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Level 20!!!

Yea, im going to level 20, maybe by Saturday:D Its going to be nice to finally get out of the 10's and go to the 20's. Then the 30's!:D So give me LUCK!:):D:):D

Im missing 2 emblems????

Ok, when i went on GS this morning, i see im mising 2 profile emblems under my level:cry: , do you know whats going on with that? If you do, please tell me:):(

Now i only have 4 and i had 6:(:(:(

Who's buying a PS3

Is anyone going to buy a PS3? Its coming out in a couple of weeks. I may buy one, but not this year. I need to get some cash, then i'll wait like a year, then go and get one, but i dont know. Anyways, what do you think of it?

My cuz has 2 profiles

Well now i gave him my other name WittedHunTer40, and his original FootballTeen1, i gave him wittedhunter cuz i really dont go on it, i go on this name more than that, so now thats his:D

By the way go check it out!:D

More Joiners!!

Alright, we need more joiners in my union Halo 2 Hunters. We have a contest for the Recruits on becoming a Officer. There are 6 Officer Spots open, so come and join, the contest does not end till Nov. 25. So you have a couple of weeks to get your posting up. On Nov. 25 me and our 2 Co-Leaders will add up the post.The top 6 Recruits with the most post will be Officers, so come and join, post like CRAZY, and you have a very good shot of being a Officer, Good Luck, and come join!:D