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God of War!!

May I just start off by saying that this is possibly better than DMC 3. It's just that good. With the countless combos you can pull off, the two or three different fatality moves you can perform on each individual enemy, just shows how much effort SCEA put into this game. It actually has some history to it too, like all the greek gods like Athena and the god of war (Ares), the games got a great story btw. Plus all the unlockables are amazing. Another cool thing is that there's a lot of nudity from the waist up, because back then there really was, which is awesome that they transferred that important part of mythology to the game. Plus one of the best things about it is that if you have a class on greek mythology, you can play this and count it for study!

Madden 2005

This was a great game simply because of its wide ranged franchise mode. I loved all the different freedoms to trade players, fire, renew contracts and what not was surprisingly exciting. The replay value is of course very high because of the fact that you can play more than one year with your team or teams. But the best thing about this game, two words. HIT STICK! The hit stick is the single most addicting addition to sports games to date. When I play the other Madden games or other sports games, I always forget that square is tackle instead of the hit stick. The only drawback to the hit stick is the fact that it can cost you the game if you use it constantly. One of the times you're bound to miss the target, and you will undoubtably lose him and give up a first or a T.D. The damn stick cost me the Superbowl in the last 3 minutes of the game. But besides that horrible experience, THIS GAME ROCKS!


Oh. Absolutely great game. I loved every part of it. It was hard, but rewarding kind of hard, much like DMC 3. I loved how original it was. I had never played a game that you actually captured and extracted terrosrists like that. I know that Socom was like that kind of, but you couldn't call in air strikes or get vehicle and supply drops at anytime in Socom now could ya? I loved all the side missions that let you make some extra moolah. The best part though were all the little things like the national treasures and the blueprints.


Sorry to break away from games for a second, but I got a question bout reviews. I wrote up a review for DMC3, its completely done and all, but I don't see a post button anywhere. Can anyone help me? Post a comment or PM me bout it.

Dynasty Warriors 5

I hope that the 5th one will be as good as any of the other ones. It should have more characters than before (if possible.), and this time I think that it should have some in battle missions like Samurai Warriors did, because that made the game a lot better and gave it a higher replay value I think. I'm probably going to get DW5 the day it comes out, because it's gonna be so incredibly kick a$$! More so than the other 3 for PS2.

Star Ocean vs. Final Fantasy

Star Ocean and Final Fantasy are both great series' , but I got to go with Star Ocean. Mainly because of the free roaming battles, instead of the turn based ones, which totally suck some serious a$$. Even though Star Ocean has 3 games compared to Final Fantasy's stunning 12 game series, Star Ocean's gameplay and story wins over FF's repetitiveness.

Devil May Cry 4?

I heard from the Devil May Cry union that there is talk of a Devil May Cry 4 for the PS3. Now that sucks because I don't want to have to spend the rumored $500 on a new version of a PS2 basically. But I hope that DMC4 if they're making one at all will be like the 3rd or the original one. P.S. Join the Devil May Cry union or Dante will hunt you down!

Devil May Cry 3! (SPOILER WARNING!!!!)

May I start off by saying that this is the best game that is out there to date. Way better than the original, and certainly better than the second one. It's utterly amazing graphics is only the start of it's greatness. The story is incredible, along with the gameplay, which is one of the best gameplays that I have ever experienced. All the different styles of fighting make its replay value INCREDIBLY high. I have replayed it 7 times on normal after having it for 2 weeks just to master all of the styles. I was surprised that there is at least two moves for each of the weapons, swords and guns included. Also how many weapons there are! There are like 5 swords and guns, all of which look and are used in completely different ways. The Rebellion is so cool with the whirlwind move, the cerberus is so kickass with the spinning in mid air move, the agnis and rudra are tight with their dual wielding styles, the nevair or whatever I would have to say is the worst, with the guitar/bat attracting style of attack, but finally, the Beowulf is also cool with the uppercut and hand to hand fighting style. Now for the guns. Ebony and Ivory are still amazing, but I love twosome time and that whole thing where you shoot downwards is by far the coolest move ever! The shotgun is amazing with its firing power, the rifle is amazing with it's ricochet technique, The artemis is amazing because it is so high tech with the lock on and what not , the last is the Kalina Ann, which is awesome because of its multiple rocket launches move. The characters are amazing too. Dante is cool as always, Lady is pretty kickass with the Kalina Ann, Arkham is awesome because he can actually best Dante, but the best character out of the whole series by far is (drum roll) Virgil! He is the single most badass character that I have ever seen in a video game! I think that's it for now, wait for my next entry!

Devil May Cry 2

Despite what people said about it, I thought that Devil May Cry 2 wasn't that bad. Sure it had it's flaws and it's pretty crappy storyline, but I liked it still. Lucia was the worst character though in all of the DMC series. She was so plain and boring. Dante can't be beat for the best character overall though. See Devil May Cry 3 for the best character ever though.

Devil May Cry 1

The first DMC completely blew me away, with it's amazing story and gameplay, I was floored. I beat it in like 2 days, but since then I never got bored with it once. Even though I got it the day it came out, I still play it to this day, even after owning DMC3.