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Had a birthday got some more games! Woot!

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I think I'm the oldest gamerI know, then again we don't focus on age... We're here and there to play.

So, I went to BestBuy and they had a mondo clearance sale andI got Collector Editions for: Saints Row 2, Fallout 3, Soul Calibur 4and Endwar with the Wireless Headset. Not bad, all those titles are for the 360... I also got this weekendHouse of the Dead Overkill, Wario Shake it and Sam and Max Season 1, all for the Wii.

I have such a back log of games right now, maybe I'll just play these right now and wait for another clearance... by then I ought to be done with these games.

Aside from the games, I had an alright birthday My mom made me a cake and I got some cards and the usual Happy Birthday wishes, my best friends called. I didnt feel too bad, my lupus wasnt bothering me too much.

So, Happy Birthday to me! Woot!

Game On!

New Games

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Wow, it's supposed tobe summer... it's been raining here in NY for almost a month. We've had a few days of sun here and there but for the most part it's been cloudy, dark and rainy which makes for a great day in to play some games!!!!

Woohoo and it's my birthday in 11 days so I hope I get a few more...

So, recently I got these for the 360: Ghostbusters, Guitar Hero: WorldTour, Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, 007: Quantum of Solace, Resident Evil 5, Sacred 2: FallenAngel also a DS title KORG-DS which is a sweet little music maker. Oh yeah and I got Sam & Max: Season 1 for the Wii. All this is not even counting whatever DLC I have gotten on Xbox Live. So, I think I have a full summer for whenI am in and not frolicking in the sun, hahaha! I don't do that anyway, the sun is not my friend.

So, Batman, Wolfenstein, Brutal Legend, The Beatles Rock Band Title and many more are on my wish list.... wow... at least they keep me sharp and creative.

Have a great summer folks and Game On!

Finished 3 and have a few more to go...

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I hope everyone is enjoying their games out there!

I'm happy to say that I finished three games and am closing in on a few more.... Finally finshed off King Kong, got the last achievement after two years of it laying around, same deal with Condemned... that game needed about 30 achievements. My favorite finish though is Lego Batman because it had so many little things to do and get, I am very proud of that one and I never want to play that again.

I'm looking to finish off Lego Indiana Jones, I only have two more achievements on that one. WSOP:TOC there are two more there as well. I have one on Dead Space... stupid me, I deleted my game save and I needed it to get the insane difficulty achievement.

I have alot to go on Fallout 3 and Oblivion but I'd like to make a dent in them. Same goes for GTA4. I know the reason I have such a problem finishing that one, I live in NYC and the game reminds me way too much of where I live and it really bothers me... I'm on vacation for the next month and where I am is a whole different world away from "Liberty"/NY city so, maybe I can do that. Hahaha, it's funny though... I get away and I may play something that reminds me of where I'm trying to get away from.

Game on!!!


1K Acheivements... hmmm!?!?!?

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I was going through my games and looking at what I have as completed games... CSI, Madden 06, NBA 2K6, TMNT and I would have had NBA Live o6 if the serverrs were still open.... Oh yeah and Avatar. I admit I am an achievement hound.... I mean, who doesn't like a bigger score?

I am trying to finish some games I have and hope I can get 10, cummulative, done by the end of the year, including: Condemned, Oblivion, Dead Space, Pirates of the Carribean and I hope I can finish Lego Batman today... Been sick again and I decided instead of sitting here or sleeping I would finish acheivements off.

Are you at the end of a game and need those last few acheivements? Talk about it because I am intersted... I know that as the the economy has made cash tight i am finsihing wht I have before getting new titles. I want a bunch of new games out there but I won't get them when I have to make budget choices.

I hope you are all having fun with your games, Game On!!!!

Happy New Year to all!

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Happy New Year to all!!!

The season is gone and I am back to my chipper self... Also got some great news that I don't have to go into the hospital for a kidney biopsy which I was dreading. I feel as if I was reborn, I am ecstatic and so happy.

I wanted to share that here because video games are a part of my life that helps me get through the really tough times and this has been a tough time period lately. I'll be moving soon though so I hope that helps decrease my stress level.

I hope everyone is having a great year and playing some great games.

Game on! (I'm soo Happy!!!!!!)

Holiday video game marathon ='s depresssion plus gamerscore!

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I have been playing more andmore games lately, also been having more depression and grudges against my family... It's so weird how when it comes holiday time I just want to disapear into a cocoon of gaming goodness and not be seen till after the holidays have gone and the new year is already in swing.

Now, I scraped the bottom of the barrel in my collection and played a game just so I could be away from everyone and realized, I need to break this. I mean I have some pretty awesome games but I was playing Spongebob Nopants on Live Arcade! WTF?!?!? Then again it was mindless and I did get 70 achievement points for it.

Yeah, I could be going out with my friends and going to a bar, out to dinner or something along those lines but, it's cold out, going out is expensive, over here going to the city takes an hour on the train on a good day and well... I just told one of my friends she's a really bad friend and don't ever contact me again... I won't have drama filled insensitive jerks in my life.

I am going to enter the wastelands of Fallout 3 and stay there for a bit, I already beat the locust horde on medium difficulty, finished Dead Space twice and have to pop in Burnout Paradise for a spin. See you all in Spring!

I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday, wherever you spend it and whoever you spend it as.

I fixed my XBOX 360!!!!!!

by on

I'm so happy, after looking at the youtube videos and checking out all I could about fixing my 360's disc problem... I cracked the case and went in, after a little while, maybe 15 minutes, more from fear of screwing things up, I fixed it... cleaned the lens and poppd in a disc... voila, it was working again. Microsoft wanted $100 for what I just did. Now I can go buy a game or pay a bill or something. Anyway had to update because I'm happy about it. Game On!!!!!!!!

Hear me Rant, Microsoft, you sell inferior products: XBOX 360!!!!

by on

I would like to say that my xbox 360 is doing alright and here I am to brag about some acheivement I got. However, that is not going to happen... I'm writing about the ring of death which never was, this is the story of the unreadable disc error. And how the house that Gates built would leave me out in the cold... with an unrepaired console because the extended warranty only covers the red ring of many inferioir deaths. My machines inferioir quality product problem is indeed an effect of their rush to public consumption, which leaves me one year and then some after getting my 360 with no warranty. I'm screwed! I can do it myself though... I can open and gut my 360, splay it out on the table and get to the parts I need. Replace or repair are my options now. I can't afford to replace the whole unit... I mean replace the offending piece of hardware that has gone on vacation. either way Ithink I can do it. I read everything I could on the hitachi drive and how to open the case, carefully of course. then get the disc drive out and see what i will do to it. It seems there may ba a part with either the lens or it could be the motor.... I think that's right, it is what I read. Anyone know how to do what I'll be doing the next few days then say hi! and drop a line. Thanks! Game discontinued...

Hi Everybody!

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It's a new year and almost February so, A very late Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is having a great year in real life and virtual. I have been playing less online and spending more time dealing with my real life. Been so involved wth my health and got very depressed for awhile due to the holidays, health and other issues. I'm feeling better and have decided not to feel this way anymore and get on with my life. So, I have been focusing on getting better and doing more. Been playing poker online and doing very well, I play the freerolls and do well enough for further entries or for small amounts of money. I have been more creative and been writing and drawing again.

As for games, I started playing again, very minimally.. Got some achievement points and looking froward to getting Burnout Paradise and RockBand soon also there are some sweet games for the DS I'd like.

So, I hope everyone is having a prosperous new year and be happy and healthy in your lives, real and virtual.

Till next time, hopefully this year...

Game on!

Got my copy of Halo 3 and it's great!!!

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Finally got my copy of Halo 3 on Friday and I love it! The graphics are great, sharp and immersive. The musiccontributes to the immersiveness of the story which is a welcomeend to the Halo trilogy as I, and many others, was not happy with the second part.

I jumped into the story and played it for the first chapter then went into multi player to see just how good it could be. I played against other recruits and got my butt kicked as much as I kicked, it's trully alot of fun. I tried the co-op on legendary.... Go there only if you have the skills because I got killed every five minutes. I love the Halo universe, I am not the best player but, I try and that's why I keep playing... I get fragged more than I frag others but, it's Halo and it's fun.

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