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Teh Pins are here!

If any of you are Club Nintendo members (or have probably heard of it) then you may know that every year, depending on which rank you reach (Gold or Platinum) you are eligible for a free reward. This year I reached Platinum status and the reward finally came in today. It is a collection of 25 pins; each with an image of a different character, enemy, or item from the original Super Mario Bros. game on the NES. Here are some pics I took (with the crappy 3DS camera.:P)


As you can see, the buttons come in row cases that, when lined together create the image of Mario, a Mushroom, and a Goomba.

Just though I'd share this.:)


Complete one game, Get two more-Replay two more.

As the title says I recently completed another game, My first on the PS3-Portal 2. And with %48 of the trophies unlocked I'd say it's pretty good. (Since most of them are from CO-OP or secrets).

With this I've also decided to get a new PS3 game, which is Disgaea 3!:) I recently saw the news here on GS about the fourth one coming out and I've always been hearing good things about the series so It seemed like a good choice, I should get this game today.;) The other game is Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked, which will be my first 3DS game. (I've been playing the downloadable games & DS games on it). It comes out on Tuesday and I hope to get it then.

The two games I'm Re-playing are Pokemon Platinum & Yu-Gi-Oh Nightmare Troubadour. while on Vacation I was thinking about getting Pokemon Black. But I don't wanna get it now so I've decided to replay it-But in a special way! I've selecteda greatpokemon from each game, bred it and I'm gonna transfer them into Platinum. I'll have my starter and 5 pokemon from different, these are: Bagon from Emerald, Ralts from Ruby, Arcanine from Fire Red, and from Diamond and HeartGold well, haven't decided those yet. I got Nightmare Troubadour a few years ago, when I still liked Yu-Gi-Oh!, it was a game I'd pla for a week then forget about it. But yesterday I started playing and realised how fun it is. The battle system seems somewhat better in a game than in real life, and the game has a decent story too!


Snake Eater!

Well as usual it's been month's since my last blog, and since then I've leveled up to Level 32-Snake Eater.

Just to get this out of the way, I'm in Italy now, coming back mid-August. Not much has changed though, still playing alot of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. Since I've beat it I've been unlocking extra weapons and doing Extra Ops, also playing
Pokemon Yellow. I've also decided that I'm going to play the ENTIRE MGS Series, and here's how: Snake Eater (3DS),
Portable Ops (off he PSN and onto my PSP), Peace Walker (Beat it), Metal Gear 1&2 (Can get them easily on NES),
Metal Gear Solid (PSN for PS3), Metal Gear Solid 2(IDK about this yet), Metal Gear Solid: Rising (PS3),
Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3).
I do realise how long this may take, but I'll try.

When Ireturn to Canada few things await first is Shin Megai Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked, which I plan to get around the first day it comes out. Following is Fan Expo, though I'll be going for mostly the Anime I'll probably check out some of the gaming areas too. I can't wait for all the Attendies there with Streetpass comunications on...Oh Yeah... Also, Brentalfloss and the guy who played C3PO will be there!:o

I also have done my wishlist for all the 3DS games I want, they are (In oder of Importance):

  • Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D
  • Tales of The Abyss
  • Sonic Generations
  • Super Mario 3D Land
  • Bit.Trip Saga
  • Mario Kart
  • Harvest Moona Tale of Two Towns 3D
  • Shinobi

Obviously MGS is up on top because I wanna get started on the series. Then ToTA because it seems like an awesome RPG, (With the only other RPGs being SMT, which is kinda dark and Zenonia) I found out about it through Nintendo Power:P. Following is Sonic Generations which I'm happy that you can play as Cla$$ic Sonic (so that the game is not just a 3D Sonic Rush), then is Super Mario 3D Land which would usually rank higher, but not today. The Bit.Trip games I've always wanted to try, so Bit.Trip Saga will be great for me. Mario Kart is as always a must-have for me, asare Harvest Moon games, what interests me about this game is how one town is more about farming crops and the other is more about raising animals, so it gives the playersa choice. Finally Shinobi is there just because it looks cool.:P Missing is Paper Mario though it will be released in 2012, so it's not on the list as this is pretty much just my Christmas wishlist.(Which happens to be almost entirely populated by 3DS games.):P

In addition I'm pretty happy about the 3DS Ambassador Program, the game choices seem fair so far. (Plus it includes Mario Kart for GBA, which is one of the only two MK games I don't have, the other being Double Dash for GC)

What 3DS games are you looking forward to, and if you don't own one will you be getting one soon?


PORTAL KOMBAT!!! (Guess what games I got)

It seems that instead of tomorrow I went to get my PS3 today; along with, you guessed it: Portal 2 & Mortal Kombat. I'm just doing a quick blog before I start playing. The PSN downtime also gives me time to think of a good PSN name.

Also, I've been playing alot of Spore and Minecraft!


Birthday! (Well yesterday.) Also, getting a PS3.

It doesn`t seem as if I post blogs much anymore, oh well!

So basically my B-Day was yesterday, In basis of gaming, I got Minecraft (not for my birthday just got it the same day) which is FREAKIN AWESOME! I got Spore (PC) which I`ve seen before but never got, I`m downloading it now. I also got lots of money, enough for me to make the decision of getting a PS3, there`s a whole long story actually:

My legend begins in the 12th century you see, (Soul Eater joke) actually it began a few weeks ago. I wanted to get FFXVI for soo long, before it came out I realised how much it would cost though, then I saw it sucked. So I hoped for XI, which costed just as much. I realised that FFXII was pretty close to those games, just offline. So I decided to get that. I`ve pondered about getting a PS3 for quite some time, especially when I realised I could play PS2 games, the system FFXII is on. Though I was informed that I needed to purchase an older version of the PS3 so I decided to ask for it for Christmas (8 months away:P). However I decided to get a new one and borrow my cousin`s PS2 for FFXII, this was it. With the money I got yesterday I saw I could easily get one now, and have enough for a wireless controller and get one game (This game turned out to be Motal Kombat). So now I`m just waiting to go to the mall to get one, I don`t want one right now though because 1: I have to think of a good PSN name (Not one of those with some name and the year you were bor or a noobish one like "IPWNSALLN00BSHARD" or something"), and also the PSN is down. Even though Mortal Komat you don't need online, I'll need time to practice. I also want to get Portal 2 and MGS4.

In other news I shall also get Final Fantasy VIII & IX on the PSS and play them on the PS3, while VII is on my PSP. This would bring my collection of MAIN Final Fantasy's to I-IV,VI-9,and XII.

I'm sure I'll post a blog when I get on with my PSN and add some of you guys;). Also, I plan on reviewing Okamiden, Final Fantasy XII, MGS4,Mortal Kombat 9, andShin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overcloaked.(When I get them, as my return to reviewing.)


3DS Friend Code?

Mine is 0602 - 6315 - 4171, tell me yours and we can, well, I'm not sure what.:P

Also, if you like Megaman then please join this union. I know a great one just died (I was in it) so hopefully we can build this one stronger.

Goldeneye 64 & FFIII!!! + first 3DS games! (Well not really...)

This week has been full of surprises! The biggest was yesterday getting Goldeneye and today Final Fantasy III (VI), a while back me and my cousin my established a deal, he gets my 3 DK Country games (the original SNES ones) & Donkey Konga while he gets FF VI and Goldeneye for me. It may seem kinda one-sided however I've played GE years ago and it was great plus I wanted another FF game.:P So Yesterday I started playing Goldeneye and played the first two levels, and today in FF I'm just after you meet Edgar at Figaro castle. I'm gonna be playing ALOT of these games now.

I'm planning to get the 3DS about a week after it's release, I have two games to get for it, though they are DS games; why you ask? Well, the first is Diddy Kong Racing, after playing on (the very same) cousin's version on N64 I knew I had to get it. Though for one reason: the Plane, DKR is apparently famous for the fact of giving you to race in either a Car, Hovercraft or an Aiplane. It's great you can fly around they stage and it's pretty fast, though in almost half of the Adventure mode stages you can use it the game does have WIFI capability, so I'll be playing online mostly. Another reason for that because if you do a solo offline race by yourself, every racer has whatever vehicle you choose; it's not as fun in the Plane if everyone is in one. The second Game I will get is Okamiden, after hearing how good Okami was, a while ago I looked at it and saw a sequel. I downloaded a demo of the Nintendo Channel on the Wii and it's very good. It's NA release is on the 15th so It'll be out by time the 3DS is. With those two games I'll be in full tact with the system, a racing game for those raced-paced movements (the only other racing game I'll be getting for it will be the next Mario Kart) and an Action-Adventure game for all around areas.


Super Updates! Games/Anime news & 3DS (And games).

I'm gonna try and make this blog quick, so here it is.

Well if you haven't realised, the 3DS is coming out in NA in 28 days! I'm not gonna get it the day it comes out; maybe like a week after it's initial release, because I doubt there will be a price drop anytime soon after and I don't need it the first day (which is a Sunday). I'm gonna take a tad over $500 for that, it's games & Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy, that'll be around $50. Then the 3DS with Candian taxes will be $285, that'll be about $335 so I'll buy two 3DS games (maybe not then because I'm not a fan of any of the games with a set release so far, I'll probably get Black so that's one of them even though it's not a 3DS game. I'll get it when I buy my 3DS.) I also will get another 3DS game soon after and whichever FF game is the one that's just called "Final Fantasy" unless it's a remake of one from 1-6 which it probably will be. Also when Type-0 comes out for PSP, I'll be buying it and the guide for it (there better be one, as I'll get %10 off it. Though I'll have much more by then.;) There are also games like Mega Man Legends 3 and the next Mario kart that don't have a release date but I'm gonna get them when they come out, also the Paper Mario for it. I can't wait to see the 3-D techniques for switching from 2-D to 3D within the game.

As some of you may know, I'm trading DK country 1-3 & Donkey conga for Goldeneye 64 & FFVI. You may think this is a bad deal however I LOVE Goldeneye aand have always wanted to have it and FFVI I really want so I can have FF1-7! (I'll have everyone of the original 6) Goldeneye should come in the few days and FFVI will soon too! By this weekend I should have both.

In my Anime updates I have finished some of my older ones, I started watching Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu and I'm almost finished with Oreimo, still watching Gintama (which now is getting a second season) and I'm holding DBZ off for a bit. I decided to watching Baka to Test now because there is an OVA out and a second season coming out soon and I'll probably be done around the time that It'll be released.