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Trauma Center: Second Opinion

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So yeah. I bought Trauma Center: Second Opinion for the Wii. It. Is. AWESOME. I'm on X Mission 1 and I love it. So many different things to do and so much fun!

Well, I'm off to play it again xD

Rest in Peace, Colin McRae

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Colin McRae, you were a great man and a greater rally driver. You were my idol and I can't believe you're gone. I hope whever you are you're with your son.

For those who didn't know who Colin McRae was, he was the worlds all time greatest rally driver. I watched in awe at the age of 3 when he won the World Rally Championship with Subaru. He will be missed by all of his fans worldwide. My thoughts and respects are with his family.

Colin Steele McRae died at 4:10pm on 14th September 2007 in a helicopter crash near his home in Lanark, Scotland alongside his friend, his son and his sons friend.

Officer Applications

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I recently applied for officer status in the Fans of Gamespot and The Strategist Park, I wanted to apply for Club Whatever too but Ill never get a post there. Well, i hope i get at least one xD I really want to help these unions

I really need to do more Blogs ^^;

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I recently bought Guitar Hero II, which is excellent =) I'm in the mood for MapleStory right now. My IGN is Klasterion on Bellocan on Global, usually Channel 4.