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Gaming, The ties that bind (Nothing to do with the suffering)

Lets see, this is my first try at making a serious post about games. I really feel I need to get it out there that video games are somewhat more social then people make them out to be.

My tale starts way back when gaming was much more simple than now, on a console known as the SNES. My aunt was an avid video game player, not a gamer, just a fan. She would babysit me, my siblings, and my two cousins over the summer. She would also allow us to play her SNES all the time. One of my fondest memories was the night that Legend of Zelda a Link to the past came out. Me and my cousin spent the night with my aunt because our parents were out of town. She was trying hard to find the game becasue it was sold out everywhere. Finally, that night we tried the local Wal-Mart. It was pouring rain, we ran into the storer and there, in the small video game section, was Legend of Zelda. Over the summer my cousins and I tried our hardest to beat the game.Eventually we did. I can easily say this was the game that made me whoI am today as a gamer. This one game is what me and my cousins bonded over. Eventually, over the years, we grew, and so did games. Next was the N64, we were always gaming on that thing. My brother who is 9 years older then me even played with me. I can say throughout my whole life games were the one thing that gave us any sort of bonding.

Eventually, my cousin and I began growing apart, he moved further away and we were old enough to no longer need babysitting. I also moved and went to a new school. In this school, I met two people who are to this day (5 years later) still two of my closest friends. The one thing that allowed me to be able to talk to these two people was video games. All three of us were huge game fans. We would get together on the weekends and play games anytime we could afford to. We would play multiplayer all the time.

After Middle School, in High School it was me and my two friends. I had more friends but these two were my closest. Almost every weekend in 9th grade we would get together and play video games. I can't count how many matches of Smash bros meele were played. 10th grade came and we all had a little more homework to do so we had less time to hang out and play games. However, this was still the one thing that kept us together; getting together to play games. In the 11th grade, there was very little time to hang out at all. My friends and I were lucky if we had one weekend a month to hang out.

11thgradewas the year I met the woman who is now my fiance. I met here through a female aquantance. We would talk about video games and, what do you know. The one thing we had in common, the one game that got us into gaming. Was legend of Zelda. She is one of the biggest Zelda fans I know. Yet another link in my life thanks to video games.Senior year was basically a repeat of junior year, we were lucky to get together.

No, here we all are, freshmen in College. I work at Gamestop (Job rocks company sucks), and my friends visit all the time. When we can afford time together it is spent playing games. Just last week my cousin came over and we played Halo 3 for a few hours.

I guess the point I am trying to convey is Video Games to me are more than just a game. They are the ties between me, my family, my friends and my memories. Some of myfondest memories involve video games. I know some people will just interpret it as a geek bond or whatever. But in my eyes, i have video games to thank for some of my best moments and best friends in life.

How about you?

How have video games impacted your life?

My thoughts on the 360 pricing

Well i cant say that I am mad about the pricig but more so frustrated because I dont need so many things with my system. I just want to know one thing and that is wether or not HD AV cables work on a standard T.V because I dont have an HDTV and I wont be getting one anytime soon so just a thought for today.