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Another Birthday

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Today I celebrated another birthday. I was dreading it, but it turned out to be a nice day. Video-game-wise, I got this game for 3DS:

Animal Crossing New Leaf

My character's name is Sky, and I have the face of the Villager in the upcoming Smash Bros. My town's name is St. Crane, and it is the map with a horizontal river in the middle of it. I currently am halfway towards paying off my house to Tom Nook. I do not think I will be able to visit any towns soon, as it progresses slowly. :(

I got some other things for my birthday, including two books, an Avenged Sevenfold CD, some underwear and a pair of shorts, the movie Kick Ass, rechargeable batteries, a Barnes and Noble gift card, and a little Chick-Fil-A cow.

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment if you'd like.

Out of School + Top 5 Nintendo Bosses

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I haven't been really active the last few weeks because of school. The last week was intense, with all of my exams, so it put off production of this blog. School officially ended for me on Thursday! I will be going into my last year of high school this fall.

The main reason I have written this blog is because I wished to make a new top 5 list. I wrote a previous blog asking for advice, and eventually top 5 bosses became my decision. For this blog, I will make it top 5 Nintendo bosses because of experience. I will not write about any particular battle, but rather the character itself and all of its appearances. Without further ado, and from 5 to 1, here it is...

Top 5 Nintendo Bosses

Honorable mentions: Mother Brain, Wario, and the Masked Man.


5. Chaos Kin (Kid Icarus: Uprising)


The Chaos Kin is one of the main bosses of Kid Icarus: Uprising. It is a monster that can control and consume souls, and create its own dimension. It was inadvertently freed by Pit. Why is the Chaos Kin on this list? This is because you can argue that the Chaos Kin causes the most damage and chaos in the entire game. While Hades does start a war and resurrects Medusa, the Chaos Kin causes the war to wage on for years and years and allows Pit to be trapped in a ring. it doesn't help that the Chaos Kin is one of the most powerful bosses in Nintendo's history. It requires two fights and Dark Pit's help to destroy it. It also destroys Lady Palutenia and Pit's wings. The only reason why it is not higher on the list is because it only appeared once.

4. Andross (Star Fox series)


Andross appears in many forms. He appears as a silver humanoid mechanical drone, a giant ape head with hands, a brain with two giant eyes, and as a ghost in the Star Fox series. A former Corneria scientist banished to Venom, he decides to take over the Lylat System. Why is Andross fourth? He is fourth because he is a truly powerful boss with millions on his side and is the boss of four different games. He is also extremely smart and intimidating.

3. Ganon (Legend of Zelda series)


Ganon also appears in different forms over the course of the Legend of Zelda series, like Andross. He appears in a beast form and a humanoid form. Ganon as a human is a towering and intimidating force who has tried many different times to secure the three pieces of the Triforce and destroy Link. He has a long Nintendo history. Why is he number three? This is because of a few reasons. One is that he is one of the classic Nintendo bosses. Another is that he is a darker and powerful boss. The third is because most of the Zelda games deal with him.

2. Bowser (Mario series)


Bowser was one of the very first Nintendo bosses. In addition to being the main boss of most of the Mario series, he also is a major character and/or boss in various spin-offs. He is a hulking and menacing threat in some of this games, like Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Super Mario Bros. Why is Bowser number two? This mostly has to do with his long history and the sheer scope of games that he has been the final boss in. In most of his games, his goal is to capture Peach and enslave the world (or galaxy).

1. Giygas (Mother series)


In all fairness, did anyone expect otherwise? Giygas is one of the most depressing and powerful bosses in video game history. He appears in the first two games in the Earthbound series. He has many different forms, including a grey alien in Mother, a Devil's Machine form, the above form, and a "fetus" form. Why is Giygas number 1? Not only because his boss fight is extraordinary and scary, but because he either directly or indirectly causes all of the events in the Mother series. In Mother, his species kidnaps Maria and George to raise him. He then serves as the final boss. In the second game, he conquers the Earth, and Ness and his allies must travel to the past to defeat him. Porky, his recruited minion, then causes chaos in Mother 3. This shows how Giygas controls his entire series, and deserves to be the best Nintendo boss.

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment below.

Making a New Top 5...Need Input!

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It has been over a year since I have written a blog. The truth is, I just do not have much to write about. But I have decided to write a new Top 5 Blog. Most of them haven't been received very well, considering the narrow scope I wrote for some of them (Top 5 Yoshi's Island DS Bosses? :P).

But I have decided to leave the decision of picking a Top 5 topic to my friends and readers, since they are the ones who will be reading my blog post. So, in the comments section, give me any topic you wish for me to write a Top 5 for. Maybe top sports teams, or athletes, or bands of a certain genre, or game bosses, or a movie series, or video games, or memes? It is limitless. After a couple of days, I'll pick one that is popular, and write a blog about it.

So I'll leave a thanks in advance for reading and leaving a comment.


4th Year Anniversary

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Yes, you read the title right. The 23rd will be my 4th Anniversary of me having a GameSpot account. So, for this Anniversary, I thought that I would provide some backstory on why I joined GameSpot.

I joined GameSpot March 23rd, 2008. I don't really even know why I joined GameSpot. Maybe it was to stay up to date with Nintendo news, or something. I know that I wouldn't keep up to date with Nintendo on GameSpot anymore.Anyway, I chose my username because at 2008, all I had was a Nintendo DS Lite with a small amount of games on it. I wouldn't get a Wii until Summer of 2008.

Here is my very first post, on March 23rd, 2008, at the Moe's Tavern Union:

[Salesman #2 holds Salesman #1's hand.]

[Salesman #1:] "I thought we made this clear in Boston. GamerofMario1

It was in a thread about funny Simpsons quotes. I posted two other posts in the union, and then I did nothing with my account from March 24th, 2008 to February 21st, 2010, in which I joined the Luigi Superstar Union and the Great Nintendo Gamers Union. I noticed how in my early days, I would end each post with "-GOM1". I did this because I did this in another forum. I justed posted in those three unions for a month or so, until I joined the Mushroom Kingdom Union. From there, I joined other unions and was here ever since.

I have met lots of great people through GameSpot. Some of the most memorable (that aren't here) include:

  • MayorJohnny - When I became officer in the Mushroom Kingdom Union, he was there to help me make the transition. We also chatted through pms. It is a shame he is gone.
  • elicik - He was one of my first MKU friends. I remember him being being very upbeat. We connected well because we were both new to the site.
  • virus1000 - Him and I were pretty opposite. We would argue a lot, and he couldn't respect my authoritah in the MKU.
  • moleblob - I remember him being my best friend in GameSpot up until he left. He gave me my first officership in the Epic Mickey Union.
  • Backlash24 - While we didn't share any mutual unions, he created interesting blogs and always posted on mine.
  • Megamario9 - We shared several mutual unions together. We both liked Luigi. I remember him most as the biggest hater of Yoshi's Island DS ever.
  • nachi_lobo - Like backlash, he had several interesting blogs and videos. Even though he isn't here anymore, I know he's gone on to bigger and better things.
  • pikapika64 - We were both members of the Hardcore Nintendo Union. I remember visiting her blog for a story every couple of days.
  • ShuichChamp24 - He was one of my officers in the Hardcore Nintendo Union. Sad to see that he isn't around much anymore.

I'm done with that depressing business. I am happy to be a member of GameSpot for 4 years. Please comment below!

Top 5 Favorite Nintendo Franchises

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Hello all!

I was recently inquired about my favorite Nintendo series. My friends in the Mushroom Kingdom Union all listed their favorites, so I wanted to, too. And since my last blog was in August, I will post them all below in a new Top 5 addition.

Here we go...

5. Donkey Kong

The Donkey Kong franchise is a long and successful franchise, and it is number 5 on my list. From its roots in the arcades, this franchise has delighted me for a while. I enjoy the great fun of Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr, from jumping over barrels to collecting fruit. Mario vs. Donkey Kong (which I include in the Donkey Kong franchise), was my first Game Boy Advance SP game, and one of my favorites still to this date. I also enjoy the Country series as well. While I haven't played 2 and 3, I have played throughly and enjoyed 1 and Returns, which are the pinnacle of the Country series.

4. Star Fox

Star Fox is a series that I found through Super Smash Bros, and it comes in on my list at number 4. I first played Star Fox through a demo in SSBB. After playing it for several days, I had to buy the game on Wii Virtual Console. 64 is my favorite of the series, with its ingenious dialog, characters, and gameplay. I bought the 3DS remake, and I also beat it and enjoyed it. Through an emulator, I played the original Star Fox. I have also experienced Star Fox Command for DS, although I do not own it. Since I don't have a Gamecube, I will not be able to play the Gamecube additions.

3. Kirby

Kirby is the most recent franchise that I have found to enjoy, and it is number 3 on my list. The first Kirby game that I had played was Kirby's Adventure on an original NES. I found the game to be great, with nice designs, controls, and story. (I also bought the 3D Cla$$ics version) I have played the Castlevania-like Kirby and the Amazing Mirror through 3DS. While I did not enjoy it too much, it heightened my interest in Kirby games. I now have Kirby's Return to Dreamland, and enjoy playing it with friends. I plan on buying the first Game Boy game on 3DS VC, and any more that come its way.

2. Super Smash Bros.

This is one of the ultimate Nintendo franchises, and it comes in on my list at number 2. I first discovered the series at a friend's house, and from there, I had to have Super Smash Bros. Brawl. This game is definetly te biggest game on Wii, with thousands of unlockables, lots of characters and game modes. It has one of the greatest multiplayers ever, and just is plain amazing. As for the other two games in the franchise, Melee and 1, I have plans for them. I hope to one day play Melee through the Wii U VC, but I don't really want to play 1, since it feels like a completely different game from Brawl.

1. Super Mario Bros.

This is my absolute favorite Nintendo series, so it is number 1 on my list. (Please note for this series, I include the spin-offs such as Mario Kart, Paper Mario, and the Mario Sports games.) Ever since I played New Super Mario Bros. for DS, I have been hooked on Mario. I have played just about every main Mario game, like Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, New Super Mario Bros, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Super Mario 3D Land. I also love the majority of the brothers' spin-offs. I think I will love this series forever. (Yeah, I know)

So that's the list. Any questions or comments? Feel free to leave one below.

Thanks for reading,


Back to School + Nintendo 3DS Code

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As you can see by the title, I am going back to school. I will be starting my first day of school tomorrow, August 22nd. It will be my second year of high school, or the 10th grade. :P

I am currently taking: PE & Health, Ad. Biology 1, Ad. English 2, Ad. Geometry, Ad. US History, & my elective, Web Design 1. I have met most of my teachers, and I have two of the same ones, which is great. :D

I should have the same level of activity I have during the summer for the first week or two. Then we'll see. :P


I also posted this blog because of something else. As some of you may know, I got a Nintendo 3DS for my birthday.

Now, I wanted to see if anyone wants to be my 3DS friend. Right now, I only have Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition, and the free applications, but I plan on getting a few more games soon.

My code is: 5370-0564-8249.

Thanks for reading this blog! :)



by on

Today is my xth birthday. This is now the second birthday I've celebrated on GameSpot. For my birthday, I got...

I got it for $169 at WalMart. The WalMart web site offically lowered the 3DS price early, but apparently only for preorders. We went to the store anyway, and we convinced the man there to offically change the price early for me, so now I will also get the 20 free eShop games!

I also got:

This game is also a whole lot of fun! I enjoy playing as Akuma, Ryu, M. Bison, and that green skinned guy. :P

I also received money, a Stewie blanket for my bed, an Avenged Sevenfold album, and a book.

Care to wish me a happy b-day? :P


What's New? + Vacation

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Hello GS friends,

This is kind of a late blog. I've offically been back to GameSpot for about three weeks now, but just now I've had plenty of time to sit down and write this blog.

I had a lot of time off (about 3 months) of GS due to some unfortunate incidents I do not really want to talk about. Lost_M of course, feels free to talk about it. :roll: That left me out of the GS scene for a while.

I saw that a lot of things had changed here. One, for instance, was the layout of GameSpot itself. I saw the format of the front page change, I had to figure out the new way of liking games, and more. I saw that more and more people were leaving this site, which I saw as a bummer. These members include (as my friends): virus1000, Backlash24, Eraphiron, GAMER_GIRL2009, and Dax-360 (returned :)) I also saw unions come, and unions fall. The atmosphere here is different.

Since I've come back, I've: become an officer, gain to level 29, add two games to my owned list, followed games, reached 7100 posts, and made new friends. This is great.

I've recently became a charter member of the Wii U United Union. This union is all about the upcoming Nintendo Wii U console. I also had to close down the Hardcore Nintendo Union, as there were no new posts in this union since I left GS in March.

As you may have seen in the title, I'm going on vacation. I'm going up to New York for two weeks this Monday, to visit my family. I will personally handle matters with the unions I am with; just need to say this.

When you see this as my avatar, I've gone.

When I come back, I'll create a non-gaming Top 5. Be sure to give suggestions!

Thanks for reading my blog post,


Top 5... #3

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Hey, GS friends,

Now with the year over and out, it is a time to reflect on games I've bought and played that came from this year. I made a Top 5 Games of 2010 list. This one was a really hard one, because all of the games I played were awesome. So, here it is!

Top 5 Favorite Games of 2010

5. Warioware D.I.Y.

What it is: Warioware DIY is a wonderful game in which you make your own microgames, music, and comics. It also includes 80 pre-made microgames, tutorials, and pre-made music and comics.

Why it is here: While this game was one of my favorites, it doesn't stand up to the awesomeness of the other games.

Rating: 9/10.

4. Donkey Kong Country Returns

What it is: It is the fourth game in the DKC series. It looks great, is tough, and includes lots of collectables.

Why it is here: With great graphics and fun levels, the game is great. It is here, because it leaves somethings to be desired.

Rating: 9/10.

3. GoldenEye 007

What it is: A reimagined FPS of the N64 game. Filled with new levels, and two great multiplayers, this game was hard to beat.

Why it is here:Besides looking and feeling great, it was a blast. The multiplayer modes were addicting, and the single player was fun, albeit fustrating at times.

Rating: 9/10.

2. Dragon Quest IX: Sentinals of the Starry Skies

What it is: A brand new RPG, with a long story, huge amounts of custimozation, and multiplayer modes.

Why it is here: It is a wonderful RPG. It has great music, a great story, great multiplayer, and great customazation.I have fond memories playing this one. ;)

Rating: 9.5/10

And now, #1 is...

1. Super Mario Galaxy 2

This game is #1. It has stunning music, great levels, a good story, and wonderful graphics. The game just feels truly epic, with the wonderful SMG2 theme. The game has the right amount of difficulty, so you'll rarely get fustrated. The game is perfect in almost all wyas! This game sets the standards for all platformers now.

Rating: 10/10

Well, that's my list. Have any agreements, disagreements, or just want to talk about your Top 5? Leave a comment, and happy new year. ;)


Top 5... #2

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Hey, GS friends,

I finally got around to making a second Top 5 list. I know that it has been a month since the last one. :o I've been busy and lazy the last month. :P But seriously, now, since it is Christmastime, I've decided to make a Top 5 list related to my favorite holiday. :D

Top 5 Most Wanted Games for Christmas

5. Epic Mickey

This was a game I was interested in for a long time. The game looked fun, interesting, and has Oswald in it. Plus with Warren Spector, I thought this was a must buy. Until the mixed reviews came in. That's why this game is #5.

4. Kirby's Epic Yarn

KEY is awesome. It looks great, it looks fun, it is a platformer, and it is Kirby! The reason it is number 4 is because it is a bit too easy, and I just don't want it as much as the others on this list.

3. Donkey Kong Country Returns

Donkey Kong was always a favorite character of mine. Having played the first DKC, I was ready for a modern sequel. It is only #3 mainly for the second reason of #4.

2. GoldenEye 007

I like James Bond, and after seeing countless GS videos, I cannot wait for it. It has a great single-player, and fun multiplayers. It is at #2 because it doesn't have as much as #1.

1. Super Mario All-Stars

Who didn't see this coming? As a Mario fan, this is awesome. As a fan who doesn't have the SNES edition, it is awesome. It has a soundtrack CD, four games, and a history booklet. I've heard good things from other members, so I cannot wait.

And that's it. Leave a comment with agreements, disagreements, and/or suggestions.

Only 9 more days till Christmas! Have some great holidays! :)


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