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Tomb raider - A personal journey

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Through my years as a game observor I have experienced the good (Games such as Unchanted and Mirror's Edge are great examples) the bad (Sonic:Curse of the werehog was a terrible gameplay experience and destroyed my faith in the small blue hedgehog) and the truly ugly (The ONLY game capable of providing the truly ugly factor was Duke Nukem Forever in every possible way). The one game that has stayed truly epic and provided me with hours of awesome puzzles and interesting gun fights in the tom raider series. So wack out your dual pistols, put on your short shorts and prepare for a personal view on the classic, and still amazing game series, Tomb raider.

Tomb raider 1 Released in 1996

So let'sstart at the start and where better then the release of a quirky title named Tomb Raider, featuring a spunky "Indiana ****" lady named Lara Croft. A "Typical" British archelogist with large boobs and despite not having a license to kill manages to commit a fair few murders. All in the name of history...bloody brilliant. Now getting back to the personal bit of this journey, I remeber the the first time I picked up the game. It was a cold day in 2001 and I was at the height of my retro gaming career. I had already beaten such old school games as Sonic the hegehog 1,2,3as well as Oddworld and was more then ready to take on this new challenge. The game had been introduced to me by a uncle very close to me. It may have been that both shared a passion for games (Or a hate for my great uncle which we would often joke about in secret) but I always wanted to be better then him, especially when it came to gaming. My unlce owned all 5 of the original PS1 games and one day challenged me to complete one. Being a naive 7 year old lad I shook my uncles hand and accepted the challenge. Now at the age of seven I thought I knew pretty much everything about gaming (Of course I did not and as I got older discovered this through any trail and error process in more recent games) and so belived I could complete the game in a matter of days. Now to be honest with you guys I never finished the original version and did not discovers the ending of the game until sometime in 2007 (When anniversary was released, I did complete it) and so I still am yet to prove to my uncle that I can complete it. At the time of course I lied and used a memory card (Borrowed from my fathers house mate at the time) to fool my uncle into thinking I had truly beaten it.

Now it was not because the game was too hard (It was much more simple then other games I had played) it was just a game that I had decided not to complete for no reason at all. The gameplay was amazing and at the time was mind boggling even for me. The storyline was gripping and immediatley immersed you into a world of history and hidden artifacts that truly made you feel like an adventurer. Not only did these qualities make a truly amazing game but they also complimented the players skill, creating a great difficulty that made you really work to finsih a section of the game. Even when you did finish a section it felt like the game was still offering a big pay off, a big mystery that would explode your brian into a million pieces.

Flash forward to today and I of course realise now why I did not finish the title and decided to cheat my way to a win, it was because I was scared. Not of the games characters or monsters (Although the dinosaur scared the pants off me) but of the games next challenge. Instead of wanting more I just wanted it to end and today I realise now that it was wrong tio be scared. So with this in mind I ordered the 5 original games on PS1 and have told my uncle the truth but made a promise that I would complete the original games for real and provide video content instead of a memory card.

Tomb raider 2 Released in 1997

Now my journey continues with a slighlty less dramatic tale, yet it is just as interesting. The discover of this game was slighlty different as although my uncle had introduced me to the series I was yet to be challenged to play the game itself. My first encounter took place in 2002 a horrible year for certain members of my family due to a break up and my father decided to move back into my grandmothers house. I remember my father un packing the PS1 and asking me and my younger brother (Who I was determined to turn into a gaming fan) to set it up. He placed a selection of games on the television stand and I can remeber a few of them clearly. There was a rather scrated, yet still working copy of Rayman 2:The great escape (A game that is still popular today, due to the fact it has been ported a number of times onto many different platforms) a mint condition copy of The Amazing Spiderman and of course a perfect copy of Tomb raider 2.

I remember shoving in a memory card into the huge grey machine and being truly terrified of another gaming mongup in which I would cower in a corner and be taunted by a vision of my uncle saying "I told you so" (It will interest you to know at this point that I did have a rather insane nightmare in which I was taunted for not completing a game by my uncle...still to this day I do not know why) amd thus failing to complete another gaming achivement. To give credit to myself I got pretty far (I was on the ship level where Lara is traped in a prision cell at the start) but again failed to complete the game.

This time it was different, it was a personal choice to play the second game and therefore I did not lie and instead moved on to a different ****of games (Once that required less brain power and more button bashing i.e. Tekken) and vowed never to attempt playing a Tomb raider game again...

Tomb raider 3 Released in 1998

That vow was quickly broken after my brother had managed to obtain a Tomb raider 3 disc from a vintage game shop in the summer of 03. Of course my brother saw it as a disc, green with a picture of the lady of lesiure herself and black on the bottom. The disc to my brother was simply a disc and it would never represent anything else (This conversation took place on a rather rainy day, I remember it because my younger brother looked at me extremly confused and exchanged a look to other family members of deep concern. This look was exchanged after lots of shaking of my brother and shouting "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND")

To be honest it should have just been a disc to me, hell I realise now of course, After all how can a disc be more than a disc? I found a way. I played the game, or rather I tried to play the game. rying to hold on to one more shred of dignity and putting an end to the guilt, shame and well guilt. No matter how hard I tried I got no further then the jungle level. This not very far, in fact it is the first level of the game!.

And so the chapter closed on Tomb raider and I was still determined to beat the games no matter what. The challenge had changed and this time it was not about the games themselves but more about what the games represented at this point in time. Hence the disc is not just a disc...

Tomb raider 4: The last revelation (The first game in the series to have a title) Released in 1999

Most of what you have heard so far has been a lot different from what you expected. I suppose you may have assumed that I had just completed the whole series and was merley rating each one, using this post as braging rights. I guess it would have been a good idea to do this however that would have been as funny and as interesting as a ham sandwhich.

My encounter with revelations was away from the playsation and instead took place on a sega dreamcast. I had been at a game exchange shop that very same day, looking for cheap games that people have traded for more games that they do not need but look interesting enough to bash through and then trade...and breath. After picking up a copy of crazy taxi and chu chu rocket I stumbled across the holy grail (Last revelations).

The story was simple and the gameplay was fun focusing at first on Lara's younger years. It was a great insight into Lara's past and added another depth to my understaning of the Tomb raider storyline. However past the early levels an evil lerked. A horrific level after this disgusted me and destoryed all my faith in the Tomb raider series. This is why this chapter of our story ends here...

Tomb raider:Chronicles Released in 2000

Now here is an interesting point to make, so far each game has had a story connected to it for the reason that I had at least attempted to play each one. Chronicles was a different story because I am yet to even attemp to play the game itself (Well this is not true, I played the opening level and watched the first cut scene giving me some idea of where the game was heading) and maybe that is where this chapter should conclude, yet it does not.

You see I loved Chronicles (the parts I played) and it did not scare me like the others before it. No feeling of impending doom and not heavy sweating waiting for the moment where I would throw down the gaunlet (Controller) and play mercy to another Raider game. The storyline (Well the start of it) was so gripping. Sure I did not why tomb raider had died (I assume it was because Vernor left her in Egypt and she was "Assumed" dead...huh I did learn something) but I wanted to know how it would end and where the next exciting chapter would take me. Sadly that place was Paris, France and it is where thigs went slighlty down hill...

Sadly that story will have to wait as I would rather not attempt to document the more recent games on more devloped platforms until the next game has been played and explored fully. I hope you enjoyed this story and more wil be revealed in the next exciting edition of...well Tomb raider - A personal journey, stay tuned.

Games that should get HD Remakes!

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In this day and age classics games and game trios are being remade in glorious HD. A few for instances are the Splinter cell series, The Sly cooper triology and Silent hill just to name a few. However it seems that it's becoming over used and the games are not really so called "Classics". So here are the games I would like to see get HD remakes...

Released late 2001 for the playstation 2 Airblade was a futuristic hoverboard game. It featured a story mode that played in a similar way as the "Tony Hawk: Pro skater" series. The goals were simple, you have a certain time limit to achive certain goals in order to progress to the next level. But the storyline was where the game really stood out from the crowd. You play as Ethan Plamer, A courier who lives with two people Kat and Oscar. Oscar is responsible for the creation of the airblade and when things turn ugly Oscar is kidknapped and it is up to Ethan to save the Airblade and rescue Oscar. The storyline was truly epic and the way the game played was truly unique, apart from the similarties pointed out. Not only was the storyline something to rave about but the character design was awesome too. Each character had different personalities and that really stood out during cutscenes and moments of narration.

"Each character had different personalties and that really stood out"

So how would this be remade in HD and what could be done to enhance it?. Well in terms of graphics the game would look dated but seeing as we are putting the game in HD the graphics should balance out pretty well. Also the boards and characters would look totally epic in HD as well as the in game enviroments wich have so many great details. The game also had no online cababilities, seeing as we have moved into the modern age maybe multiplayer could be added. Although there was no online there was a 2 player mode which could be incoperated into a new online mode. In short terms this was a great game and beside a few glitches and sometimes dodgy enviroment sections I feel that Airblade would look great in HD.

Spyro the dragon was released late 1998 and was an instant ****c. It brought a new breath of life to platformers and Spyro's friendly and very purple design it was easy to see how people feel in love with this game, including me. The gameplay was simplistic and the ultimate goal of the game was simple yet challenging in all the right places. All the characters were interesting and fun, the enemies were cool and exciting and the game enviroments were really unique and awesome. Insomniac carried on using these techniques through the Spyro the dragon series although sometimes it did not pay off. If there was a Spyro the dragon HD remake they would have to include all three of the original games Spyro the dragon, Spyro the dragon: Riptos rage and Spyro the dragon: Year of the dragon.

"If there was a Spyro the dragon HD remake they would have to include all three original games"

Obviously the graphics are extremly dated and so the main focus would be on that however the HD graphics should stay true to original. This would also need to apply to the games enivroments as they are great in the original. In terms of area for improvement there are few problems with the gameplay however a few tweaks would help re create the magic and epicness of the originals. It would also be interesting to add trophies to the game as this would add to the extended life of the trioligy. To sum up the game would look awesome in HD and if they really put some work into it the games could be better then the originals.

Released in late 2003 Dog's life was praised for it's originality and fun factor and was truly unique title. Players had the chance to control a dog in both 3rd and 1st person views which was totally awesome. It's also interesting to note that the game won a Guinness World Record in 2009 for most video game voice-overs done by one person: Kerry Shale voiced 32 characters in the game. The storyline was simple yet really made you feel for Jake (The players dog and protaganist). The gameplay was simpel too and that's why it was so nice to play, very few games these days keep things simple and often that leads to a bad gaming experience, yet Dog's Life kept things simple and fun yet still added a challenge. Although there are many adjustments that need to be made...

"Very few games these days keep things simple and often that leads to a bad gaming experience"

For the games to work in the modern age of HD remakes they would have to make some majoy tweaks. The first thing to tweak would be the poor controls and movement. Im sure if it would be possible to adjust these things but in order for the game to work and be enjoyable in this day and age it is a must. The next thing to tweak would be the poor audio and cutscenes. During these cutscenes often the dialouge was muffled and the characters movement was limited. Finnaly as an added bonus (Alhtough it pains me to say this) they could try adding "Playstation:Move" combatablity to really enhance the players experience.

It would be great if these truly unique and wonderful titles were all re-created and re-mastered in HD and would be great for all of those gamers that really enjoyed them and some new gamers that would like to see these titles on the more modern consoles. It just goes to show that you can't keep a good dog down...that pun does not really apply here but I needed somethign snappy to end this article. Thanks.

Rockstar educates us...even if we don't know it!

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Rockstar has produced some truly amazing titles. However have any of you ever thought about how Rockstar has taught us about the world and more inportantly world events that made an impact on...well the world. The first game to truly do this was GTA 3 and here is why...

Okay so we all know that GTA 3 is set in 2001 in the very real, yet very fictional world of liberty city or New York if we are going to drop the formalities. GTA 3 focused on many political and gang issues and one issue in particular stood out above the rest. Standing inbetween you and the final island were Union workers and this played a weird yet significant role in the story. Because GTA was to be as close to reality as possible it incoperated current affairs at the time and this is how the union workers came to be. However the New York union strikes did not take place until late 2005 when ferries and tunnel transport became blocked off. This was very diliberate as there was some talk of transport strikes in New York at the time so in a way Rockstar predicted the future...or it could have just been a huge coincidence.

"Union action did not take place in New York until 2005"

The next issue was gang related crime. Obviously the game used typical New York **** sterotypes in order to really play on America's bad crime rate in the year 2001 and how gangs were involved in this. Gang crime has always been a large issue in America and again Rockstar hit us all with an obvious stick. The game used it's bizzare attitude to prove an important point, that gangs were a big problem and that a lot of drugs and other items of a mature nature were having a huge impact on the people of Liberty City. This was made obvious through LC's red light district (Representing New York and other worldwide locations ever changing red light districts) which was the centre of the gang violence and drug running. Although this is all very subtle Rockstar handles these issues in a very serious manner, dispite it's bizzare and often outrageous gameplay. The main point is that during GTA Rockstar managed to bring out world issues and teach us a bit about our own society and culture. Which brings us onto our next title...

Bully was released in the UK and North America in late 2006 and this time focused on education rather then whole cities current affairs. Though it's gameplay was simple and played much to the standard of GTA it had a very clear cut message behind it. The game showed us a clear divide in cultures and social groups, mainly by incoperating school social chain sterotypes. This was used in a clear way as the main protaganist (Jimmy Hopkins) brought all the groups together and was seen as an indivdual unlike the other groups throughout the acedemy. This reflected the real life issue that schools tend to seperate people into social groups based on apperance and hobbies. Rockstar used this as an example of a corrupt "educational institute" therefore bringing the issue to our attention and really teaching us about the importance of being an indivdual.

"The game showed us a clear divide in cultures and social groups"

The game also raised some issues relating to sexuality as the main protaganist was able to kiss either a boy or a girl. Again this raised huge awareness of bi sexual relationships and how we should be okay with it. Rockstar clearly did this in order to raise awareness of mixed sexuality and again taught us all a lesson about how sexuality is viewed by others and how this ultimatley changes the way people view you. Although they raised this issue Rockstar made sure it was handled well and made sure that we were learning from this. Now this is where history is truly made...

Released early 2010 Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption focused on the end of the wild west and again raised some important issues. The game showed us a clear change in times with steam powered trains and boats and tells us about Mexican liberation at this time. Rockstar mirror the change in times through characters dialouge and often characters will reffer to the fact that "The west is dying" however some political issues are raised too. Some dialouge from two old ladies at the very start of the game indicates political corruption. This is mirrored in the political changes during this period and Rockstar clearly wanted to teach us about some of political issues.

"Often characters would reffer to the fact that the west is dying"

The game also raised some question about the US government as this time and how corrupt they were. The Government are shown as being very controlling and demanding and ulitimatley just don't really care. Not only is this shown through the government offcials but also the local law enforcements that take a "back seat" approach to maintaning law and order. Speaking of law and order it's time we moved onto the final title.

Early this year Rockstar games and Team Bondi released L.A.Noire. A fast paced action thrill ride that allowed us to be virtual detectives. The game was set in post war 1947 and tackled a lot of interesting issues at the time. One of these issues was how corrupt the police force was back in 1947 and how this affected the people of that era. Rockstar show this through the characters dialouge as they often make comments that are inapproaite or make decision that are completley wrong just to do what they belive is right. Another thing the game teaches us is how corrupt Hollywood itself was at this time as many of the cases focus on the misuse of drugs and how people will do anything to get into show bussiness.

"Many of the cases focus on the misuse of drugs and how people will do anything to get into show bussiness"

It also raises serious political question involving the war and if it was even needed and also showed us the affect it had on peoples attitudes towards certain people. Rockstar also focus on different religions and focus on the point that at this time certain religions and belifs would not have been acceptable at the time.

So to conclude Rockstar have really focused on showing and bringing real life issues into their titles and staying true to the facts and affairs that are relevent. In a way this has taught us about these different cultures and affairs of time periods, locations and people, even if we did not know we were being taught anything.

Video Game Culture...and me :D

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So I know I have been very inactive on gamespot and I apoligise for that but hopefully this really big blog post will more than make up for that :D


So to kick things of I'm going to talk about some very intresting decisions, projects and observations that have been made whilst I have been gone.

Animal Crossing 3DS

Yes it was it was obvious that Nintendo were going to bring AC back to the DS, after the great success of wild world it was only a matter of time before Nintendo would take us back to the wonderful world of Animal Crossing and what better way then in 3D!. From what I've seen from the trailer the game looks (Graphicly) far superior then the wii version not too mention the clear increase to detail on a number of objects such as trees, characters and even the floor. Seasons are clearly back and this is one really big thing for me. There was something magical about turning on AC Wild world and seeing snow covered trees and crisp clear night skies or the vibrent colour of the leaves during Autumn with the harvest moon. It now appears that the seasons look even better. The snow looks more like snow instead of just a white spread and Autumn looks impressive too.

A couple of new objects have been added around town too. The trailer showed benches, street lamps (Which looked amaing during the night time in winter) and weird looking bee hives which may mean we may get new bugs? or just a violent bee sting. One clear change from the very begining was the characters. They now have a longer torso and longer legs meaning they look a bit more realistic as well as adding editional clothing options (Trousers and shoes) which is a really exciting edition.

The trailer also gave hints about some intresting new features. A tent was shown at the start of the trailer, this is most likly your starter home although rumours suggest that you may be able to purchase tents from tom nook (If he is still featured, this is yet to be confirmed!) and use them to stay in another players town for a perlonged period of time. As well as possible new housing options it was clear that when the character was moving the world moved a slower pace. This could possibly mean that the maps are now even bigger which would be great for players as it would mean more space for possible animals to live, place plants and trees and explore more of animal crossing. As well as a possible larger map cliff sides and beaches were shown. This looks awesome and clearly shows that the series is moving forward as unlike the beaches from AC wild world or AC City Folk they resemble real life beaches and really do look like a seperate section of the map.

Another cool feature that was shown was the ability to swim in a bathing suit. Nobody really knows what purpose this serves but I think the concept of swimming alone is pretty cool. What is un clear at the moment is how far you will be able to swim. One thing I would like to see done with the swimming is maybe a secret section of the map where you can catch exclusive bugs or fish or even the abilitty to swim to a new persons island via wi-fi I realise these are far fetched but with talk of new and bigger wi-fi features it's not totally out of the question.

The game concept has changed from the previous animal crossing games as well as this time around there will be a bigger focus on the town and how you spend your time there. According to various resources and some infromation hinted at during the trailer it seems that this time you will become the mayor of the town. However this raises questions about how many profiles can be created in your town. In previous Animal Crossing games players have been able to create up to 4 characters and move them into the same town, However if you do become the mayor then surely only one of you can become the mayor of the town?. Rumours suggest the possiblity that the new Animal Crossing will allow you to create 4 seperate towns (Although this seems unlikly due to memory of the console itself and the idea of 4 people using 1 console seems as though it may cause issues).

And lastly...The trailer showed off one new animal suggesting that new Animals will feature in this game as well as the original cast (All of the Animals featured in the AC series since the Gamecube version have featured in every newer version in the series). Seeing as City Folk only had a few new additions it would not surprise me if Nintendo went all out with this one. The way objects are placed is said to change too although not a lot was given away about this feature other than the fact that a clock was placed on the wall showing new furniture options (New furniture is set to be added as well...about time!). As for the 3DS hardware itself (Such as streetpass and Gero Sensors) Streetpass is set to be used in AC although it is hard to see how it will be used other then to trade with people istantly if they have the feature turned on, far fetched but you never know. As for Gero Sensing it would be intresting to see what they do with it, though I sense something to do with bug catching and fishing most of all possible digging with a 3DS?


There's not a lot more else to say as not a lot has really been said about this at all. As for the release date Nintendo have not officaily announced one yet but rumours say that November - December could be a real possiblity. I'm hopping it will release before christmas as it would be awesome to spend winter in AC as it's my fav time and because (From what I've heard and seen) there is very little 1st party games out there at the moment which brings me to my next segment...phew...


After being a gamer for about 11 years now (Im 17) I've owned my fair share of game consoles, here are just a few of them:

Sega megadrive - Until it was sold without my consent *_*

Atari - Sold for student beer ^_^

Dreamcast - My first 3D game console

Playstation 1 - Broken due to extreme ammount of usage R.I.P :'(

Playstation 2 - a way, it plays PS1 titles but that's about it

Gameboy colour - I really don't even know if it still works, haven't used it in a looooooooooooooong time

Gameboy advance sp - Mario edition!

Nintendo DS (Original silver) - Top screen is selotaped but works fine as far as I know

So with this short list in mind (This does not inculde my recent consoles :P) you can see that I've owned enough consoles to know when an inovating and awesome console comes into my price range. I've recenlty been deciding on what DS to upgrade to as a selotaped standard DS does not really make the grade =/ So I looked into the Nintendo DSIXL. The features had me pretty sold, Massive screens, good battery life and increased sound quality...But then something changed.

It occured to me that £140 is a bit steep for a bit of tech that has pretty much served it's purpose and with no 1st party titles coming to the standard DS anytime soon I wasen't really convinced that it was the best option, I mean some of the 3rd party games out there are just awful!. So the best thing it seemed was to purchase a 3DS in order to play some of the great 1st party games being/ already relased e.g Super mario, Animal crossing, Legend of Zelda: Occurina of time, Pilotwings resort and Mario Kart 3DS to name just a few.

Then there was another small problem. I have, what is commonly know as a squint/Lazy eye that effects my vision in such a way that I barley use both eyes at the same time. Unfourtanley for me this means I don't have binocular vision (The thing you need to put both 2D images together to create the 3D effect) However seeing as the device has a 2D switch I decided that it was worth it anyway. I mean the games alone look awesome in 2D and how can you want to see something in 3D if you don't even know what 3D images look like! (For those of you wondering the only thing I can't see in 3D is 3D itself I can see everything else in 3D...even people xD I also do have depth preception which is a bit strange for someone with a lazy eye apparently)

Next segement...


After spending a few days with some friends (One of them is a female gamer) recently I realised something which I think game developers and companies such as Nintendo need to take into consideration. Now as kids grow up these days they find themselves immersed in videogame violance and online communties which influnce there gaming ****for pretty much their whole lives. For eample, being brought up on retro gaming I would rather collect orbs in Spyro the dragon 2 then try to get to 15th prestige in call of duty.

so after seeing the female gamer (She is 17 by the way) it really surprised me. Now I know girl gamers are much more common these days (There was a time when videogames were really nerdy and something only teenage guys did) but I'm not talking about a 6 year old girl who plays Nintendogs on a DS or Miss Pinkys magical advanture (Fake game...I think xD) I'm talking about girl gamers that spend their night trying to complete GTA 4 (Female gamer in question) or try to beat the nuggets out of aliens in Halo. Now I know Girl gamers are common on games such as WOW and other RPG games but this was something I had never really seen before.

Now Female gamer in question only really got into videogames after getting involved with a mate of mine and so I'm pretty sure she did not even know what an anoulouge stick was. But now after a couple of months introduced to gaming she would easily kick my arse at GTA or even Halo for that matter.

As for the whole thing with the kiddies (No, I haden't forgot where I was going with that) I really hope that kids to enjoy the games they play however I think they should be introduced to older stuff first and not be into violent games like GTA 4 by the age of 8. (I love GTA 4 by the way I just don't think young kids should play it)

Moving on...


Now this is quite a political segment so for those of you who hate politics just listen up for a second because if you are an American this could affect you very soon. Now being a Brtish citzen we find ourselves constantly bombarded with censors, removed content or even banned games. However recently America has been the target of bans and regulaltions (The recent dead island logo had to be changed due to a "zombie hanged" which was seen as too inapporite for Americans).

More recently though has been the S.978 Bill which has been introduced into congress. Now I am a "Let's Player" on YouTube which means I play through a game, post it on youtube and include commentary i.e me speaking. There are plenty of these LPers in America and that is the problem. Now the S.978 Bill (If passed) will make it ILLEGAL for American Citzens to post videos which include: Gameplay, Music snd any public performance which inlcludes music from a 3rd party source. The bill states that "10 or more public perfomances by elcetronic means during a 180 day period or 1 or more copyrighted material video will land a person a 5 year jail sentance and depending on the copyrighted material a person can be fined between $2,500-$5,000"

If passed this would mean that (If you live in America or are a company there) videgame reviews, machima videos and even news about videogame news will land you in serious trouble. Personally I think this is shocking! Is America trying to ruin their country!. Think about it this way, the ammount of videos on youtube gaming related is huge. Not to mention song covers and game trailers. It would also mean that companies like Machinama and IGN would have to stop producing videos containing gameplay (Unless they purchase the rights which would be very expensive)

If this Bill is passed it will send America beack into the dark ages, seriously! The media community in America would be destroyed and possibly YouTube itself may close to Americans. It's stupid! does the world not have enough problems like conflict, world hunger and the economy? Why worry about the internet. This is how hacks start because people get so pissed that they decided to make a stand and take action and then that makes thngs worse...huh...end of rant :)

I hope for America and it's gaming video community in this tough time

Well that pretty much does it from me I'm Gameover94 and for more information on the following topics use your local serach engine. Until next time guys

A great guide to the half term break =D

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So friday is break up day...or the last day of college in lay mens termes ;). And here is a quick guide on how YOU can also enjoy/waste this upcoming break...enjoy the guide.


One of the best things about half term break is the late nights. It will give you time to gain vengence on you're mortal enemies/ online friends or just finish a christmas game thats been gathering dust during the working season. Be warned that we would not recomend any latter then 5am as any time past this may cause loss of brain cells, squared eyes and headaces...just covering our health and safety of course.


If you're having a late night gaming session you're going to need Energy drinks or coffee to get through it all. Not only we'll they keep you awake they will also give you mega fast reflex's and may increase gaming skill...*Your experience may differ*Once again I would like to point out that we only recomened you drink between 2-3 energy drinks AT THE MOST and no more than 2-3 COFFEE products.


Now after a few restless nights and energy drinks golare you're ganna have something called an energy crash. Having one is like a hangover...HORRIBLE. the only suggetion to counter this is a at least 8 hours in bed and lots of it helps a lot.


After a few days of gaming take their toll and you're all maxed out maybe you pick up a copy of family guy and watch a few hours in order to chill yourself out a's a great mid week relaxation and will help you prepare for the rest of the week.


Make sure you get out at least 3 time during the week...ever played a sims game? lack of socialization will drive you insane and you may find yourself unable to go to work or school if you're in a bad mood. So go out! see a film, go to a party....paint the town red!.

I hope you enjoyed the guide and hope you all have a great break...and if you don't...well...that's just too bad for you :( we share you're pain...apart from the fact that we don't.

Hope you all enjoyed :D

why I will never buy the Playstation move *Rant warning*

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Okay I've owned all three of the next gen consoles (The Wii which i sold, and now my PS3 and Xbox360 whcih I still have now). When I brought the Wii it became apparent that the only good thing about it was family games. Im a big beliver in "Games should be played by one person" otherwise what is the point?. Too truly undrstand a games experience YOU have to be in control. Im not interest in having Auntie Magret and Grandad bob playing bowling with me (Their made up relatives by the way). Now The Wii was trying to bring something new to the next gen cause, this idea that you are physicaly in control of the character using a crappy vertical controller.

Now the XBOX360 went a bit too far when the said let's get rid of controllers all together and put a camera there...NO. The kinect was a shocking peice of technolgy and it doesen't even recognise some peoples movements.

But then the line was drawn. The XBOX360 and PS3 had been dubbed *Less fun then the Wii*. So microsoft go away and think "Hmm let's make a device that captures peoples movement, discarding the need for a controller". The SONY go away and think "Hmm we have no orginality, let's steal NITENDO'S idea. But instead of just a vertical controller let's add a blob on the end of it and say it's BETTER then the Wii"...NO.

I would rather play professor Layton then even atempt to buy the playsation move. In fact I may just go and buy a DSI right now, just simply because Im so angry of the clear theft that has happened here.

Now SONY can butter it up any way they want "Oh our controller is very different..." YEAH THERE'S A FRICKING BLOB ON THE END OF IT! we have established that. Im surprised Nintendo have taken no action against Sony for the theft of a creative idea.Sony have pretty much given the middle finger to the brains at Nintendo and I respect Nintendo enough to know that's it's not on. So no SONY I wont be buying you're playstation move and I give YOU a massive middle finger on behalf of Nintendo.

old school cool (Plus updates)

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Okay im not going to bombard you lot with lame reasons of my absence here. Im just going to simply say that I've had an awesome time being very retro, figuring out my future and doing real life stuff. Whilst you get over the trauma of the time I have been away here is this...

That's lovely :')...moving on! and we shall start with this weeks topics.


After receiving my PS3 a few weeks ago now I find myself immersed in the PS3 world. I am of course talking about "Playstation Home". I recently downloaded the service just to check it out. After about an hour of fussing with menus and other things etc I started to explore. Then something amazing happened. I started comparing the XBOX360 parties with Playsation home. Obviously there is a huge difference. One is basic, boring and allows you to talk to about 8 players at a time. Whilst home is visually interesting, 3D, more realistic and above all allows you to communicate with more players at a time.

Its opened up seamless options for gaming clans across the gaming universe. It's also a great way to communicate with new people and gives you a refreshing change from violent communication in call of duty etc. However home does quickly become tiresome and soon boring. The lack of interesting things to do in certain locations adds to this as well as people who feel the need to be rude and violent.

Overall I was ish ish about home but I think I will use it more often if further features are added to it. As well as more social options (Although there is a lot already I still feel like something is missing) for you and your friends. Watch this space...but not for too long, that would be boring :)

GooseGooseDuckUK announcements on their behalf

Many of you may be wondering who this people are...well you will have to wander no more. Most of you may know me from you tube as BearpawsJ (If you don't check the links below this topic) I'm part of the above gaming clan GooseGooseDuckUK (GGD for short) and here are some announcements in relation to the you tube channel link provided.

*The GGD team would like remind you that we have three new series coming out around the spring season (March/April) featuring members from the GGD team.

+ Reach Breach

This series look at some funny times in Halo:Reach and will feature the whole (Excluding me) GGD Team. Trailers are released soon so check the GGD youtube channel for more.

+ RetroRex

A series in which me (Being RexRevolver) take you through an old school journey. In this first series I look at the Sega Megadrive. It's one you retro fans need to watch so look out for the trailer near the end of the month.

+ The survival guide to the mojave wasteland (Sorry if I spelt it wrong)

A series In which myself and resident Fallout pro Lithium Nitride present a guide on how to play Fallout: new vegas on Pro mode. Any fallout fans may want to keep and eye on this one as it's not going to be released until the end of march.

The GGD team would like me to remind everyone that there are further projects in development and that the GGD Team reserves the right to remove it's videos or content at any point in time. Thanks and please check the following channels for more information.


Thats all for now but I leave you with a "Interesting image" something I feel is very retro for all of you. Until next time this is Gameover94 saying goodbye and goodluck :')

PS3 woop!

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Feel free to add me folks!

PSN ID: RetroRex3

That is all, please comment if you added :)

GAMEOVER94 is back!

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Yes that's right im back on the Gamespot scene :) and I have plenty to talk about.

TOMB RAIDER (Thank god it's getting a reboot)

It's often said that the Tomb raider series is like Marmite...not that it looks like tar and is really sticky, but because you either love it or hate it. For you regular readers of the Blog you will know that I love the series and now (after months of rumours) we get an official, 100% confirmed release of a reboot and me (being me) went and did some major investigation work...

After reading through various web pages and flicking through all types of forums I eventually found something solid(ish). The website I came across contained information, and stated that UK retailer has the game already listed for pre order. Now trust me I don't think for a second that this information is correct however the site states a release date of 09/09/11. However after a closer look the site does state that this is an unconfirmed release date.

Until anything solid comes from crystal dynamics or the games creators im sure more unofficial information will continue to fly our way over the next few months.

ODDWORLD STRANGERS WRATH (Clearing up the problems)

Now any veteran PS1 player would have come across the little green companion over their years of gaming and would have fallen in love with oddworld series. The latest addition to this of course was strangers wrath which saw a new hero and new form of Gameplay. Recent information spread across the inter web that the original (not to mention exclusive) xbox game would be getting a PS3 exclusive remake. Of course fans of the game (That were xbox owners) were outraged and demanded answers from the direct source...The new website of oddworld inhabitants.

Once the comments started to flood in they were prepared with answer. In fact the game developers commented several times posting that the games re-release was NOT a PS3 exclusive. In fact what they had said was that issues with XBLA download limit of 2GB was too small for the game file. The game file weighed in at a slightly problematic 2.1GB. They said they had wished to release the title for the xbox 360 first but due to these complications were unable to. They also added that they were in talks with Microsoft but it was out of their hands as the decision would be based on Microsoft's decision to raise their download limit.

BIOSHOCK THE MOVIE (2013 is not that far away)

We live in a world where whole movies can be created in studios that completely rely on green screen backgrounds and special effects, so it's no surprise that this one is "floating" about. For those of you who know what bioshock is you will know that it's not particularly small is it. Imagine how long it would take to build a city underwater...yeah im guessing a long time. But like I said with green screen it's still very possible.

For those of you who did not know about this (Because you've been living under a rock...or the sea ;) ) according to movie database website IMDb (Internet Movie Database) the film is still in active production and the release date for the USA is still 2013. So all you bioshock fans better hold on to you sea shells and starfish that this one is not another phony tale...somewhere, beyond the sea xD

So that's about it, for now :) I will be back very soon with more of the information you already did know about but much more condensed. Happy gaming

Gotta catch em all?

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It is a well known fact that us (Meaning gamers) love finding those special items in games often know as collectibles. Hardcore gamers would admit that they have to have the last Gem, orb or bobble head in order to fill complete (And of course gain their 100% completion statistic).l But for other gamers collectibles are simply a "Hit-and-miss" thing. Casual gamers will admit that they are more likely to ignore collectibles and just get them if they come across them. So why do developers included these "Incentives"? For the fun? or is it just a bit of pointless fun. When you think about collectibles in a logical sense they are completely pointless. Its very true, we as gamers gain very little (Other then maybe an achievement / trophy and like i mentioned a 100% completion statistic)

So what is the point? Well think about it this way. Ever played through a game clueless? if you have then you more than likely missed something such as a collectibles. But are you going to play the game again just to collect it? the answer in most cases is no. As interesting as a Resident evil 5 figurine or a Fallout bobble head is i would not go looking for them. (Although this extends game time and lifespan) unless i really had to. Which brings me to this next point...

They don't make them like they use to.

Now lets take a trip back in time, to the era of the PS1 and Xbox etc. Collectibles use to be needed in order to reach another point in the game. Such as the orbs in Spyro the dragon 2 which were needed later on in the game in order to defeat Ripto and complete the games story. What im trying to say here is that although we presume it us as gamers that have become lazy it is really the game developers which have been slacking off.

Now all those late nights and Decaff coffee must have gone to their heads. Packages (Like the one in GTA 3) or flying rats (The replacement of packages in GTA IV) are too much effort and time to find. And as i keep repeating are not needed in order to progress in the games story (That's why we brought the game is it not? ) Do they not realise that gamers are not interested (Im speaking from some of my friends opinions) in looking in every corner of a map for a pigeon?. Now this is no personal attack on Rockstar games i am just saying that in this day and age most people (More to the point gamers) are more interested in the story (Or online mode) of a game then the many collectibles is has to offer.

But this all really depends on your style. If you like the feeling of having everything (This is also known as kleptomania by the way (: ) then by all means do it!. After all im not here to tell you what you can and cant do in a game. However i have always just found it annoying that collectibles contribute very little to the games storyline and even further the game itself. So I thought i would voice this and see what other people think.


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