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Six Years - February 20, 2005

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The realization that I joined this site back in '05 sent some serious waves of nostalgia. From what I've seen from the past two years, maybe more, is that the site is dead (or it's just MY friend's list that's inactive). From time to time I'll sign on though. Getting that blast from the past is fun. Remembering all the people I met here is a good feeling.

As always, I'm constantly looking to re-connect. I'll be posting blogs from time to time hoping for contact info from old friends.

Xbox Live: Tyrannikos


Skype: CFlashPoint

Hope to hear from some of you!


Games to keep an eye on... (Mainly Child of Eden)

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Child of Eden - I cannot stress how much I love the game Rez. It was a revolutionary game for me and changed the way I look at games and altered my tastes for the better. I've never been one to call video games "art", but if I did, I'd have Rez on the top of my list. So...what could be better than Rez? Playing something made by the same studi that made Rez. Years later. With higher capabilities. AND THE ABILITY TO PLAY USING YOUR ENTIRE BODY. Child of Eden just may push me into buying a Kinect. When I played RezHD with my surround sound on with all the settings just right, I almost felt like I was a part of that world. I almost felt like I was a program actually infiltrating a system and fighting it's defenses. Let's just add that aspect to motion control. Gasm, I say.

Dragon Age II - All I have to say is, if this game stays true to DA: O, then we're good. I loved the first with a bloody passion.

SSX: Deadly Descents - Being a huge fan of the SSX series, I've been wanting a competent SSX game for this generation. I don't acknowledge that the one on the Wii exists.

Dynasty Warriors 7- Been playing since the first DW. It's a series I can't quit. If there is a DW Addicts Anonymous, please, for the love of all that is sacred...keep the number to yourself. Cause I will play these tired and repetitive games until I'm dead.

Asura's Wrath- I don't know much about it, but I'm loving the screenshots I've seen. Will be watching out for more on this one.

Mass Effect 3- It'll be a sad, but glorious day this story comes to a close.

There are definitely more games for various other systems I want (Pokemon White...), but these ones stand out most at the moment.

Games to Buy - October

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VANQUISH. VANQUISH. VANQUISH. OH GOD, VANQUISH. I guess the release date for Japan is 10/21 and Europe is 10/22. Press releases said it'll be in North America in October...first day buy, this one is.

Fable III. Despite the last one's flaws, I enjoyed it. And I LOVED the first one. I'll more than likely enjoy this one as well.

Enslaved. Unfortunately, it comes out tomorrow...but I'll get money for it eventually. It's supposed to be loosely based off of the book, Journey to the West, which I love dearly. Even if it doesn't stick too close to that story, I still love the environment, characters, and the gameplay looks awesome.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. I'm apprehensive about this one because of the first. I'll probably give it a rent first, but we'll see.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. I know some friends who will pick this up. I'll trust their opinions on this one if they say it's good and I'll buy it.

There are probably more I will want, but these are my first choices. I probably won't get all of them right away. Except for Vanquish, granted it gets released this month and Fable III.

EDIT: I also have to buy Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition as well. As a huge fan of this game, I can't pass it up. It comes with all DLC available (excluding the expansion). All for $50. Overall, the DLC itself is worth $114. @___@


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What are some of your favorite new capabilities with The New Xbox Experience Update?

What are a few things you don't like?


Personally, I like the old layout better, but I'm sure I'll come to love this new one. And of course the Avatars andinstalling games from your hard drive comes from Wii and PS3, but who cares?

I think what I love most is the ability to delete 0G games from your played history. As a new achievement hunter, I hate seeing games that I no longer have at 0G. It just bothers me... 

Recent purchases:

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I recently found a new job, so I've had some cash flow going. So I've been able to pick up some games every now and then.

Fallout 3 - 360 - Great game, lots to do, but it was way over-hyped. It was still very worth it though.

Samurai Warriors 2 - 360 - Far more challenging than Dynasty Warriors, so I'm extremely happy for this package since it was $20.

Digital Devil Saga 2 - PS2 - Took me a few years to find this game. But I finally have it and it feels good to wrap up the story.

Tales ov Vesperia - 360 - Being a Tales fan, this game offers a lot.


Next, I'm aiming to get a wireless adapter for my 360 so I can get back on Live. My skill in Call of Duty 4 degraded horribly with no practice and my team and I have lost our sponsorship. I have internet, but my 360 won't read my roommate's IP address at all. I've tried ever single thing I could think of, too...

I'd like to start practicing again to get it back. That'll burn about $70 if I find a used one.

Games I'm after next:

Mirror's Edge - 360

Left 4 Dead - 360

Samurai Warriors 2: Empires - 360 or PS2, whichever I find first.

Prince of Persia - 360

The Last Remnant - 360

Dead Space - 360




At all times,

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there is a good time to play The World Ends With You.

No handheld game has ever had me hooked so long. Not even Pokemon. And I've always had tons of fun with Pokemon games.

I think its time I review this game once I get the chance.

Ohh, boy...

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So I'm gonna be pulling a disappearing act once again. This time, not of my free will.

I've been moving a lot in the past year [eight times to be exact] and now its happening again. Except I'm not essentially moving...I've just lost any permanent place to live.

As you might know, the economy is horrible. The government is laying off thousands of jobs, along with huge chains such as Home Depot and Starbucks dropping thousands of employees and stores, lumber yards, what have you, etc. I can't find a job anywhere for the life of me.

And as some of you might not know, when I turned eighteen, my mom kicked me to the curb on my own. So I've been living with my grandparents the past couple months. Well their house just got freakin' repossessed. They don't have room for me in their one bedroom apartment. So now I'm back to the streets.

I'm gonna be couch surfing a different friend's house every few nights...

So that means I probably won't have internet for a while. Right when I get back into the groove of things here again...

So I'll catch you all later ~


The World Ends With You

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So I was finally able to find a copy last week about two counties over from mine. Luckily, I had to go to that area later anyways. And thank God the manager said he'd hold it for me considering how far I was going for it and it was the last copy.

Soooo, had it a little over a week, and I've put days into it already. And I'm still not done with everything. For a Portable game, this has tons of content and the whole storyline is amazing. Its a game that'll be playable for me for a long time to come. Hell, I could hardly beat the Ultimate Enemy on Normal difficulty, let alone Hard or Ultimate. So I have plenty of time left to put in.

Beyond happy with this. :]


New Sponsorship!

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I got my team sponsored for Call of Duty 4! We are no longer the stupid tTr, but rather SGST.

We just need to get our custom team gfx done, and then we make our shirts, and we shall be set. Pretty damn stoked.

On a side note, STILL looking for The World Ends With You for DS. My trade offers are still up. I'm willin gto trade a 360 game for thiiiiiis! Comment me if you've got one you're okay with parting with.