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Battlefield Bad Company Gamespot PSN

Battlefield Bad Company Gamespot PSNs These are the PSN's of the Gamespot users who wanted to get together for some good ol' Battlefield fun: (If you want to join in just respond with with your PSN to this blog! 1. InFiD3ViL 2. sonic0491 3. OFF2theGYM 4. INDYSCOOBY 5. ArchAnglel-777 6. hibikino352 7. Nitsud230 8. michelle314 9. AfroFish 10. Odai10 11. TurgidGore 12. Steve307 13. yank-spanker-911 14. dragondude000 15. CommanderPYE 16. SHAGGZY101 17. Kintic

New game, Battlefield Bad Company

I just bought Battlefield Bad Company for PS3 and I am already loving it. Can't wait to go online with it! Hey guys let me have your PSN so we can hook up for a game!

I bought the game used saved $25 on it, why does anyone buy retail?

Finally... Sony shows its true colors

From playing a lifetime of games one things that me and my friends most certainly noticed is that I have a fondness for reality. To me games don't have to have the most riveting story, but when it comes to graphics...

You see I want to play games that I can be proud of, the kind you can show your family and say 'look how the industry has evolved' not the kind with shabby graphics that can be embarrassing when someone noticed the dead body's head is somehow implanted in the wall.

That's why I love Sony, sure it hasn't been around since Nintendo and doesn't have Halo like Microsoft. But one thing that it does have is quality. They strive to put the best out at all times, even when they lost a lot of money with the PS3 late release.

People a few months ago were dooming the PS3 and Sony's gaming industry and I have to admit, with it's not so special lineup of games, who would want to pay 400 and up for it? However, now Sony is really shining with new games sch as MGS4 GTA4 and COD4 and world at war. There are more coming out that I'm anticipating for.

Sony has now beaten Microsoft in the new gen race and is on the tail of Nintendo. Can Sony ever be stopped? Does anyone want it to?

Hey this is my first Blog I'm not expecting it to hit off due to noone tracking me but if you like it please track me and leave comments thanks!