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Why I Feel Nintendo Takes Advantage of Their Loyal Fans

This being my very first blog since....well...ever, I think it's best to first let you know that I freaking love Video Games. I also tend to write large essay's whenit comes to video games, so if you like to read, this is the place to be.I will defend the ideals behind Video Games to the death. Call me an obsessive guy or whatever you want, but I respect the thought and care that goes into almost ever game that Developers with a passion create. To create the things that they do and the feelings that so many games invoke in their fans can sometimes be simply incredible. If everyone who doesn't like video games could only see the amount of effort put into these fantastic games, maybe there would be less ignorant people in the world. And so now, this is why I feel that Nintendo has not only lost a good portion of their passion for making great video games, but why they seem to beslowly taking advantage of a fanbase that they know will buy their games regardless of how much those fans may not know about Nintendo's recent track record with the quality of their games.

This past Christmas, my family received a Nintendo Wii from another family member and we were very excited. I was so excited, that after opening the box containing said Wii and being handed a smililarly sized box, I said "If that's a PS3, I'm gonna crap my pants." We recieved a few games with the Wii suck as Mario Kart, The New Super Mario Bros., Wii Fit, Wii Sports Resort, Super Smash Bros and Twlight Princess. I might be forgetting one, but I'm too lazy to get up from my computer desk to check... I am a gamer after all. As we all know, Nintendo does a phenomenal job of creating great press for the Video Game Industry, but unfortunatly, reporters, from such new stations as FOX and NBC and people such as Jack Tompson, refuse to look at these games and say, "What family fun! Well, it seems we were wrong and video games will not ruin society. We'll go sit in the cornor and think about what we've said and done." Wouldn't it be nice if life worked like that? :)

Well as you expected, we did indeed enjoy our Wii for a large portion of the Holidays. We played Mario Kart first and it's funny that my dad is better then my brother at it. My mom is really good too. We all had fun together and that is what Nintendo does better then any other game company, is bring not only friends together, but family. It did bring back fond memories of back in the old days of Mario Bros and Duck Hunt, when we would hold the gun to the screen cause it was easier to shoot the ducks that way. Don't lie, you all did just as I did. It's a legitimate strategy. And it is good to see people have fun while trying to stay fit using Wii Fit. But this is where I believe the problem started.

As I'm sure many of you know, as gamers, it can be hard to keep physically fit mostly due to the fact that we sit down when we play our fun and engrossing games. It's hard to say where the blame should be pointe towards, but it is important to be honest with ourselves and learn that we aren't all perfect, and that we don't all have Hollywood bodies. It is perfectly okay to accept yourself as you are. But if you are concerned about yourself and your health, then exercise if the only real option, combined with a diet. I know it sounds like im switching topics, but stay with me and I'll get to my point soon enough. Many people make ita habit of staying fit and healthy almost their entire lives. These are very dedicated people. I know a few of these types and they agree that health is one of the most important ascpects of life.

But... dedication is hard to find in the world of exercise partly due to our natural laziness and our somewhat "fear" of the outdoors and treadmills. Nintendo seems to have profited off this laziness. Almost as if they anticipated it. Remember that these are the ramblings of a simple gamer so please leave only constructive critisism and no burning or flaming or whatever it is kids these days call it. During the Holidays, whenever I asked if someone wanted to play Mario Kart or Wii Sports, I would always get a "Sure!" or "Yeah!" or the occasional "Let's Rock m' and Sock m'!".... okay maybe not that second one, but you get my drift. But after the holidays passed, I slowly realized that I seem to be the only one who plays the Wii anymore, mostly because I loves me some Twilight Princess and I'm still trying to figure out the Snow Palace. I also play the frequant game of Mario Kart. But my family, nay several hundreds of family's that are'nt used to gaming, seem to have fallen into a pit I am now calling, "The Pit of Innovative Boredom."....maybe I'll try to think of a new name but I think for now, you undterstand what I'm saying. We are an industry that thrives on innovation and games that are made so we stay interested. If a game doesn't meet expectations, it's cast aside like a sock with a hole in it.

And now,after seeing the lack of interest towards our families Wii by it's own family members, I can't help but think of what a waste it is to see it go unused and how hurt the family member that gave it to us would feel if he could see how it's treated. The odd thing is, that after seeing friends and family slowly loose interst in their Wii, they still buy these somewhat unnecessary products such as Peripherals like the Wii Zapper and the Wii Sports Add-Ons to the WiiMote and even a mediocre game that will go unplayed after one small playthrough. So I can't help but wonder if this was Nintendo's plan all along. To tempt us with candy and treats only to throw Socks with holes in them and even some underwear. Maybe I'm just paranoid or crazy, but I don't like to see a company like Nintendo profit off the faith of their loyals customers. And now with the Wii Vitality Sensor coming out soon, it's a guarentee that people will buy it. Nintendo needs to do more to gain a more honest following. But these days, all I can see when I think of Nintendo is a little boy feeding his Goldfish with crappy tasting Fish Food. Not that I think fish care abot the taste, mostly because they're more preoccupied with figuring out who the guy with bubbles coming out of his head is.

Like said, these are just my thoughts and I feel as though it was necessary to let them out. Let me know what you think. Remember, constructive criticism only, and I'll try to think of a more positive topic for my next essay.