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What MMORPG can kill WoW? I think I have an idea.

So I've been thinking over the past few days. A lot of people I know still play WoW non-stop. They admit even that since Cataclysm came out, WoW isn't as enjoyable as it used to be back when it first came out, yet they still play it. I asked them why and they told me "Because there is nothing new to rival it. Its better than anything else still." That got me thinking, what type of MMO or what universe if done right could kill this game OR at least give it competition. And I thought of something. Now a lot of people might stop reading right here and never continue on but just give me a chance to explain myself as to why I think it could do it. Give me a chance to throw out some ideas before you stop reading. Here it is: Harry Potter. Now please just take 5-10 minutes of your time to read my thoughts. I've been compiling ideas for quite some time. I know this is a wall of text but PLEASE just give it a chance and read it.


Harry Potter is a franchise that makes an insane amount of money. It has sold millions of books and it has made billions of dollars in movie sales worldwide and its not yet over. This has enough popularity to really pull people in if a game is done right. Now here are my ideas for the game. You start off with the basic character creation screen. Choose your gender and maybe use some sliders to change skin color, hair type,etc. to give some differences in the people you see. You don't choose attributes yet. The game then throws you right into DIagon Alley where there are numerous shops to go to. From the start only the most basic items to get you through you're first year are unlocked. You will buy your basic spell books, the ingredients needed for Potions class, you can even buy a pet which will have uses later in the game. After that, you will go to get your wand and based off a specific challenge you do it will provide you with a unique wand of you're own. Then it is off to Hogwarts where you will be sorted. Here is where you choose your attributes. If you want to be a tank/DPS type character you will choose Gryffindor, if you want to be a healer/DPS then you can choose Hufflepuff, if you want to be a DPS character only and be able to unlock specific places in the castle you can choose Ravenclaw(because you are in this housr you are supposed to be very smart, this is why you can help unlock certain areas for others), if you want to be very powerful and unlock specific combat oriented spells you will choose Slytherin but you will not have much defense.


Here is where you will learn all your spells. As you take classes you will level up and earn the ability to unlock certain spells. Each class will consist of certain tasks you have to complete based on what class you're in. Also, based on the types of classes you decide to take during you're years there, it will help to determine what job you can have once you leave Hogwarts. Also, I took the idea of Students in Peril and extended it to be side quests that will help unlock items and give exp. You will find students across Hogwarts that need your help and if you help them retrieve a certain item or help them finish a task then it unlocks new items/exp for you.


I did not forget about one of the biggest parts of WoW. The whole thing about Hogwarts is it is a magical place that is meant to be explored. As you progress through the years you unlock tougher raids and instances. Just think the Forbidden Forest is a huge area that leads to man different areas. You can go in there and face the giant spider Aragog, you can go to the home of the Centaurs later in the game once they turn against you like in the books, you can face many different beasts in there. Also, you can face the evil Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets. Endless possibilities.


Hogwarts is meant to be explored. There are supposed to be numerous secret passageways and dungeons that people never found. Take time away from classes/quests and look for certain areas that might lead to secret dungeons that have new enemies to fight and new items to help you out. Just take in the atmosphere as you see ghosts float around Hogwarts, talk to them to learn history of the wizarding world and maybe you'll learn some information from specific ghosts that can help you to uncover long lost artifacts later in the gamer that boost stats(ex: Ravenclaw's Diadem, Elder Wand, Invisibilty Cloak). See Peeves causing trouble, dropping dungbombs on fellow students.


Once you enter you're second year you can enter the Dueling Club. Here you can challenge friends or other players close to your level. You can each put up one or two items "at stake" and the winner will taker those items. That way you dont have to lose anything valuable during PvP if you dont want, you dont have to put anything at stake.

After Hogwarts

Based on the classes you take at Hogwarts, you will be given a job. After Hogwarts you will go on to be in The Ministry of Magic. You will be assigned to a certain department maybe even become an Auror and this is where you will unlock higher level isntances and raids such as battling Death Eaters. You will enter Hogwarts a year ahead of Harry story wise this way once you leave Hogwarts after you're seventh year you will be able to go into the highest instance which is "The Battle of Hogwarts" but as a Ministry person.


You and 6 other friends can form you're own Quidditch team where you can challenge other "House teams" consisting of other players. At the end of a 1-2 month period the Top 32 teams will be asked to compete in a Quiditch World Cup event where the team that wins gains an exp boost and special items. Also, during the year at Hogwarts since you can't go to Diagon Alley you can access Hogsmeade for all items that you need to purchase.

Hey guys I'm back from suspension!

Ya I know. I was suspended. It surprised me too. I got suspended for posting a topic called Rate My Site a few weeks ago. I was bored so I made a site and didn't know TOS forbids asking people to look at that stuff. Oh well I'm back and I just thought I would let you all know. Also I want to make a reviewing union but I need charters and members so contact em if you will be interested. I will be gone this Saturday to the next Saturday for training camp so I won't be able to be contacted.

Kingdom Hearts Sigs made for me

So here are some Kingdom Hearts sigs made for me by Luccaface at OT. If you guys can make me some more or can do a better job then this then submit them to me. I love collecting different sigs. These are pretty nice though! Maybe I would like the Heartless Riku in a sig though. The Riku from the first one that you have to fight in the end.


So its time for my first ever TOP TEN GAMES OF ALL-TIME Blog. Lately I have played several old school games and some newer ones that I have wanted to play and feel I have played a large enough and varied enough game selection to make this blog. And now my TOP TEN GAMES OF ALL-TIME!

10. God of War

There are many things I can say about this game. It is one of my favorite hack and slash games of all-time. The combos are great and aren't to hard to memorize in some games. The graphics are very good for a NES game in the time it came out. I love the variety of power-ups you can use and how you can upgrade your blades. The difficulty is just how I like it. Not too difficult, but challenging enough to keep me entertained.

9. Dead Rising

This game was a rough ride. I was so nervous that this game looked awesome and when it finally released it would be a flop. I am happy to say it wasn't. The action and violence come together with a wonderful story to make a great game. With a huge enviroment and every place being accesible in the mall, there are endless possibilites of what can happen.

8. Oblivion

This was the first Elder Scroll game I ever played and I can say that it was one of the best RPG's I have ever played. The area in Oblivion is huge, and this time around you don't have to walk everywhere because they incorporated fast travel. There is a huge variety of weapons and armor to choose from, and there are so many different sets of abilities to choose from. You can make blade and heavy armor a main ability if you want to be a warrior or add a bunch of desctruction and illusion attributes if you want to be a mage.

7. Kingdom Hearts 2

Kingdom of the greatest series of all-time. Combine Final Fantasy with Disney(which we grew up with) and add in an evil darkness that resides in the world and you have one of the greatest series of all-time. There are so many comical moments and it has one of the greatest battle systems I have ever played hack n' slash meets Final Fantasy. The story is probably the best I have ever experienced.

6. Super Smash Brothers Brawl

A sequel to one of the most fun fighters ever this game just improves on a few things but keeps the same, good old premise. All of the favorite characters are back with the addition of a few new ones, and even Solid Snake who is a Sony character. And now there is online play. So if you don't have 3 other budies around then just get online and play with people all over the world.

5. Gears of War

The best shooter ever, and its third-person. You don't see a huge variety of third-person shooters and this one is the best. The story isn't very long and I can't say its the best, but its just descent. It could be better, but the gameplay is where its at. The weapons are great and the enemies are unique. The online also adds on to the fun. It quickly became the most played online shooter and its addiction level is amazing.

4. Paper Mario

I have just now began to start my ****c gaming and it has been great. I never realized they were so amazing. This game is a great RPG. There are comical moments, good custumization, and a lengthy story. That is one thing that makes this game great. A lovable story with lovable characters. You have to love Parakarry and Kooper and even Bowser is a big, old loveable turtle.

3. Grand Theft Auto IV

A great sandbox game with endless replay value. The story is good and it has a lengthy single player campaign. After your done you can run around and enjoy the sites or shoot up cops. And this time around you have online multiplayer. Sometimes I have trouble finding a game but the matches are great, and when you just want to play free roam you can play with 15 other people.

2. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Wow is all I can say! This game combines all elements I love in a game and does them well. Sword fighting, puzzle solving, lengthy game, replay value, and much more. The only thing I have a complaint about that you guys might disagree on is the lack of originality in the story. Its the same thing as the other games and future games. Ganandorf has new evil plan and Link has to crawl through dungeons to stop him. Not a huge complaint and it doesn't take away from the game at all.

1. Kingdom Hearts

What a game. We all grew up watching Disney movies and went to Disney World at least once. An RPG with a great story, my most favorite story of all-time. It has a great battle system and keeps to the heartless storyline unlike the second game. The customization is great and it has many puzzles and items to find that this game will keep you busy for a long time. I hardly ever regret trading in games and I can say I truly miss this and my PS2 which is why I plan to get a new one very very soon. If you have a PS2 and never have touched this game, then do yourself a favor and buy this game now. Only $12.99 used at Gamestop.

Start of My Classic Gaming, please read if possible

So my two friends from church who are huge old school gamers have challenged me to play some games from the old generations such as the N64, NES, and SNES. They told me I have to beat them on their original consoles. I have played classic games before and I liked a few but I never realized they were so fun. So far I beat Paper Mario, and I can honestly say that that game is amazing. It will easily be going in my TOP 10 FAVORITE GAMES OF ALL-TIME Blog soon. So with all the games I want to play i have made a list of old-school and other games I want to beat this summer.


-Beat Paper Mario

-Beat Paper Mario Thousand Year Door

-Beat Ocarina of Time with all-most all things done

-Beat Star Fox 64

-Get Ninja Gaiden Black and beat it on Master Ninja

-Beat Ogre Battle 64

-Beat a few NES games

-Get all 1000 achievement points in GTA IV

-Beat a few other N64 games I can find

So as you can see I have a sort of lengthy list. Most likely I will add a few things to that later so I better get cracking. With the camps I have this summer I have only about 4-5 more weeks to play these games. I will make another blog about the things I accomplished at the end of the summer. Look for my Paper Mario review soon and please recommend it. Also one of my next blogs will be MY TOP TEN GAMES OF ALL-TIME so please look for that. Until next time! Goodbye!

Need Charter Members for a New Fantasy Union

So I am wanting to make an all things about fantasy union.In the union you can post any fantasy stories you have written, write reviews for fantasy books movies or games, talk about fantasy games and movies and books etc. If you want to be a charter member please contact me ASAP. THANKS!

Friend's Please Read/Few Questions

So lately on Gamespot whenever I create a topic and some posts a message the message won't appear until I post a message. Does anyone know why this is happening? It has been frustrating and annoying! Also I have been wanting to make a Union either about people posting the stories they make(like a create your own novel union/short stories) or a The Chronicles of Narnia Union. If anyone will please want to be a active member of one of those unions or has a preference on which one they want to do... please contact me here or by a PM. Thank You for reading!

So I just got Fable....

....and so far it is REALLY fun. I am on my Evil Path so far and it is pretty cool. It is hard to get money for weapons because they are so expensive but the variety of quests and weapons and magic makes me feel like I am playing an offline World of Warcraft. The weapons are very useful when you augment them with different magic augmentations. And seeing your character evolve over time by doing good and bad deeds is pretty cool. Expect a review soon.