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I'm back baby.

I have no idea why I am posting here again but hey I waited 2 min for it to log in so I am glad to be here lol. How have you guys been? Good bad horrible? sounds great I don't give a **** jk jk. I love you all! ok a little to much but you get the point (if you ARE gay and you are a guy then sorry, if your a girl and you are gay then how about a few videos eh? lol did I just say eh. Anyway I hope you guys have a nice day.


fs dklgmnfdlakfhl;'jhalfdkjhaklfdgjafdklgjkl;fgjhjl;fdhjkl;ad I can't belive 360 is getting this. I love my 360 more and more each day! Now I hope it comes out in 09 atleast.

Also I got Gears of War today. Didn't play it because I had so many firends on playing Halo but anyway I will give it a try tomorrow.

What 360 games do you think I should get?

Ok the 2 games I have and love for my 360 are Halo 3 and Battlefield BC. I don't like horror games just because I hate hitting my head on the roof when something jumps out at me in the blackness of the night:P Anyway I if that TNA game is good I will get that but I can't wait 2 months! It's not in me! I looked at a video of frontlines but that looked boring to me. What else is there?

PS I forgot to say I don't want call of duty 4. Dying in 1 secend is horrible. I don't want to die any faster then in battlefield.

I got Battle field bad com.

Well I had it for about a week now. I am the highest rank you can get in it (way to easy to get). I have about 700/100 points for achivments also. I want to beat it on hard but it's so hard. I only got 2 missions done on it in hard and about 6 on normal. The achivments don't stack so I have to beat it on normal AND hard to get all the achivments. I don't think I will beat the 6th mission on hard. The normal mode was hard and boring enough. Lol here is why I hate this level.

Reason 1. You have no teamates. It's like every enemy will be staring at you and killing youif you pop your head out of cover for 3 secends.

Reason 2. Same as 1.

Reason 3. Same as 2.

And so on it goes. Anyway I hated so much. The terrian was a mountain with buildings on it. I got this motar strike thing that with a charge time, will send missles down onto enemies. I speant the whole time going up the mountain VERY slowly, using this thing on everything I saw and didn't see. I even had to take out a tank. It was VERY far away sharpshooting me. I was going slow alomng the mountain looking for enemies near me. My cover was a rock and the side of the mountain. I had no idea that a big ass shell was screaming torrowrds me so when it hit the rock infront of me I jumped 10 feet in the air and punched a hole in the roof! (jk about the jumped 10ft in the air part)

Anyway at the very end when I got my allies back it was VERY fun. Speeding down that mountain in a little jeep wit hsome big guns and my allies shooting everything they saw. The helicopter shooting me dead about 10 times was a pain but it was fun. At one point I jumped into the water and grabed a boat and flew out of there.

Sorry for all the grammer errors and crap but I don't feel like spell cheaking this. Anyway if your reading this you should know my typing skills by now:P


Guess who it is.

it's a meeee Slayer. I'm bored so I came back after about a month or 2 of being gone. sadly GS us still boring as ever so don't expect to see me much. Anyway hello to all my friends i have made in these 2 years of Gamespot.