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My Grandpa a WW II veteran moved on

My grandpa died a couple hours ago, he was a WW II veteran, in total he was on two battle ships through the time he was in the war, he was fighting when the planes were crashing into the planes and is even in a book (two pages i think) of having to jump over dead bodies to get around the ship he just recently got short term memory lose over the last 2 years after he fell off a ladder putting away Christmas ornaments, he remembered everyone just not stuff over the last hrs or weeks. He was a great person. One of the ships he was on was the USS Haraden (DD-585) and the name of the book he is in is called At War with the Wind he is in the back at page 465 and the two pages are in the 300's. He told a story that he walked out on deck and no one was on that side so he looked around and then he heard a kamikaze coming at him so he ran out of the way just in time as it exploded close to him and he was able to bring back a piece of the wing about the size of a shoe (length not width). He was in his late 80's, Its sad to know that he is gone but he had a good and long life.

(Thomas Inman)

Just beat Resident evil 4

I just beat resident evil 4 for the wii it was a great game just like the old version of it and when you beat it you unlock playing as the girl doing all the missions she did its a great game, its one of those games that are so good you can just play them over and over.It isreally worth the $20 :) i never owned the old version just played some levels at the store and a friends house, it was great to get to play the whole game, Right now im on the first mission as the girl in red (ada)its really fun :)

Wii Wifi soon

Im getting my wii connected to wifi soon, sorta late ive had the wii sense it came out so ive been playing games without it this whole time, sure the games are gona be alout more fun now :D

Some games people should have

Just made a list of a few games you should have or at least played:

Call of Duty 5

Call of Duty 4

Call of Duty 3

Twisted metal 4

Twisted metal small brawl

Twisted metal head on

The Godfather

Super Smash bros.

Super Smash bros. brawl

Mario Kart


Destroy all humans

Super mario galaxy

Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009

God of War Chains of Olympus

Grand theft auto

Thats all :)

Games to beat over the summer

I have a few games that im trying to beat before the summer is over:


(This color=Gave up) (Hope not to use much)

(black=now playing)

Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009

Call of duty 3

Rayman raving rabbids

Star Wars the force unleashed

Transformers: the game (only beat as bad side but thats enough)

The Godfather

Destroy all humans!

God of War Chains of Olympus(Great game!!!!)

Resident Evil 4 Wii

Spider-man 3 [On last level] (Gave up)

Iron Man[Only a few levels left maybe last] (Gave up)

1.Super Mario Galaxy (Need to get all 242 stars) [At 94]

2.Hot wheels: beat that (Beating all modes)[On last mode!]

3.Mario kart wii (need to unlock everything)

4.Grand theft auto Liberty City Stories (psp)

(also to add the games on my wishlist if i get any)

I got some done :) only five games left! (8 games beat, 2 quit and 5 left to go)