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Just my luck

Alright, so my friend just very recently got me into the TimeSplitters series, he showed me the first one and I've been playing that, TS2 and Future Perfect for about 3 months now. And when I heard that a TimeSplitters 4 was coming out, I crapped my pants. TimeSplitters on a Next-Gen console, what more could you ask for? But eventually I found out that it was not in development anymore, and I was furious. I kept trying to tell myself that it was a rumor but to no prevail, TimeSplitters 4 still isn't coming out and I'm still angry.

I really wish they would make TS4, it would honestly make my year if I could kick some ass with Duckman Drake online on Virus or Gladiator. But it doesn't look like they're planning to make it, or at least anytime soon let's hope.

This is too much for me to talk about

alright, so i haven't quite been active on here lately, not very surprising; i highly doubt i'm ever gonna be on here all the time like i was back in 2007-2008, but at the least i'll be on here every now and again.

the main reason i haven't really been on here is because mostly busy stuff in real life, and i've put together a band and yeah it's just way too many distractions to be able to get on the internet at all.

but i'm not quitting, i'll be on here as i said every now and again, just very breifly and rarely. who knows, maybe i'll soon be active just like the good ol' days, but not now, maybe another time.

so cya, and i might be posting up some of my song works up here sometime soon.


I can't really think of anything to do on this site anymore, I remember back in 07ish I was like on this site every day. Apparently I had more of an attention span back then. :P

I don't know maybe I'll just post blogs on here forever until I don't have anymore attention span to do that.

jfgsdjgfk I'm rambling.

Hello all!

I'm gonna try to be more active on this site (AS MUCH AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE), so yeah.

Also I looked at alot my older blog posts and realized how much of an idiot I was back in 2007-2009. But hey! Now I'm normal kinda, so you guys might actually be entertained by me. But I'm still keeping my older blog posts in case I need a good laugh.

So see you guys later!

PS; I'm hungry.

Weird dream...

I had a dream last night, where everyone looked like a zombie, then i went to the front door. It was a BIG black hole. So i dived in the black hole, then i saw myself flying in no less then 10 seconds. Then i hit a bird (WTF) And the bird said: jdjskcinns Then i shook my head. Then the bird turned into a zombie bird that ate me, then i woke up.

OMG Haterz!

Yep, you guys guessed it, and your reading it

Anyway i'm going to lost out teh haters right now

MrFatMario: Hates me because i'm on team 'groudon' when i've never heard of the guy

Mafabiti: really no reason why he hates me.. maybe hes a NOOB

Crimsonlung: hates me because i have better videos than him, which he doesn't have.

btw these people on this list are on YouTube, not here