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I remember reading the same fake article many months ago, so yeah I'm calling BS again.

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don mattrick already did that for sony lol

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In for Ridge Racer 7

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Glad the game is selling well. I plan on picking it up later in the year, BF sales maybe.

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I like these cards especially the low TDP's. I would have liked to see the GTX 980 at $500, but both cards seem reasonably priced. I've not seen the review for the GTX 970 so I dont know how it compares to the GTX 980, so that may end up being a very good option for a lot of people. Still I'm a little disappointed, as its just a small upgrade over previous cards, it reminds me a lot of the GTX 680, and 670.

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This looks like a proper current gen racer, I've not played it, but just looking at the footage it could be the PS4's best looking game. I think both Horizon 2, and Driveclub will be different enough for racing fans to enjoy. I've played the Horizon 2 demo, and I liked it, its kinda like TDU, with PGR handling, its much better than the 1st Horizon in doing the open world racer. But its just not enough for me to get on day 1.

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If its as good as the vita version then I'll he hyped. I'm glad to hear the game will be using the PS camera, I really liked how it was used on the Vita.

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Looks incredible. Just 3 more weeks to go.

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It could happen in a form of emulation. Cant see it being an easy task though. I'd be content with just PS2, and original xbox BC support.

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Why does MS even bother in JP... I know its selling badly all over there world, but those numbers are just pathetic.