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Hey Everyone.

I recently (2 months ago) bought a pair of Kave's and a xonar dg.

Worked awesomely until yesterday, for some reason the "centre" is playing a lot to the right in the 5.1 configuration and when I use them in stereo, all of the sound plays through the right headphone in all programs other the xonar driver and windows sound panel.

Any ideas?


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From personal experience, I'd say that Razer products are not that good. They are made to look good, and you can tell that they are nothing more than sub-par quality products with a flamboyant paint job applied to make it look like they are for gamers. Let's take a mouse for example. You can look for any moderate range mouse and paint it black with red or green lights emitting out and call it a Razer mouse. Razer mice even have the problem of mouse cursors skewing to one side of the screen depending on the surface it's on. That's a problem mostly with cheap mice.

To be honest, Microsoft and Logitec make better accessories than Razer. Their mice at least have weight and a tight feeling. Razer ones feel light, hollow and cheap.

Don't mean to be a fanboy but I've owned 3 razer mice, a RAT and a logitech. Razer is the best, I've never had the problems you've experienced... Have you ever held the mamba? It certainly doesn't feel cheap or rubbish. Logitech I find to "clunky". Take a look at the Roccat SAVU as well, looks quite decent.
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Hey Everyone,

I'm upgrading my ,baby girl to a GTX560ti SLI (from one) and I'm going to chug my 2500k up to about 4.3GHZ.

Question is, how to cool?

Now I have a number of options from the guys I buy from.

Heres my options:

Thermaltake Frio Advanced: $80

Corsair H100: $100

Antec Kuhler H2O 920: $95

What say you? :)

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I still have my trusty lachesis. Awesome mouse.

Go for the Taipan maybe? Or the DeathAdder?

If I wasnt such a fan boy I'd say try a RAT.....

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[QUOTE="04dcarraher"][QUOTE="Gabez_R"]I was hoping to OC to about 4.2-4.5. How much will the coolermaster allow? My friend says H60 is fine until you hit 4.2 How about the GS800, it has 4 PCI-E connectors?

The Hyper 212+ EVO is nearly as good as the H80, and is a 3rd of the normal price. The GS 800 will do the job just fine.

Then its set, thanks everyone! :) (Its only because I can get the GS800 for about R900 ($100+-) and the TX750 is about R1350)
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I was hoping to OC to about 4.2-4.5. How much will the coolermaster allow? My friend says H60 is fine until you hit 4.2 How about the GS800, it has 4 PCI-E connectors?
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Jeez thanks for all the help guys! Definitely going to invest in a new PSU, since I buy all my components from the suppliers (ie: I buy them at suppliers cost, roughly half the retail price) but I can only get Gigabyte and very recently Corsair stuff from the stockists. I can get the Corsair GS-700 for roughly $100? Is that a good deal? Thats why I originally thought of the H60 since its the only real cooler (apart from H80 and H100) I can get from my guys.
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Damn. Don't know what the hell I was thinking. Then what is enough?
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Hey Guys,

I'm thinking of buying another GTX560ti in the next few months and SLIing, along with a Corsair H60 cooler. I checked my PSU and I've got the Gigabyte ODIN 550W. For some reason at the time I thought it had more than 550W (don't know what the f@ck I was thinking....)

So will this even run an SLI setup? Let alone an extra piece of hardware?


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[QUOTE="markop2003"]Run it without GFWL.Gabez_R
Hmm, do you mean uninstall GFWL?

If thats what you meant it didnt work