there are a few scenes that are a bit mature perhaps.

I have been watching some of my DVD's as well recently and have seen the recent Batman Begins and Dark Knight. I know actually get the references to "Why so serious" and "I'm not wearing hockey pads" so expect me to be blurting them out more and more.

My recent purchases include SALT (I kept looking at the film in the shops and it sounded interesting but over the weekend I decided to take the plunge). I have also got Hot Fuzz (as Edgar Wright interests me since watching Scott Pilgrim, I like his attention to detail and he seems to get good work out of the films he has made so I am watching a few to see how they are). I also picked up About Schmidt as it looked interesting and a friend wanted a film in a multibuy deal so I got this to share the cost.


I have recently read through the Scott Pilgrim books. I was supprised by how much I liked it, because graphic novels have not really been something I have paid attention to before but after several reccomendations I have given it a go and liked it. I may look out for similar things in the future but I am open to suggestions (although I did not enjoy The Watchmen, I like something a bit more light hearted. Watchmen is good but seems a tad too serious in what it approaches to me). I have also got The Beach to read through still, I keep getting bits of it done but I should really have read it before watching the film.

I am looking to get Mr Nice next as the book sounds interesting after looking at some reviews online.

Other than that nothing really has changed. I got the new Robbie Williams album (the best of collection thing) again in a multibuy offer as a friend wanted another album so I got this to share the expense and it looked good at the time.

I have been a bit quiet on the old posting side recently. This is nothing personal, I read the boards from unions to the general games and uk Gamespot boards but I infrequently post as I only do so if I feel I have something to add.

I reccomend the Formula One Passion Union to anybody out there who is an F1 fan as Redders is doing a bang up job keeping the place up to date with news such as from the practice, to new car launches, track news and the likes. There are a handfull of users there who also help people like me who are not as well read up on the technical aspects of the car designs so do not feel you must know the sport inside and out to get on there.

As allways I am open to feedback from this blog, any suggestions for books and films will be taken on board and gaming wise I am on Xbox Live usually on the weekend or when I am off work. Anyway thanks for reading.

General update- Jan 2011 edition

Well time for a new blog update.


Steam took the most money from me in terms of ammount bought over the Christmas/New Years sales. I got a fair few indie titles including Plants vs Zombies GOTY, Stalker double pack (the original game and Call of Pripyat), Serious Sam Gold HD pack (both the original Serious Sam games and their HD remakes) and VVVVVV, Super Meat Boy and possibly others that I have forgotten.

The Humble Bundle one and two pack which has some really nice games like Machinarium and Braid.

Other than that I got myself Football Manager 2011 on sale and Scott Pilgrim Vs The World on Xbox Live Arcade.

My current most played would be Football Manager 2011 where I am managing Canada (I fancied a change from managing just Premiership teams and I felt a bit drawn to managing Canada for some reason). I have managed to do fairly well with them reaching the dizying heights of 66th in the FIFA World Ranking list and have just entered the North America Gold Cup where I would like to go as far as possible with the team. My ideal hope would be to take Canada to the World Cup some time and give them a really big push forward. I did also take the Tottenham job on during the second game season whilst retaining the Canada job but I failed misserably. Out of about 8 games I won one match and drew one, so I resigned as I was not feeling personally happy with how it was going. Hopefully the two players I signed from FC Toronto will play still in the team as I like the two and at least one of them has played for Deportivo in Spain so they have got the top level experience I need them to get for the Canada side.

On Scott Pilgrim I have been repeating the first three levels a fair ammount to try and get my cash levels up to pay off the debt at the Video Rental store and also because the game is really good fun. I may review this when I get around to completing it but I need to get past Clash at Demonhead as the third boss which gets hard on the second part of the boss battle.


I have been watching a lot more films recently, Scott Pilgrim really hit the sweet spot with me. I got the Blu Ray version a day after release in the UK and have watched it about 5 times. Crazy yes? I just loved the film that much, Michael Cera really does the job as Scott Pilgrim and the rest of the cast feel spot on for the characters they are portraying. I even got the sound track and the game for this film and I rarely do that.

I have also watched Paper Heart and Youth In Revolt due to how much I liked the film as I had not seen a Michael Cera film previous to this. I do like a good indie film which these felt part of. I will give more of the indie scene a go.

My recent purchases in this area also include Batman and The Dark Knight as I want to see what the fuss about these films is. I also got Local Hero from the Film 4 collection and This Is England as they look and sound interesting. Amile is the other film I got over the weekend with the Batman collection as I enjoyed watching it about a year ago on BBC possibly and so I finally took a punt on it.


In terms of TV I have mainly been watching How I Met Your Mother and The West Wing. I really like both shows even though they are very different in terms of content. How I Met Your Mother is a really good spiritual follow on to Friends which I reccomend watching if you have a liking for Friends. The West Wing works well due to the cast, Martin Sheen is fantastic and makes a believable character and somebody you would like to see in power due to how he debates decisions which havea bigger impact than perhaps the press would lead you to believe at times. I know that it is not real but the consequences of actions are shown well in the TV show and it brings about a spiritual and morale side to politics which you do not get often.


I have been listening to more music recently, including the Scott Pilgrim OST, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, The Wings, The Beatles and similar awesome bands and dance music.

Other than that I do not really have much else to share here. I am thinking about how I wish to return to Gamespot in terms of a posting member but I will not be going back as heavy as I used to be in terms of how many boards and unions I am posting at.