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Skype and Aim, ADD ME! Mass effect 2

Ive been on aim several times this week and it has been a desert waste land. I was wondering why no one was on but shouldnt waste my time doing it. So I did some other things like the typical, youtube, Gamespot, etc. The last time I was on aim a freind recommended skype to me so I can chat with him. So now that Im using both I ask of you guys if you have a skype or aim and I can add you. PM me with your screen name and we can chat about life or games.

Mass Effect 2 makes it way to my shelf still in its package but why. When I brought it home I heard that character transfer is available and that made me go back to the first game. While Im playing Mass Effect 1, I still missed a lot of acheivement points so I might as well pick those up along the way and to try some new classes. Playing this game still makes me hyped up that I am actually addicted to the game. In 3 days I spent 10 hours already playing it. That explains why I havent played ME2 yet because I want to finish up what havent been done yet.

Gaming update/Mass effect 2/Future outcome?

Borderlands is now out of the way, but not exactly as I can still venture on with different classes and I have an add on expansion titled as the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned which includes battleing against zombies and other common spooky halloween themed creatures. This ups the challenge in single player mode because hordes of zombies spurt out of the ground and try to slow you down with their acids they spit up at you which can deplete shields very easily. There are different types of zombie creatures such as the suicide zombies and the tankenstiens. The enviroment follows the spooky theme too. Dead trees and abandoned shanty huts, that purple and blue color all around you within a huge island covered in a dark forest. This expansion is probably going to be my most favorite out of them all because I favor most of the things seen in there especially when it comes to were-creatures and of course how the island is designed.

I do plan to buy Mass Effect 2 later on after things have settled down a bit. Recently I was looking up the charts of gameplay hours on Raptr for the game and it has reached 3rd within 1 week. I say to myself "Wow!" is the game really that mindblowing? This has to be a must buy for me, but until I come up with the money it has to wait. Other than that Im not sure what will happen to me after Feburary, I was in a situation where dire consequences are met and I didnt even know what I was doing. I dont want to go into too much detail but I cant tell if I will still be around or not. So hope for the best, for me guys.

HD Gaming/Borderlands/Mouse in the house!

It was a huge change for me when I decided to switch over from reqular TV to HD 720p since I have a flatscreen that can handle that resolution. HD Gaming has become one of the most gorgeous things I have seen on a television screen. The screen is so clean and clear I can see everything. When I play MW2, before I couldnt find anyone but now I can see the other players scurrying across the map and the frame rate is a lot better. Things are still the same on online gaming but at least I know what Im shooting at now which makes me feel more confident when playing.

Have you ever thought of a game combinded with other types of games before? Borderlands is an RPS that takes place on a wasteland planet known as Pandora. You choose from four different classes to begin your quest for Treasure, Weapons, and the Vault of course. Once Your character is dropped off it makes you think of a reason why or how the planet became like, a junkyard. After the tutorial quest you are asked to speak to a man named Dr. Ned which becomes the very first quest you have to fulfill, too simple right, but there are tons more which involves Bounty hunting, Gathering, and more. As a game that mimics Halo, World of Warcraft, and Call of duty, which are 3 of my favorites makes it very addicting. Only thing to deal with so far about are misleading waypoints, and very annoying enemy movements, Like the Rakks for example.

Im not sure for how long but there was a mouse living inside of my house when my father spotted one running across the wall a week ago. After three times It finally fell for the trap and its gone for good. Only thing now is to set up another one just incase there are more. I have no Idea how it snuck in but its probably not the only one.

2010, a rough start/ Raptr

So how is everyone enjoying their fresh start of 2010? I hope its been good for you because I had one heck of a weekened. I ended up in a family dispute which involved the police and I broke another controller stressed because the whole situation. It felt like a movie and I never want to go through it again. The more I find out about my family's history the more I want to change my last name. Well ok, I begin my blog with more bad news and Im sure that you people find it tedious that I always have bad news to give. Everything isnt perfect and I cant be full of good news but thankfully I do have some good news. :) Today I bought Borderlands, Finally connected headphones to my tv, and joined a cool site titled as Raptr. Its a social gaming site that links with facebook,twitter,gmail,Aim and more. It also updates your gaming status for any system which is cool and It gives info about a games popularity. Im enjoying it so far and I want to ask if anyone else have one, If you do comment and Ill add you.

Mass Effect 2 or Borderlands?/Votes wanted!

With Legend of Zelda Spirit tracks finished its time to move on to New super mario brothers wii. Unlike the Xbox 360 the wii has a better sound quality and while I was playing the game I was impressed with the sounds of diving in the water, walking on snow and sliding on ice. It also mimics the game play style of Super Mario Brothers 3 which reminds me that the Koopa bros, (I think), are back along with new features and level enviroment like the overuse of moving platforms which ups the challenge in a super mario bros game. Since Im the only child of the house Im not finding the multiplayer to be very enterntaining. Well compared to the last New SMB I have to say that this one is definately a lot better, same game, new style. Also I am now playing Bayonetta and it rocks. Thats all I have to say for gaming updates for now.

I really want to play Borderlands, I really do, but I might have to hold that off since Mass Effect 2 is coming out. I played the first one and now Im a fan of the series. Even though the game has a complicated start it all fits together later or when played again and it was meant to be played over. They are both RPG games with weapons,lol, and now Im deciding between the two. Originally it was Dragon Age Vs Borderlands but now I changed my mind to this instead. TELL ME WHAT YOU GUYS THINK, Thanks.

Its 2010!

Well its been a great year for video games dispite some small annoying problems with the most anticipated ones but what are you going to do. Its still fun to play and its just something everyone has to deal with. Now 2009 wasnt the most perfect year but it was much more thrilling in the gaming industry than 2008 or 2007. Aside from the gaming a portion of the year was good and the other bad, 2010 isnt much different so I didnt make any resolutions. There was a lot of huge issues happening too like H1N1 and celeberty deaths, and I bet much more. Everytime the year comes to an end I wonder what will come the next, and about the time between now til 2012. Will the world really end then? :P Haha, anyways I hope you guys enjoyed the year 2009 and all the new releases that you so very anticipated. Let the new mysteries of 2010 be revealed! :|

Server issues with MW2,BROKEN WARFARE/Facebook

Last couple of times I have been playing Modern warfare 2 some strange things have been going on with the matchmaking. First off, there were a couple of games that I joined where I, and everyone else had unlimted ammo. It was catastrophic with everyone using Javelins and Grenade Launchers and everyone one was gaining points like crazy. Another type of game that I joined was a free for all with 20 people on rust with unlimted ammo! I couldnt even spawn because there was so much spawn camping! Since infinity ward havent made any changes to make their servers better, people have been hacking the game for the PC and Xbox 360 versions. Little overtime after the javelin patch the game hacking has launched a week later. Now I heard a rumor that a virus can latch on to your XBL account from playing MW2 and when the account is opened on the PC, you are infected. Its really nothing to panic over because its probably just a stupid rumor. Anyways this has been the worst multiplayer experience that I have ever encountered besides Combat arms. Great going Infinity Ward see what you have started! Hopefully they can fix it to the full extent so everyone can play normally again.

Heres a good video example Hacked Matchmaking

I am thinking about making a facebook, How many of you guys have one? I bet about 90% of you guys that are reading this have a facebook and Send me your URL so I can add you. :)

My first semester completed!/Animal madness!

Aside from all the gaming updates I might as well bring some interesting news to you guys about whats happening in my life. No not all the emotional junk, just some plain funny news and regular updates. Well this week I am finishing up my first semester of college, with only one class left to finish this Thursday! :D After that is done I begin my month long vacation relaxing. Hopefully I can find something to do with my freinds either on XBL or outside of my house.

The only two interesting things to mention deals with animals, one including a rare sighting. Well its not very often that I see these birds because of where I live, I am exatcly 20 minutes away from Downtown Chicago, but I seen a red tailed hawk fly by in my backyard last week and for the past few months. Im beginning to suspect that one is living around in my neighborhood. The last time I seen one was when it flew right into my window! I have two blurry pictures of both hawks that visited my yard, (I rushed to take the picture before it flys away!), but atleast I can make out the picture still. I also have a few stray cats running around in my neighborhood and one was stuck in a bush trying to run away from a weenier dog. It was halarious and I wanted a picture but my father scared it out of the bush. Oh well.

Anyways I currently bought LOZ spirit tracks and plan to play it soon after I complete some other games. Oh if you missed my last blog take a quick look under this blog, just asking because of the lack of comments which is unusual.

Gaming update 19.

So Im sitting there playing my Xbox most of the time when my Wii isnt being used as much. As being the only person that plays video games in the house I dont have time to play everything at once. I did have a chance to turn on my Wii and see what was going on, (what there was to do on it). When the menu appears I first knowtice that everything is the same as usual but then I knowticed that SMB 3 was still in the corner. So I booted it up and began playing. A result of playing so repetativly on the same world I knew that this wasnt going to be easy to past because There was not enough items in my inventory to help me out along the way and I restarted the game. Im glad that I did this because this time I know most of the secrets of worlds 1-3 and it was fun going through it again instead of feeling miserable. This time when I found the wistle in world 1 I used it to port to world 7 after world three. It was good at first but it made me restart the game once again, no problem though. The game is giving me a very great feeling, enought to cure me of my grudge against the game, even though I have a hard time completing worlds 5 and 7 its just plain fun to smash some enemies in the game.

Well my new grudge is more focused on Call of duty MW2 multiplayer, theres a few overpowered weapons that people are just constantly using. Heres a list of the top five most over powered weapons in my opion.

5.)Chopper Gunner- This is not the most overpowered but it can be overpowering. You become the gunner of an attack helecopter equipped with 1 flare to delfect incoming missles, taking out spawns of players on the second they actually spawned. It can be like this for you if the other side has the right type of pilot for the vehicle.

4.)Javelin- After a couple of weeks since release players have been constantly using this weapon as if its meant to be a melee weapon. It seems like a glitch, when a player kills the enemy if the trigger is pulled at the right time you die as well if yoru close enough. Its like a kamakazie!

3.)Ranger Akimbo- Before the idea of using the 1887 shotgun came this. Its the same as the 1887 but its a double barrel and does same damage it can sometimes result in a double kill.

2.)Grenade Launcher- So far this attachment has been overused much more than in the first modern warfare that I even use it too just to fit in with the crowd.

1.) 1887 Shotgun- Unlocked at level 70 this is a very power and wide ranged shot gun that looks like somethign that did come from the year 1887. Especially when Akimbo'ed it is very devestating and sometimes can result in a triple kill.

For now Im fine with these except for the Javelin which they either have to downgrade or remove in a way and Im hoping that they will patch the game next year.

Assassins Creed 2 thoughts / Happy thanksgiving.

When Assassins Creed 2 was being developed I paid completely no attention to that, instead I was looking forward more to MW2 but now I wish I could have looked into this sequel along with MW2. I have bought this game about a week ago and now Im on the 4th DNA sequence of Eziso. The gameplay is completely the same but instead they have added some new items, included shops and a new health recovery item which is medicine. There are some reasons why the medicine can be pointless and many more reasons why it good to have some on you which is why I appreciate that it is around. Also there are more treasures to collect and to store in Eziso's Hideout. A few minor glitches that were seen in the first game still occurs in this one but they are not as interfering. Another favorite addition to the game is the new assassination tactics such as killing a guard from cover and the shops where you can upgrade armor, weapons and buy treasure maps, etc, etc. Assassins Creed 2 matches of its predecor Assassins Creed 1 but since this takes place during the Rennasonce it makes you feel that the first one is a part of history and makes you think about the last game since they mention about Altair. The story is great so far and I enjoy plot of this saga so far. Keep it up Ubisoft.

Just to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and that you are all thankful for whatever you value. I am thankful that I was able to rebuild one of my broken controllers so now I have 2 Xbox controllers to use. :D If you want you can share the things that you are thankful for with me, if you dont then you can go chicken out over a turkey, eh. :P