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Friend codes? I mean I guess you could consider a user name a friend code since you need to remember your friend's NNID in order to find them without searching through communities for their posts.

Honestly the way you add people on the Wii U (through Miiverse, you can do it through your friend's list but I personally never use that) is pretty much straight forward and hasnt caused any problems for me with playing Online with friends and strangers around the world a-like. Just earlier today I was playing online on CoD: Ghost on the Wii U and I got a few notifications telling me a few of my friends were playing too, I didnt play online with them but if I felt like it I could do it pretty easily.

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I have some crazy ideas of what could be in the next Nintendo Console, but the crazy ideas wont happen lol. Basicly what I really expect to happen is an increase in power and memory size, obviously. The memory increase going from what the Wii U sports, 2 gigs, to atleast 12 gigs. If that doesnt happen I just hope it matches what the PS4 and Xbox One have, 8 gigs.

I believe that they will continue to make use of the Wii U gamepad concept, expect update it so that the shoulder buttons are anolog rather than digital, and touch screen is upped to 1080p, better battery life, and sports a usb port to allow us to capture video from the gamepad.

Everything else, such a unified accounts, instant messaging system not bound to Miiverse, the ability to voice chat with your friends in game, and a better OS are obvious things that the next console should have right from the start.

But one thing that it should diffidently have and keep, is backwards compatibility with Wii U and even Wii.

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No they should not and hopefully will not. Doesnt even matter if the Wii U completely dies and stops being produced (I honestly dont think that will happen), Nintendo always has something else up their sleve. I look forward to the successor of the Wii U. Granted, I'll be waiting atleast another 2 or 3 years before it is even announced officially.

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My ID is Gamingclone

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wow its been awhile since I've been here. Anyway, like I said before, tis a pipe dream.

And what happened to my Gamespot user icon? I need to fix that...

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I have Lego City Undercover. I've beaten it just last night. But I've only completed 30% of the game:shock:! Everyday that I have play the game, it just gets better and better. The only problem I have with it is the load times (hopefully that gets patched soon), but the load times arent really a problem if you play the game for long sessions. I generally play it for about 4-6 hours a day. So far since launch and first putting the game into my Wii U, I have played it for 24 hours. The game does start out a bit slow, but I tell you, each and every chapter deeper you get into the game, the more amazing the game becomes. And I can say with full confidence that since beating the games story, I want to start buying and building lego sets again:lol:

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hey guys, been thinking about getting a Wii U or 3DS was wondering what you guys thought. I can get decent deals on both, although the 3DS is cheaper of course. I don't really game outside the house which has me a little reluctant to buy the 3DS, however the games look great and it would be nice to have something to play when the TV is being used by family... which could be solved by the Wii U as well. 

I see potential in the Wii U despite its shortcomings, however it's pretty apparent there isn't a lot to play right now. If I bought one I'd probably just buy NSMB for now until Pikmin 2 and Wonderful 101 (this looks really awesome) come out.

I already own a 360, but it has kind of grown stale on me, and I'd like to get rid of it at some point. The PS4 interests me as well, but I have a feeling it'll be too much money to bother buying at launch, and I'll end up buying it after a price drop. What do you guys think? Pick up a 3DS with great games now, or a Wii U on optimistic potential? I will not get both, just fyi. Thanks for any help. 

(would also appreciate answers that aren't "I own Wii U, so you should buy one!") 


[spoiler] I own a WiiU, you should buy one! :P [/spoiler]

I actually own both the Wii U and 3DS, and both are great systems.  Granted the Wii U does have its short comings, but that stuff is being patched out. Infact sometime in April (hopefully early April), Nintendo will release a patch that will speed up the Wii U's load times (like closing out a game and going to the home menu). And the speed up is very evident from the video that Nintendo uploaded to their channel! If you do get the Wii U, I recomend Lego City Undercover. Its really addictive.

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Hey everyone, I've been gone for a couple of months. Have to say Im loving my Wii U. The day after the launch of Lego City Under Cover I got it, I just beat the story last night! And I have only completed 30% of the game appearently. On the same day that I got Lego City, I also got Monster Hunters Ultimate and Need for Speed (Wii U version of course). I got all 3 games based off of a deal that target was having. Buy two video games, get the third one for free.

I have been loving Lego City, its so creative and funny. And the plateforming/ parcore that the game has, isn't that bad actually. If I could rate this game, it would get a 9.

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Thats on my birthday :D And it will give me enough time to save up Money so that I can keep my promise and buy her this lol.

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Animal Crossing New Leaf will be launching this June 9th :D That is my birthday!

Also, I introduce you to the new gif in my sig. If I wasnt lazy I would change the caption in it to "This is where I would put my Vita Games. If there were any."