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Hi, I'm Jason from England and I'm an Xbox 360 player! I've finally joined here. I've come here from time to time and I think I may have once made an account, but I've forgotten. This site seems cool. I'm just gonna make some blog posts here and there and maybe review a few games.. never reviewed a game before. In fact, I've never reviewed anything, so sorry if my reviews are crap. My first review will be of Saints Row: The Third which I am currently extremely excited for.. I've never been so excited for a game to come in the post in all my life! I have it pre-ordered, not just because of the Professor Genki pre-order bonus but I just want to ensure that I can play it as soon as possible since I've been looking for information about it every day since it was announced back in March. Well, that concludes my first blog post. I'm going to try and get level 3 now because I'd like to comment on stuff. Until next time, goodbye!