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Life is both amazing yet depressingly bad

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I wouldn't know where to begin to talk about how I live life personally, but it always seems for every spectacular thing that happens, something crappy has to come and spoil the joy...

Living life "outside" of myself changed my perspective on this world and myself a lot (with outside i mean, not looking at it from my direct perspective, but from a neutral one).

It's weird, not 3 weeks ago i was the happiest fella on earth, gotten meself a girlfriend, a drum kit, a new graphics card, basically the 3 things i've been wanting for quite a while now, but to balance it, school. Completely full timings, and opposed to that of my girl, which makes weekends the only choice.

I had to get rid of the drumkit (even though we live in a separate house, neighbours still complained) so now i'm stuck waiting for an electric so i can keep jamming, my computer is the only thing that's been working flawlessly the whole time through this, i guess i'm lucky, people in the mid-lower specter of the economy don't tend to get lucky, or wealthy, i've always had great personal and social satisfaction, but wealth is something that always slips under the cracks.

Anyone else feel like being on the pointy end of the stick, every day, all the time?

Finally Back

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From Vagos Open Air 8)

Arach666 was there too, bloody amazing festival.

no, i didnt take pics, i was there to enjoy the music, not to look like an idiot trying to get pictures.

the lineup:


truly was bloody epic.

My head is a jukebox

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and that is kind of annoying.

I am a maaaaaaaaaajor metalhead, and i get music stuck in my head constantly, if i really dig it, i cant get it out of my mind, example: i was doing some maths stuff today to give to my tutor for next year, and all of a sudden


my head starts playing the solo from welcome home (sanitarium) on the inside, and i am almost raging, because i can't think of anything else :|

i don't think drumming or playing guitar will do this any better but i still keep doing it :P

Just bought a laptop :D

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eddie doesn't like it


excuse the crappy phone quality , the good camera broke :P

it's an acer 5740G, i7 620M, 4 GB of DDR3 and an HD5650, loving it so far.

it has only one major flaw, like all the others:


seriously, why are there like 20 games pre installed from some company i've never even heard about? and all those "utilities" they put in, even though windows can do them itself...

My father died today.

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Today, my father passed away, weakened by 2 years of stomach cancer and stroke treatment, he was rushed to the hospital on sunday and stabilized.
At the age of 56, he died at precisely 3 PM, minutes after mom told him "Rest now, i will take care of the debts and our son"
Listening to my aunt on the phone, he died, in a peaceful manner, he is serene now, so calm, it's a relief to see him like that after all the affliction and pain he was through.
Emotionally, i'm hard to crack, it took my father's death for me to cry in almost a year, along with my 3 brothers and sisters in law, it was predictable he would die sometime soon, he had been weak for a long time...

RIP old man, you'll be sorely missed:cry:


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well, 5 facts about me:

1. I could be considered a carnivore, it's not that i don't eat vegetables, but it's rare

2.I have a relationship with a girl who lives over 2 hours away from me

3. I'm an adept and stander-upper of PC gaming

4.I am a metalhead, fully blown, all ranged metalhead, since i was 5 years old, when my dad first showed my iron maiden's the number of the beast, now i range from AC DC to cannibal corpse

5. I have several cuts on my hands and arms caused by my evil son of a gun of a crappy pc case, and it feels horrible when i have to rest on my left arm, 4 massive ones right there.

tagged will be in comments

The World's biggest party :D................ and school :(

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Well now, my city is hosting the world's biggest party, huge ass spot, 3 days of music, food, books, games, booze, comunism and fun, and i have a special pass, i can go backstage with the bands :D credit to a friend of mine who works there :P

after this huge ass fest, comes school :(

good god i hate school... well, this year might be different, since im in a group which i particularly like (computer system programming and management), and a few friends of mine changed school too, so it's good to see i won't be alone the whole year :D

oh and on a side note, i bough The Offspring's Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace album, and i frekin love it, most of the dual vocal chorus' are fantastic and thrilling

Recovering nicely

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Well now... i may have failed 10th grade, but, even if i passed, i wold change courses and school, so i did, going to something im alot more familiar with (computer hardware management and programming)...

haven't been to the beach a single time this summer, and probably won't, i've been letting off alot of steam in the gym... i've gained about 1.5 kg's of muscle in less than 2 weeks, but i need to lose some more flab

bah having to repeat 10th grade

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well, i had 3 below-positive scores (8 out of 20 on all) and if my math teacher gets to class council, i can pass... but anyways, if i change my course, and change to a different area in school, i have to reapeat the year anyway.. can't see what ill lose with this but...