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Thank you GS for posting a Modern Warfare 2 story spoiler on the front page.

Putting a question mark after it does not mean people cant figure it out. How about not posting the story? It's not even a news story. It's a leaked video that contains a spoiler. Those can be found on youtube and elswhere by anyone who is interested in them. But if you absolutely must put it on your site as a news story, don't call it [spoiler] ? Spoiler-warning this video shows [spoiler] so don't watch it unless.. Unless what, you can't read? You are discribing what is shown in a video that people may not want to see in the freakin' title! You could have called the story "leaked Modern Warfare 2 video shows plot spoilers" and it would not have spoiled anything, while still getting you all those so important modern warfare 2 hits.

Instead of posting non news stories with titles that freakin' spoil a major upcoming game. How about you post some new reviews, of say Pro evo 2010? The game has been out forever and there is still no review.. Come on. You have a UK Branch for a reason right?

Nothin' but pics

metal Gear?

Metal Gear? One day early? Yes. Indeed.

I won't spoil anything except the install time:P

Officially 8 minutes. It felt more like four.

Played for about 2 hours so far. Still getting used to the controls.

But maybe I just suck ;)

Welcome to Hype City. Part 1

Alarm goes of at 8 am. My initial reaction is to press, no, ram, the snooze button for another ten minutes. Then I realize what day it is. And why I set my alarm on a day off in the first place.

It's the day I pick up my ticket to Liberty city. The the travel literature I had read about it made it seem like a perfect place. Well, sure if you were critical you could read in between the lines. Read about flaws it had. Flaws that would be a big problem in most other cases. But according to the reviewers non of it really mattered. Because it was so beautiful and fun there.

So skeptical of the reviews, but excited non the less I got up for my morning routine. A shower and some coffee was all that was necessary to shake the tiredness I felt. Tiredness courtesy of two nights with half my normal amount of sleep in a row. While getting ready to pick up my ticket I kept trying to balance the almost insane hype amount of there was about the new and improved liberty city. And my skepticism towards it.

Buy into the hype and I could be really disappointed if it's not met. However too cynical a look could ruin what could be a great experience when taken with a fresh perspective.

The mental balancing act was momentarily interrupted on the way to the vendor by the sight of a young woman and an elderly man walking together. The way to the store went by an old peoples home. And the sight of what I assumed was a grand daughter taking her grand dad for a walk warmed my heart. I hope that one day I'll have grand children who'll do the same.

That small moment of reality made me think about how much more important my life here was.

All this time I had been so worried about whether I could even get into Liberty city. For a moment it put into perspective how little it all means. Whether or not fictional worlds live up to real world expectations. I would gladly give up going to Liberty City, Hyrule, the Mushroom Kingdom, Still Water and Valice ever again for one future sunny morning walk with my future grand daughter.

That sentiment, while it did plant a seed in my mind, did not last long. As I got closer to the store my anticipation of what adventures awaited in Liberty City grew strong again. But in the back of my mind I knew the worst thing that could happen was that if I didn't get to buy Grand Theft Auto 4 today I'd have some extra money left to buy the potential future grand mother of my future grand children a drink.

Now thats a win-win situation all around if you ask me.

Won The War.

That's right. I've finished Cal of Duty 2. A 360 launch game, that I got around launch.

It only took me over 3 year :P. I just always lost interest in the game after playing it for a bit.

So bit by bit I got to the end.

I guess that's one unfinished game down, a heck of a lot more to go :P

1000 out of..

2000. Gah!

I just got my last achievement for Tomb Raider Legend. But instead of seeing the 23 out of 23 achievements, it says I only have 23 out of 33.

Thanks to Tomb Raider Anniversary being a DLC option now in Legend.

I really loved the game. I got it way back when it was first released, and it has been my go to game for some fun non stress full (well apart from the West Africa time trial, that drove me nuts) AC points.

But now I'm all done with the AC points to this game. I sort of wish they would have had a last one for getting to a 100% in the game. I still want to get 100%. But it won't be because of AC points at all. I'll just have to replay it with Lara in the classic Tomb Raider getup. Just for fun :P

Talking about fun, I also got Burnout Paradise today. I saw it on sale for 40 Euro's new. It's 65 Euro's in all other stores. So I couldn't pass it up:D

It's been a lot of fun so far. I don't like it as much as Burnout 3. But it'll be a good go to game for a quick bit of fun (and AC points) basically taking over the role that Tomb Raider Legend had before I got all the AC points in that.

Of course Tomb Raider Anniversary should logically take that place, but Anniversary is too hard to be a pure relaxing game for me. I love it. But I won't be playing it for pure mindless relaxation. I'll go to Paradise City for that. ;)

Lost Oddyssey hoooo!

Yeah. The way too big swords in this game remind me of the Thundercats :P


I've been playing it almost non stop for the last couple of days. Well non stop is not quite the word for it. Been busy with other things than playing games too. And have re-discovered Motorstorm and Resistance. Thanks to my imported Japanese Dualshock 3's.8)


But when I did turn on my 360 it was mostly to play Lost Odyssey . :D I just finished disk 1 so I feel I can give some early impressions. :)

Personally I love it so far. It's like someone stepped a a time machine and slapped 360 graphics on a PS1 Final fantasy game. Not surprising since the game is made by the father of Final Fantasy.

But still I was pleasantly surprised how old-school it was.

Turn based battle system: Check.

Random encounters: Check

Flashy intro whenever a battle starts: Check.

Sure, the last two things will be considered a negative by most people. But they gave me a sense of nostalgia. And neither have gotten too bad so far. The random encounters have been building up slowly. There were very few in the first couple of hours. So much so that I had to back track a bit to level up for bosses. Not a lot, but it did make me wish that they had put more encounters in the beginning of the game.

As a result I've welcomed the purple circles indicating a new battle almost every time they apeared. I don't mind it when I battle my way to a boss fight with regular encounters. as long as that means I'll arrive there with a high enough level. I hate it when I have to postpone a boss fight with an hour of grinding just to have a chance.

The "purple circle/smack talk before battle" loading scene is not nearly as bad as previews and reviews have let on to be. Apparently reviewers had gotten the wrong code to review. And the retail version has a lot better load times. If you can stand them in Final fantasy 7-8-9-10. then there is nothing shocking to be found here.

The battle system so far is really interesting. The way you have to balance items between mortals for use, and immortals to learn new skills makes for some relatively big decisions early in the game. I say relatively because so far the length of time it takes to learn new skills is pretty short. But I imagine that those will get longer later in the game when the skills you can learn will be higher.

The system has the potential to create some real brain breaking times in preparation for boss battles. Thats why I love Turn based JRPGs. They give you the opportunity to think about every move before you do them. I'll go into more detail about the battle system and things I like, and don't like about it after I get more play time.

But right now here is a vid of me going through the 1st boss battle. Now this is played after I finished disk 1. If it seems easy thats because of the extra practice I got and the fact that I didn't need to preserve any items. When I played it "for real" I was a lot more stingy with my items and I got my fair share of the game over screen.:P


Done and Done. 360

Thanks to having a working 360 again I made a vid of me beating the final DMC4 boss on 360.

My final ranking was pretty sad. But better luck next time:P

I cut all the cutscenes and other things from the movie so it doesn't have any spoilers except for who the final boss is and how I beat him. :)


So Deep Throat is showing uncensored on Dutch public television today

Now I don't want to be the anti porn guy. That would be hypocritical of me. And I have seen the parts of the movie that would make you seek it out in the first place. But I do think there is a line when it comes to what should be shown on public TV channels.

Porn behind a decoder, sure. But on a channel that my little nephew can tun into at any moment, no thank you. The problem with this day and age is that there is no room for any opinion that is neither conservative nor liberal. No matter what you say you are always put into one corner or the other.

I agree with the conservatives that this movie should not be shown on TV.

I agree with the liberals who say there should not be censorship, period.

I don't agree with the conservatives view that all porn is evil and there should be laws against showing porn on TV.

I also don't agree with the liberal view that showing this on TV is some sort of breakthrough. And that there is nothing wrong with showing it on TV.

Art should not be censored. Having a law against the showing of porn could possible stop any movie with sexual content to be disallowed to be shown on TV.
Movies like Baise Moi and Ken Park , while not great in my opinion, should have the possibility of being show on TV so more people can make up their minds about them. But Deep throat?

I mean it's pretty much impossible to make a distinction between what is art and what is not. It would be dangerous to even attempt to make a law or declaration of what would make a movie that happens to have hard core scenes and what makes hard core porn.

The percentage of the movie that has hard core scenes? Sure that could cover your basses. But then the question rises, what percentage would be art and what percentage would be porn? That could be an endless discussion.
Not to mention what if someone makes the equivalent on 2001 a space Odyssey. Except it happens to have people having graphic sex for most of the movie. It wins 12 Oscars and is considered one of the best movies of all time. But can't be show on TV. Yeah I know it's a long shot. But you never know.

The showing of genitals? Sure,.except there are a ton of great movies that have some flashes of those. I would hate to see Trainspotting cut up before it comes on TV here.

With any art form there are way too many variables to allow censorship of any kind without effecting some of the best or future works in the medium.

So then why am I against this movie being shown on TV? Because there is no good reason to do it.You want to have a "breakthrough"by showing hard core sex scenes on TV? There are plenty of other movies to choose from.

You want to shock people? With 70's porn, really? This is the Internet age. People can find all the **** in a cup and eat it videos they want. I highy doubt 70's porn will shock anyone apart from grandma's these days

Cultural relevance? Give me a break. Sure it caused a riot when it came out back in the 70's. But so did Life of Brian. I just think there are much better movies out there that could cause the same kind of commotion that the showing of Deep throat is causing now.

They could for instance show the danish animated movie Princess. Sure it doesn't have any actual hard core sex scenes in it. But in a lot of ways it's the most disturbing movie I have ever seen. I'm 100% sure that if they would have shown this movie and talked it up as much as they have with Deep throat it would have had people talking about it for ages.But no. They decide to show an outdated porn movie, just for shock value.

I'm sorry if I don't see the cultural value or progress that showing this movie should give. And the shock value is laughable at best. All I see is the potential of my little nephew turning on the TV and seeing something he didn't ever consider wanting to see. I don't want this move shown on public TV, not because I believe in censorship, but because I believe in common, beeping, sense.

Done and Done.

I just finished Devil May Cry 4 on Devil Hunter mode :)

I got passed all bosses with out use of any stars. Although it was tempting to do it during the last boss. But I got through it with out them. I really hope the harder difficulty levels will give more of a challange.

I scored it an 8.5 so far. But I want to play on more difficulty levels before I give it a final score. The first half of the game was awesome. The second half did not quite live up to the first half. There was a lot of recycled environments. And so the second half of the game feels a bit like a missed opportunity. But there are plenty of developers that would have just ended the game at the middle of the game and made a cliffhanger ending.

So Kudos to the people who made this game for making a game with a proper ending.