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ZOE3: Now's The Time BUY ZOE HD Collection

Kojima said 3 years ago that they were going to gauge whether to make the next and third Zone of the Enders game ZOE3. Clearly the Zone of the Enders HD Collection is that measure. No-brainer! BUY IT NOW.

Fans have been waiting 9 years. If you're a Konami fan, a mecha fan, an anime fan, a science-fiction fan, a game collector, or a Kojima fan you need to pick up the ZOE HD Collection. Get your friends to pick up a copy of this pure piece of work.

I'm not usually a proponent of "fan service". I don't collect a bunch of crap from videogames but this is the concept art and music from one of the best games of all time. Even if it's not the best value proposition the potential Zone of the Enders 3 presents after all this time is top shelf. This could really be a Shenmue III like revival if people pick up the Limited Edition.

I'm still getting better at this whole Internet thing.

I have 19 moderations but only one in the last two years. My other accounts tysonwritesel had a couple thousand posts on it and had some noteriety for being high in the levels early on because I would use the cache trick to level up very fast. That account was banned because I posted some sexually explicit Zelda art I drew as a joke with somebody else. My other account Iridion-II had about 500 posts on it. I'm not sure what happened to it. This account has been active since August 2006 but I've been coming to this site since Quest 64 came out in 1998 easily Most people got here by typing videogames dot com into the URL bar.

Anyways I still feel that I'm getting a little better with time on the forums, in chatrooms, and in buying and supporting stuff via the Net such as donating to charities and making great leap forwards with what I seek out in art. I was never the person with the most posts, the most thoughtful posts but I have been coming to this site since I remember making my own little copy site on AOL Hometown and Geocities.

I'm not good at videogames in general. I played two games this year Diablo III and Dragon's Dogma because they appeal to my love of fantasy role playing games. I've been spending a little time at the slot machines in the casino instead. I will always love what videogames did for my life and how I grew to appreciate them more deeply even if I didn't follow up on playing everything I said I would.

I did some lying that I'm not proud of and I used to go on voice chat more frequently. I don't VC so much anymore as I talk more with my to be brother-in-law and growing niece.

Even though I've been going on the Net since 1996 there has been ample opportunities to grow and learn at my own pace. Moving from AOL to browsers to messengers etc and getting older with the technology I'm afraid we've all been taking for granted. I still am here and I still want to get better on all my activities on the web. I'm not a social person on the web but I have participated infrequently at a few dozen sites. All of that participation over time has made me more adept over time. I want to continue making leaps of faith despite being strapped for cash and dealing with my struggles physically and mentally.

I want to seek out improvements in my conduct and contributions. I just want to keep learning since I walked into a computer lab in Kindergarden for the first time.