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Lord Kroak wrecks!

Yet another Warhammer Day, except this one was to celebrate the launch of the new Warhammer Lizardmen book. There actually wasn't much in the way of events on despite the fact that according to my dad, there was supposed to be a lot on, so that was a bit disappointing. However, there was another massive legendary battle on, and I got to road-test Lord Kroak's new rules

Initially I frowned on the fact that he only knows one spell, but that one spell completely wrecks! He slew:

  1. A whole unit of Night Goblins in two turns
  2. All the Fanatics
  3. All the Boar Boyz barring their leaders
  4. Several Savage Orcs
  5. A Spirit Host
  6. 2 Wounds off a Vampire
  7. A Giant
  8. A Great Shaman

In short, he destroyed everything worth destroying, and the poisoned Skink weapons also accounted for a Savage Orc Boss, another Giant and even Gorbad Ironclaw! So, the Lizardmen are definitely far better than ever!

Eagle Eye

Went to see Eagle Eye yesterday, and it's bloody brilliant! I would encourage all developed countrys' leaders to go and see it as it has a very human message as to just what this American totalitarian attitude can do to the Staes and if it spreads worldwide. Beyond that the car chases are brilliant, especially the first one where the cranes control themselves to destroy all the police cars! Then you have a crane blasting into the Ministry of Defence in America and wrecking the place. There are also loads of gunfights, with the whole story building up to the final attack, and the opening of the President's secretary trying to stop him airstriking a Muslim funeral because he has suspicions about one man is given it's place in the overall plot...

Warhammer Day!!

Late, I know, but I was at Warhammer 25th Anniversary! It was great fun. We had a warpstone Eating Competition (bobbing for sweets in horrible jelly). I lost, but they said there were no losers so they handed me a blister. The Prophet of Sotek! THAT is limited supply only and i got it for nothing! He has, of course, inspired me to make a Red Host in addition to my normal army. In the Legendary Battle my Skinks hunted artillery, doing the following:

  1. 3 Javelin shots bounce off a stone thrower. Boo!
  2. 12 blowpipe shots slay 2 cannon crew and nearly destroy the cannon. Huzzah!
  3. 24 Blowpipe shots slay 6 out of 18 men (who pass their Panic check). OK
  4. The Skink Priest slays 2 Warriors and 6 IRONBREAKERS. Yay!
  5. My allie's skinks wreack more havoc and so the enemy will have to stop them or lose their artillery!

In all, I wanted to stay for more, but it was great amyway. I hope Disorder won (strange, Lizardmen are good and yet they are allied with their sworn enemies. Chaos, Dark elves, Skaven and Orcs! Great fun though).

How to cream a Monolith

Creaming Dark Crusade or 40K Monoliths doesn't have to be a nightmare. Simply throw Vindicators, Land Raiders, EMP grenades, Bloodthirsters, etc. at the Monolith until it goes down. And in Dark crusade if you play Guard just Curse of the Machine Spirits it. Sheesh. Everywhere you go when yo talk about Monoliths people say they are so hard, but they're not!