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Xbox One in Trouble

Sony's E3 conference was increadible!! Sony just announced their concsole at 399$, compared to xbox one's 499$. I think the mandatory kinect bundle is a bad move for MS. Also PS showed their console as a pro consumer, they are proud to say that their console will support used games, no online connection needed to play games, lots of benefits. 

Microsoft need to do some actions or they'll be losing this one.

That F`ing moment in Bioshock Infinite

 Just finished Bioshock infinite few days ago. All I can say is that game is mind-boggling and incredible.

The game isn't really scary. Some part are kinda weird and somewhat creepy but not really the type of game that makes you,'OMG, I don't want to go there', type of games. There was this one part of the game that really made a huge impact. You know. . . the part when you turn around and POOF a F`ing, Freaking, hair raising, Boy of Silence appeared!!! It did not made me jump or scream. It made me, like what they always says in NBA 2k13, Brain Neutral. I litterally stared at my monitor with my eyes wide open and did not even move. Screaming inside of my thoughts, Oh Sh*t, oh Sh*t. I regain my awareness when the guard came and start shooting me. 

I don't play horror games because I can't endure the ambience and the creepiness. I did not expect that in Infinite and Im am not used to moments like. I got to say that was a very memorable and funny to think of experience.

Share your thoughts and reactions in this part of the game too. 

The scare moment

                                                                                                                            - Image taken from Matt Liebl



My Cat

I have a Cat Siamese named Moksha. Very Playful, and healthy.

This past days his spending more time outside the house rather than stay inside,like he usually do. Sometimes his not going home. If he does come home he will just sleep, then leave the next day in the morning. He doesnt play with us anymore. What maybe causing this?

Have you experienced this before, help i dont want to lose my Cat :(

Yeahh!! Woohhh!!


My Sister in Hong kong told me that she will ship my Xbox 360 by next week!! :D

Cant wait!, unfortunately the shipping time is 3 weeks. NOO!!!!! >:(

This will be the longest 3 weeks EVER!!

What do you recommend i play 1st when i have my xbox 360??

Garena Heroes of Newerth

I so like garena's Heroes of Newerth. Its free not like the original version. Garena is really doing their job to maintain the game properly

That's nothing much to say about it :D just want someone to play it with that i can thrust as a teamate :P

Who wants to play Garena HON with plsss add me

my ingame name is KongoloiD

My 1st Blog Entry

Hi im Theodore,from philippines. Im a gamer without any gaming devices. Well i had a gaming PC back in 2007, I also had PS2, PS, but its rather useless for gaming today. I dont have money to uprgade. Luckyly i have relatives that will give a xbox 360 and PS3 somewhat this Holiday season. Im very hyped, I cant wait any longer for that day to come, hehe. So when that day come ill try to make game reviews here. Hopefully, ill be recognize even just by a few people. Looking forward for it :D

Think i need to improve my composition skill more, hehe :D