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    I probably should.... Although my interest for the online gaming community has decreased tremendously, so I might just stick to reviews and occasional blog posts
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    Unfortunately the comments section of a majority of news stories have become a breeding ground for trolls. Why not give the forums a try?
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    Soo.... For a former regular Fusers, I sure haven't been here in ages, and I'm not sure if I'm ready to give new GS a chance since I barely read the news here anymore either. :/
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    User Rating 8
    Sly Cooper and the gang are back in the game with new features, enemies and new heists.

    StoryThe gang is heading to Cairo to steal the Clockwerk parts to make sure no one tries to resurrect him, but to their surprise they discover that the parts have already been stolen and are met by In...

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    @charizard1605 said: @rjdofu said: @Maddie_Larkin said: Putting it simply:MS and Sony brought the consoles, Nintendo brought the games.At a deeper level, the Wii U was looked Down apon for being a m...

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    Good...Good...Good. Keep talking...Keep selling...We need a sequel.

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    eya message me ASAP it's important :o
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