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It's been a long time. . .

I shouldn't have left D:

Was missing all my friends and my union. So just wondering how many of ya'll are still out there? Union's absolutely dead but I knew that already, that's why I left. Anyway, drop me a comment if your still here!

Love you all,


3 new games, New icon, and siggie :)

So I got 3 new games.

The Conduit, Rune Factory Frontier, and Punch-Out!! all for Wii. I've been playing them all alot but mostly RF. For all the people pondering over whether to get The Conduit or not, get it. The Gamespot score doesn't serve it justice. All three games are great and If you see tht i'm absent a bit more than usual you'll kno why! :P

I dedicated some of my time to create a new Icon and siggie about The Conduit so plz tell me what you think!

Conduit sig Conduit Icon

Rank up!

I have officially reached level ten!


Hmmm... i'm now a Phoenix Down. Idk it sounds pretty cool.:lol:

I just wanted to rub it in everyones face! lol jk:P



PC Help Plz!

Alright I must admit i'm tempted to become a PC gamer, (what RPG lover doesn't salivate at the name WoW) but I need a little help. I need a recomendation PC tht can play games like Spore and the Sims 3. I'd also like to be able to play Fable.

I'm hoping said PC will be under 600 bucks but just give me the cheapest solution. I'd prefer not to buy online so if you can give me the name of a store I can go to purchase it. I already have a monitor tht I think is 20" so I'm all set there. I just need a nicely priced Desktop.

Plz help me out or give me the name of someone that will :P


I think I officially hate Guitar Hero

Ok so the first day GH World Tour came out i bought it. Everything worked great except for my drum set. Although not right away I started seeking help.I've sent in my drum pedal twice now and I've received a tuning kit. Recently I learned the real problem with my drums and so I'm trying to get it fixed but I need a proof f purchase which I no longer have. What I'm hoping now is that I can go to Gamestop and ask them if they have reciepts and stuff saved on file. It's unlikely but also my only hope. If that doesn't work I'm basically screwed:cry: Looks like I'll be buying the Beatles RockBand for some new drums pretty soon. Anyone buying GH please be weary. They have a lot of issues with the equipment and it's not as engaging as RockBand.

So Activision and Red Octane I hate you and myself for letting this incident occur. I'll stick to RockBand and Harmonix from now on, their better anyway.:roll:

Now off I go to Ebay...


p.s. Happy Mommies Day =)

Punch Out!!?

Considering how young I am I never got a chance to play the original Punch Out!!. But, from what I've read in my Nintendo Power it's a great series that they think will continue to be just that-great. Anyway, what I wanted to know is if anyone hasplayed the original Punch Out!! and is excited for this new addition to the series. I want to learn a little bit of background and see if anyone thinks this'll be worth my 49.99. Leave a comment and tell me your previews for the upcoming Punch Out!!King Hippo

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Hopefully the Easter Bunny left you something game related in your basket.

Have Fun,


Quickie: Dsi Review

So here's my Review----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall: 9.0

The Good:

New Cameras

Bigger Screens

New Matte Finish

Internet Browser

Online Store

Downloadable Games

Compatible with all Ds Games

SD Card Slot

The Bad:

Browser is slow at times

Limited downloads at the moment

No GBA slot

This system has got the looks and it's made by the franchise that millions have grown up and fallen in love with: Nintendo. I must say they've really outdone theirselves this time. This system is phenominal.

Even if you've just bought a DS Lite you should consider a DSi. The addition of the 2 cameras allow for gameplay that only the DSi can give. This is shown in WarioWare: Snapped a new game available via the online store. While a bit goofy and shallow, this game delivers and is fun to play in short bursts. It uses the cameras to detect your motion while you perform several different movements. Afterwards, you watch it play back the video it has recorded and hopefully laugh at yourself. The online store uses Nintendo (formerly Wii) points. The purchasing categories are Free, 200, 500, and 800+.

The Internet browser is almighty and powerful. The best ever to be seen on a portable video game system ( provided you have a stable connection) it's nice to play around on. Though you can't watch Youtube videos the Browser can display most sites pictures and all. On bigger, content heavier sites (like this one) you might have to downgrade to a mobile version. If you do it takes seconds to connect and is much more enjoyable.

The DSi is of course compatible with all regular Nintendo DS games. It's bigger, brighter screens make you feel like your seeing things in a whole new light and you'll frequently find yourself staring and caressing its new fingerprint proof matte finish. The Online Store provides for capabilities like downloading old GBA games to fill the void. Besides, if you don't buy the DSi you'll miss out on exclusive games that uses the systems cameras.

The DSi's SD card slot also allows you to store music and use it as an mp3. The songs must be converted to AAC before being played on the DSi though. It also provides for more room for photos and the ability to move them from your DSi to your computer. The cameras are the perfect resolution for the system and come out crystal clear.

The bottom line is this system is great and should at least be considered if not bought no matter what version of the original DS you have.

"Welcome to the "i" of the storm."


Still Determining Review

Wow-ee I think I luv this thing. It's a big upgrade from the original DS that I also own but idrk if it's worth it yet. I bought WarioWare Snapped and wasn't disappointed. It's loads of fun if your lookin to goof around for a few minutes but I'm waiting for something with more depth. If Nintendo makes games that integrate the DSi's new tech like the cameras then I think this system will be well worth it. I might hold off till then...

New Dsi


The Dsi comes out in like, two days and I have to admit i'm pretty pumped. For everyone out there saying the Dsi is a waste plz understand this.

I still hav my "phat" So i'm long overdue for an upgrade. Besides, the addition of 2 cameras, an SD card slot, downloadable content, and the promise of Dsi only games that integrate new features like its cameras are a pretty good reason to be excited.It's not supposed to replace the DS but the DS wasn't suppose to replace the GBA either and look how that turned out.

Basically, I just want to tell the world to all go out asap and buy one. I'll tell you on launch day if you'll be disappointed.



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