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A Blog for the new year. :D

Hi Abigail here once again this is blog number 3. I realize it's a bit late to call the blog for the new year but you know whatever. So this is just what I've been up to gaming wise and what I'm looking forward to 2013. :D

So over the holidays I was still going at attempting to get 100% on FF-2 so far I'm up to 92% whoop so close. Will probably achieve that next holidays amen to some free time. As well in free time I have been playing borderlands 2 with my brother I seriously love this game being an badass siren with all my elemental effects "burn baby burn, disco inferno" 

With it being the new year, it means new games coming up soon. What I am looking forward to is Lightning Returns and when ever FF Versus 13 will come out. But I'm not going to get my hopes up about Lightning Returns because from what I've seen I bet it wont include what I loved from FF13. I am looking forward to the new Tomb Raider game because I just love any Tomb Raider game but we all know it will be different to what we are use to.

Hope you have a great 2013 I'm excited for it I'm in 2 bands, doing singing, production, school and life's dramas. So enjoy it. Hope you enjoyed blog number 3, if you're enjoying my blogs and my point of view tell me what you would like a blog on next.

A Girl's Opinion of C.O.D

Hi Abigail here once again this is blog number 2. Here me out going to give my opinion on about C.O.D these days, I know haters are going to hate so you can leave a comment if you don't like what I'm going to say. :) Lover not a fighter. xo

So I agree that C.O.D is a pretty good shooter I enjoy it I play Team Deathmatch and Domination, I like it more than Battlefield but you have to agree it's definitely getting a bit repedtive. The first ones when there was a new one, yes there was major improvements but now it is practically just like the exact same game with a little tweak to the campaign and a few new maps and then they force you to fork out another $80.00. Then they keep doing it because people know they will buy it your practically letting yourself be scammed, how about just stick with Black ops and buy DLC. #If I can't fix it ain't broke.

So next time they make a new one be my guest, try and actually surprise me with something completely different and proof me wrong.Quite intrested if anyone has this opinion. But if you don't I give you permission to try and convince me different.

Okay bye lovely people who actually read my blog, comment if I should shut up or tell me to keep blogging if I should comment what I should share my opinion on next. :)

My gaming life and opinions. :)

Hi Abigail here this my first blog on here so you know, don't get too excited. :P

So last weekend I was just going through my Ps2 games felt like playing something great and not that old. Remembered that I still hadn't finished Kingdom Hearts 2 I was near the end so I played that for my weekend. Fell in love with Kingdom Hearts all over again those gorgeous blue eyes of Sora and genuinely worried about Kairi's safety and wanting to find her also seeing all the Final Fantasy characters again that they included in the game, made me happy love seeing FF7 characters.

Now I am once again waiting in anticipation for Kingdom Hearts 3 when ever that will happen when I'm still waiting for Final Fantasy versus. Also I am Extremely excited for FFXlll Lightning returns but worried about this one because the things I've heard sounds like there removing all my favourite things from FFXlll I hope they can stay as close as they can to the battle system because I enjoy the combat. But I am not liking the idea of only 13 days and it always counting down I like my FF games with hours and hours of gameplay with lots to do.

Hope you enjoyed my first blog, comment if I should shut up or tell me to keep blogging if I should comment what I should share my opinion on. ;)