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Hype has made many games of this generation look to good to be true. Take Resident Evil 5. Everyone thought this was going to be a step up for the Resident Evil franchise. But, what we got - same controls as the past game, no "running and gunning", short campaign modes and way to easy zombies. Although, we did get amazing graphics, good story, enemies, unlockables, countless boss fights and good AI. Hype made it look the biggest game of 2009, it nearly was, with it's high - ish scores, but not good enough. Look at Killzone 2, alot more hype, and it paid off. It brought us great visuals and online play, to a certain limit, but a short campaign mode and some AI issues, i think. Hype has made games go either ways, especially with the whole "Console Wars" thing, over the Playstation and the Xbox. I, for one, am sick of it, I hate this "Console War" and way to hyped games. Why don't we stick to it, Playstation jas our own good exclusives, like Infamous, Killzone 2, Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid 4. While Xbox has Crackdown and great franchises like Halo and Gears Of War. And hype adds to the whole "Console War" thing, Hype - a ongoing war.

So, after that little "issue" I am ready to tell everyone about my new purchases, trade - Ins and reviews. I recently bought Army Of Two and within 2 days I have completed it, twice. I rated it 8/10, it is actually really good. Gamespot gave it a stupid score of 6.5, which is really harsh. It is fun, and the graphics are way better than everyone says, almost movie like cutscenes and mission breifings, of course, it is know where close to Metal Gear Solid 4, but it is really enjoyable. I have wrote a review on it so be sure to check it out! I have also traded in Battlefield Bad Company, and plan to trade in Virtua Fighter 5 and Blacksite. Any idea's on what I should trade in? It would be a great help! But, I have to dash, I have got some serious fun to be having on Army Of Two. So for now, bye!


Review Roundup & Grand Games

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I have recently bought a few games (Oblivion was bloody out of stock everwhere I went, so was The Orange Box) for very low prices from my local game stores and super markets. You may be surprised with my buys, but I actually do like them all, allot! I have bought Riddick: Assualt On Dark Athena, which by the way is fantastic, and i rated it 9/10. I bought Blacksite, which is actually, by my surprise a ok game. I bought Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box (mind-blowing), Virtua Fighter 5 and Rainbow Six Vegas. Now you may be wondering why I got a few old games, and Blacksite which got really bad reviews. I actually like it, read my review for yourself, which points out some great features of the game! I am now officialy in paradise, with Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box. I adore it, the best racing/free-roam game I have EVER played in a long time. I love the graphics, the enviroment, the cars and the radio station's!

So I have reviewed all the games I have recently bought, and I am now currently planning my on-going purchase list. You can view that at the end of this blog. Although, with the games I bought, when I complete a few (Blacksite for instance) I will trade them in to go to my future purchases. Now, i am off to blast some aliens to hell in Blacksite, so bye for now. I know, i know, this was a very short blog, but I plan to do a very large one at the end of the week, so i won't be posting until then! Bye.

  • Oblivion
  • The Orange Box
  • Infamous
  • Prototype
  • Batman Arkham Asylum
  • Street Fighter 5
  • Bionic Commando


Up and Coming

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So, things are looking up today, as i am currently planning my purchases for tomorrow, as i am going on a spending sphree. I have alot of money to spend on games at the moment, and i am planning a few buys. You can see the list at the bottom of the blog. One of them is Oblivion, which i have had good advice from, from my good friend on Gamespot M0wen10, and it does look and sound great from what i have heard. I love Fallout 3, and as it is from the same guys who made it (Bethesda Game Studios) it should be very good. I love the fact that it is free roam, with endless secret locations. Apparntly, it takes 300 to 400 hours to complete. When i get the game and get far into it i will write a review, so look out for that within a few days. Also, i am hoping to get Devil May Cry 4 and Riddick Assualt On Dark Athena. Hopefully, though, Oblivion will be in the grasp of my hands tomorrow, and i will be on it all night, i hope. Bye!

  • Oblivion
  • Devil May Cry 4
  • Riddick Assualt On Dark Athena
  • Dirt
  • Motorstorm Pacific Rift
  • The Orange Box



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I am stuck on alot of little things right now. I don't know what games i want, what ones i should sell and what Gamespot layout i should choose for my profile...

So hi, a kind of frustrating blog at the moment. I just want to ask everyone a few things, and need some help on certain issues. But first, i would just like to ask you all, out of my entire PS3 collection (you can find that if you click on my games list link on the left) i would like to know which ones to trade in. I am hoping to trade in 3 games. I think Silent Hill Homecoming is a possibilty. But i just do not know. I don't really like Silent Hill Homecoming that much, i think it has boring and broken gameplay. It is just boring, and combat is very slow, gun play is crap, so i think that has got to go! I have also completed Battlefield Bad Company, and sick of the online play. But, it is a really good game and i enjoy the campaign. Plus it is up there with Killzone 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4, perfect games! Ok, that bit over (bit of a pointles blog this, isn't it?) i just want to talk about my layout. Ok, i cannot figure out what avatar to have or blog banner, or even a big banner at the top of my page. Now, currently i have God Of War 3 as my theme, but i want something more, recent. Like Infamous or Prototype. I just need help on that, is anyone has any ideas?

The last frustrating point of the day: Purchases. I have not got a clue what to buy. I already know i am buying Infamous, Prototype and Batman Arkham Asylum within the next few months, but i want games that are already out. I love shooting, war and good fighting games. I have been looking at Street Fighter 5, but i am not into cartoon "ie" graphics. Although the fighting looks superb. I am also interested in Oblivion, Devil May Cry 4, Rainbow Six Vegas and other games like that. Again i really need help on those suggestions and any others you guys might have. Hopefully you can come up with a few and i will be really grateful. But, that's me done for now, have had a long and hard day at work and typing is making me tired. I promise my blogs will be back to normal tomorrow, as i plan to do another one tomorrow or within 3 days or so. Thanks, bye for now!


Online and Riddick

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Wow, a long while since i posted here. I have missed this place a bloody lot, and i bet you were all wondering what the hold up was. Well, i moved house and my connection was down for a bloody long time, thanks to my s#it internet provider. I hated missing out on all the latest gaming news, i must catch up on everything. So how have we all been doing? I am keen to see what all us Gamespotters have been doing. I have been doing well, great new house and all, hopefully should get re-connected to PSN soon, can't wait to get back online. I think gaming now without online wouldn't be the same. I remember, playing on my PS2 in it's early days, thinking of how possibly gamers could play with other people without plugging in a extra pad. But games with a really short campaign like Call Of Duty 4 and World At War, their wouldn't be much re-play value or any real money value. But with their amazing online modes and constant online download packs, they make the game worth playing. Games that have not got online, i just complete and sell, unless they are a really good game, like Uncharted (which i have again now, should never of sold it) or Resident Evil 5 (yes it has online but a bad one). So, after all that ranting on (i enjoyed that actually) i will get down to buisness...

As you can see above, their is something Riddick associated within this blog, and their is. I have not got the game yet, but with it's good reviews (except stupid Gamespot's) it really looks good. I usually get gameing magazines, and in one or two it got 8/9 out of 10, and even a 9.5! The graphics look great, and the lengh is supposed to be very long, and of course it has 2 games within it's box, Escape From Butcher Bay and Assualt On Dark Athena. It is currently on my wish list, and with a bit of money to spend, i will soon be getting this game. In other news, i am currently finishing off 2 reviews, one of which is for The Godfather 2, which i have already traded in, not to my taste at all, and another which i will reveal tonight hopefully, if i finish it. I have also sold Far Cry 2 and 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand. I have purchased Uncharted Drakes Fortune too, i could never let that escape my collection. But, that's is for now, as Uncharted is awaiting, please post a comment, bye for now!


Command and Father

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Hello, just a quick blog to update everyone about my plans, and of course to let you all know i am still here, as i ain't blogged for a good while now. So, i am near completion of Wheelman, but I have not been playing games for a good week now, to busy moving house and some personal life. But, when i complete Wheelman, i will hope to sell it and buy The Godfather 2 or Command And Conquer 3: Red Alert. I still don't know about Red Alert, i know it has Holloywood stars in the cutscenes and "big boobies", but it isn't my sort of game. I like good solid shooters, but this seems more... PC like? I know it came out for the PC first, but the graphics look a bit "crap". Although it is supposed to be a challenging faction control game. Although, The Godfather 2 couldn't be much better...

The Godfather 2 looks really good, i was a great fan of the first game for the PS2. It had a good story, great fighting, voice acting and AI, and was actually based on the first movie. The second however, hasn't done so well as the first from the critics view of it. Gamespot gave it a 4.5 which is a bit harsh. Yes, the graphics are s#it but it's the gameplay, missions, story and overall fun that counts, although Gamespot is too serious for that. They only give games like that good scores if they get paid to add a extra 4 or 5 marks onto the score! But, thats just Gamespot. I myself think it does look amazing.

So, that's all for now, must get back to lifting and sweating, moving house is a difficult job! But, hopefully within a week i wil be back on track, gaming and reviewing and purchasing! I am hoping to buy Riddick: Assualt On Dark Athena, The Godfather 2 and maybe, just maybe Command And Conquer 3: Red Alert. So, all for now, bye!


Purchases + Reviews

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Hello fellow gamers, another blog coming you way. Today, i just want to update you guys on my latest PS3 game purchases and of course reviews. So, all of you know i got Resident Evil 5 last week or so, truly amazing game, already completed it (won't give away spoilers but) the final boss battle is utter rubbish. But overall a good little game, not as good as the fourth but totally cool. Today i bought Wheelman, i actually love it. All those bad reviews have made this game look bad, but in actual fact it is alot of fun and keeps you playing for a long time. I am close to completing it but have already wrote a review. I must say isn't one of my biggest reviews i have done, but still a ok job for the time i have daily, with packing to move and playing Wheelman it's self. But yes, nice little game. I reccomend for Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row lovers, and gamers who crave a little oomph in there games.

So, recently have been planning my future purchases, my ongoing list. So, coming up next is The Godfather 2, and then of course playing as the legendary Vin Diesel himself, Riddick: Assualt On Dark Athena. Can't wait for that, and as s#*t as The Godfather 2's graphics look, like Saints Row 2, should be a rather fun and bloody game.


2008 - Game Awards

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Here i am, well into 2009, blogging my favourite PS3 games of 2008, in differant sections. 2008, for me, was one hell of a f*uc#in^ amazing year of gaming, excuse the french there, but i truly think it deserves a good round up, and here is my 2008 awards, for the PS3!

BEST GRAPHICS: Far Cry 2, i know, your all thinking, what about Metal Gear Solid 4 or Grand Theft Auto 4, well, i think Far Cry 2 topped it off for me, great looking jungles and deserts, and amazing cars, overall i bloody loved it.

BEST VOICE ACTING: Grand Theft Auto 4, Niko was amazing, the guy that voiced him brought alot of new strenghts into the series, and of course his famous "american **** lines always had me laughing.

BEST BABE: Lara Croft, she will always be the best looking babe in the video game world, there is something about her oversized breasts and very pumped up lips...

BEST MULTIPLAYER: Call Of Duty World At War, Call Of Duty games are getting better and better, 2008 made another succesful online world of Call Of Duty, and with ever growing downloads, it might be a ever growing hit...

BEST 'WOAAAAH' MOMENTS: Metal Gear Solid 4, watching Vamp and Raiden fight, amoungst Gekkos was mindblowing, made a bit of wee come out.

BEST ENEMIE: Metal Gear Solid 4, Liquid. A great boss battle to end the game.

BEST STORY: Fallout 3, probably the best story a game has had in a LONG time. A mixture of hope, fear and anger, beats Metal Gear Solid 4 any day...

BIGGEST DISSAPOINTMENT: Motorstorm Pacific Rift, i was expecting more from this second game, graphics were good yes, but overall i was extremely dissapointed by it.

WORST GRAPHICS: Legendary, again, trailers and gameplay videos made this game look the best, but when playing, i found many graphical issues and crap textures.

BEST FIRST PERSON SHOOTER: Far Cry 2, ensless free roam and amazing graphics, and guns were satisfying to.

BEST STEALTH: Metal Gear Solid 4, say no more...

BEST SPORT/RACING: Fifa Soccer 2009, the best, and proves top of my favourite sports games, even against all of 2008's racing games.

BEST LENGH: Fallout3, lasts for bloody ages.

SHORTEST GAME: Call Of Duty World At War, just like the fourth, completed in 3 hours. Pahh

BEST FUN GAME: Saints Row 2, alot of fun and laughter.


So, that is it for now, and as you have noticed i have deleted all past blog posts, i like to keep things tidy for my profile. All for now, bye.