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How Microsoft ruined the Xbox 360

In the beginning, it had a lovely user interface that is nicely organised and aesthetically pleasing. It just felt like the centre of games.


Now... Microsoft decided to screw things up and changed it to this disaster.


My simple question is, why the hell did Microsoft do this? As a result, the Xbox 360 is now more of a casual & media console than it used to be... It seems that Microsoft have lost their plot. The Xbox 360 is a gaming console. I don't think Microsoft understood this.

And THIS DISASTER! A bloody disaster that almost crashed the gaming industry!


It's upsetting to imagine how it just blew all good games away. This is why many people are saying that the 360 has no games. Microsoft has shifted their focus on shovelware and casual gamers.

Another thing...


Why... Why the hell would Microsoft charge players for online gaming when Steam and PSN does it for free? Steam and PSN are also as superior as Xbox Live. What are people paying Xbox Live for? I don't know. Maybe a couple of useless features that nobody is using. Wonderful Microsoft, you're the sunshine of the gaming industry... NOT.

Poor hardware quality.


Also lol at DVD drive. Lol at battery bollocks at the bottom of the controller. I've had a lot of issues with the 360 accessories, they all are faulty. Even the analog sticks on my controller doesn't return back to the centre normally.

Just purchased Dishonored!

Just purchased it on Steam and downloading it now. Yay!

Everybody are saying positive things about the game (Metacritic score for PC version is 91!) and the gameplay videos looks great, so I thought I should immediately buy it after I dry myself up from shower. Gotta support games like this, I don't want anymore COD-wannabe games that continue to kill the industry.

I may be slowly becoming a Hermit

I've been thinking about this for a while. I think it's a good idea to stop buying multiplats on consoles and get them on PC instead - so I can enjoy better visuals and performance. I can plug in an Xbox 360 controller in my PC and play games as if I'm playing on a console - I prefer keyboard and mouse for First Person Shooters and I'd go with the controller for control-complex games like Assassin's Creed.

High resolution display and textures, no jaggies and butter-smooth framerate. That's the beauty of PC gaming.

Okay, I'm gonna stick with exclusives on PS3. No more multiplats for it. The PC is the master race.

PS3 is a nice complement to the PC.

Casualisation is killing games

Games nowadays are way too easy. Even the Crushing difficulty in Uncharted 3, I can get through it without breaking a sweat... And it seems that when I respawn after dying, some of the bad guys are missing and placed me a little bit further in the game. This upsets me.

I want games to conquer me. I don't want them to allow me to conquer them. Hard games are where the fun and challenge are. I want more difficulty!

If the next Xbox and Wii-U are aimed at casuals, then I want these consoles to fail. Casuals shouldn't be allowed to take over the gaming industry. They should die instead.

*Sighs* As a gamer, this really upsets me.

Trophies vs. Achievements

Both consoles provide some sort of reward system, and in comparison of both I think trophies is a much better system because there are trophies in different groups - Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. They are rewarded depending on the difficulty of them, obviously. Achievements doesn't provide this at all. They consist of just numbers which are meaningless to me.

Trophies are also much more satisfying when you gain them, especially Platinum! A Platinum trophy means a lot more than 1000 achievement points which is nothing but a number.

Thinking about getting rid of my Xbox 360...

Should I?

As guys with functioning brain cells knows that Xbox 360 is sucking asses now. It has no games. All it is getting is Halo, Gears and Forza. I'm bored to death with them and it would help to praise the 360 more if it gets new IPs like the PS3. It just doesn't get any new games. Nothing.

At E3 2012, Microsoft added to the injury even more by demonstrating more gimmicks such as Xbox SmartGlass, more apps and EVEN MORE Kinect! It looked like the end of the road for the console. It's a sinking ship now.

I have changed my mind about Halo 4 recently. I'm gonna miss it out. It's just another god damn Halo, and I'm not going to bother with the Crapbox 360 anymore.

I got my Xbox 360 as a Christmas present in 2007 as I thought it's gonna be as good as PS3 due to nice exclusives coming out for it. It was a 'hardcore' console by the time and I thought it would continue getting new IPs, and I've been waiting for new games and there aren't any, therefore I was losing faith in it over the time. Now the percentage of faith has finally reached zero and by the result of that I'm planning to throw the Crapbox out the window. I'm sick of it sticking around in my room doing nothing while my PS3 is receiving thousands hours of usage.

Sold Skyrim

I have sold the PS3 version of Skyrim this morning. It was because the game sucks so bad due to poor performance, the framerate. Bethesda has wiped all of my respect for them, I won't be buying their games again. No way in hell!

Gutted that Doom 3 which is supposed to be 'remastered', coming to consoles, have Bethesda's name on it. This led to my doubts about the quality of the game.

Too many games!

I haven't got the time to play lots and lots of games, so I decided to cut down the number of games I buy and focus mainly on exclusives. Max Payne 3 is just another 'mediocre game' so I will miss it out. Black Ops 2 will definitely be missed too.

After my exams, I will be spending my time on PS3 HD Collections - Jak and Daxter, Sly Cooper and Metal Gear Solid, and clearing my backlog of games.

I'd rather to spend my time on quality PS3 exclusives such as Uncharted, God of War and Killzone than playing mediocre games. Honestly, by the experience I've had in the past, I felt that playing mediocre games is a waste of time.

Advantages of this are:-

  • Better and more fulfilling gaming experience from quality exclusives
  • Saves money by missing out mediocre games

Before you raise your eyebrows, I'm not counting GTA 5 as a mediocre game! Definitely will be getting that one! :P

Backlog of games!

Thanks to university, I have a huge backlog of games. Fortunately, my course will be over at the end of this month so I can just play games all the time and not have a care in the world out there. I have some platinum trophies to unlock and finish the games on my other platforms as well, Xbox 360, PS2 and PC! Oh god, yes, the backlog is huge.

My epic gaming time will get even better when E3 commences! Bring it on! ;)

Oh, and I will be riding my motorcycle more often to prepare for another test to get full license. :cool:

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