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GTA 4 unfulfilled

I think the reason i was so unfulfilled with completing GTA IV and killing Drako is because i didn't have a big fight all it was that i did was shoot him which was really boring so i think the problem with the game is when you kill Drako thats all you do you don't have to kill people protecting him you don't have a car chase or anything you would expect from the finale of a game that can take up to thirty hours (I did it in 24 hours 45 minuets If you were wondering)


Hello people, i have sorted my computer out now so i'll be posting blogs, writing reviews and well basically "Gamespoting" again. :)

Just a few updates for you guys i have completed GTA IV i LOVED the story line on that although it did leave me feeling kind of unfulfilled because i didn't get that joy i assumed i'd get from killing Drako and Dimitri but still a great game so yeah i'll be trying to get the achievements for that game and uploading a pic of them at some point.

Oh and yeah one other bit of news, I lost all my clips that i made for my Quake LIVE montage but i should still be able to upload the montage by the time i reach level ten because i have managed to get some more. :)

I don't know if you guys remember but a while i ago i made a how to create a banner video i will also have to redo that because of technical issues.

well thats it for now guys, glad to be back posting and ect. and the videos will be coming when i hit level 10.

I'm going to be away for a while

I am going to be away for a while because I'm sorting my laptop out the problem with it is that well basically just being really slow and it pretty new so i'm trying to fix that but I don't know how long it will take

Quake Montage (2)

I've got the clips for my montage now :) i have decided that its going to be a rocket montage on "areowalk" but there are going to be a few other kills thrown in there as well :) and my laptops running slow now so i'll add the effects later

Quake Montage

Soon i'll be making a QUAKE LIVE montage, sometime in the next week or so, i'll upload it when i reach level 10 :)

The links for PS3 VS XBOX

Round 1: Controller:
Rounds 2 & 3: Hardware:
Round 4: CPU:
Round 5: GPU:
Round 6: UI:
Round 7: Online Experience:
Round 8: Media Playback
Round 9:
Round 10 Part 1: Exclusive Games:
Round 10 Part 2: Exclusive Games:
Round 11: The Future:

Round 12 (part 1):

Round 12 (Part 2)