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Guy above me has never heard of a mortgage apparently? Nor savings bonds, RRSPs, insurance, increasing cost of living, rampant inflation. I get it, $2k is a pittance, but when you have a plan in life you don't have an unlimited disposable income, even when you get pay raises and bonuses, a discerning adult will always invest in his future first. If you really have $2k disposable after all of that, you might as well play video games on your Fleming 65.

Single white males living in the mother's basement while they work have $2k disposable income. Impulse buyers can justify an entertainment purchase like that. But to tell people they needs to get a life or get a job because they don't drop thousands on a gaming rig is ridiculously ignorant.

I'm married, have twin daughters, 2 dogs (a German Sheppard and a Border Collie), 2 cars (one for me and one for the wife), a mortgage and a PC gaming hobby. I've been video gaming since I was 5 years old. My PC atm is an i7 4770k, GTX 780ti, 16Gb Ram, 256Mb SSD, 1Tb HDD etc. etc. I of course work full time to fund my life.

So where do I fit into your stereotype?

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Planetary Annihilation is good

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@godonholiday a 28" 4k display today will set you back £500 for one with g-sync (source) or £450 for one without G-sync.

Yup Apple fans will lap this thing up. On the Dell thing, they are more of a corporate supplier than a home PC seller, They do of course sell domestic PC's (Both as Dell and Alienware) and are almost as much of a rip of as Apple are. I'm not going to defend either company as they are both in the market of fleecing the gullible and uninformed.

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@Coseniath said:

Nope, its an absolute garbage.

i7 4790K, 8GB RAM and R9 M290X 2GB.

For $2499...

Apple fans will love it. Under powered and massively over priced just what every Apple consumer wants.

Lol at the rebadged 8970M GPU for $2499. It's a rip off, on the same scale as the PS4 laptop, just with less games to play. Unless of course a windows dual boot is installed and if you dual boot a Mac, why the f*ck did you waste your money on a Mac in the first place?

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Required, not usually, only if you have problems

Recommended, yes, always good to start fresh with a new cpu/motherboard - more so if the motherboard has been changed

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Lets see what the bench marks say, it's going to be very intresting when compared to the 780ti especially once the 980's have been clocked up.

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I still prefer the metro menu. It's far easier and quicker to navigate then the old style start menu. All Windows 9 does is incorporate the slow bulky windows 7 start menu with some elements of the live tiles of windows 8. As long as windows 9 still allows me to access a full screen menu of organized apps then it's all good.

Your own sig was my reaction to this.

The Metro UI is the single worst idea Microsoft have ever come up with, when applied to non touch screen Desktops and Laptops.

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I recently realised that my ISP (Virgin Media) were ripping me off. My whole package (TV, land line and internet) was costing me nearly £90 a month and they started advertising the same deal (with a better TV box) for £56 a month to existing customers. I spent over 20 minutes arguing with a sales rep on the phone about how I was paying more and getting a lesser service than the advertised. She eventually told me it was only available to new customers and that they were more valuable to Virgin than me, a customer of 17 years! (not her exact words but that was the gist of the conversation) So I hung up and decided to go to the competition (Sky) even though their internet service is massively slower but a lot cheaper than £90 a month.

Anyway I phoned a different Virgin number with the intention of cancelling, spoke to a different sales rep and explained the situation. Long story, short within 2 minutes I had my package changed to £56 a month, new TV box, a new modem that could properly handle 152Mb/s (apparently what I should have been getting, I was on 120Mb/s) and an engineer booked for the end of the week, free of charge, to install the new boxes.

I guess what I'm saying is don't take 'no' for an answer from these companies and if it comes to it, cancel and get another supplier (I know that can be difficult in the states though)

OP, well done for getting AT&T to give your' Gran a better deal :)

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Interstate 595 console in 1975

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Playing a game at non-native resolution is old school. Pre 2008 pc gamers did that all the time.

We also used CRT's where 'native' resolution was pretty much irrelevant. CRT's had lots of options on resolution and refresh rate but my old 24" Ilyama was huge and weighed a ton, still loved it though :)