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Gaming Update..

Gaming is good, even better now I've got a 37' 1080p LCD HDTV for my room, it's so sweet connected to my PS3 and Xbox 360 :P

I'm still after a Nintendo Wii, I have the money, it's just not alot of it, I may just wait for Xmas for one off the parents, I really want to play the must have's for this console, including the classic games (virtual console) :)

The Nintendo 3DS looks sweet! I'm really interested in this, anyone else agree?

Also ordered Mafia 2, I loved the demo, so I thought I'd pre-order the game.

Classics as collectables..

Been thinking about buying some classic games that are rare and keep them for years and have a collection of classics such as FF7 or the Original MGS,

Also in a week I'm getting a 37' 1080p HDTV for my room

Also want to get a Wii soon for all the good games and the old games.

Also keeping an eye on the Nintendo 3DS, looks sweet.

Big plans..

To be honest, it's been to long, I haven't been on Gamespot for quite a while and I haven't been able to post on my friends blogs, my bad guys.

Anyways my big plans are this, I already have a 32' HDTV but I'd like to upgrade to a Samsung 40' 1080p HDTV, every little helps :D

Also I've been thinking about upgrading my DS Lite to a DSI XL when it's released, I'm one of those people who has to be upto date with all the newest stuff, so you know :)

Also been thinking about upgrading my PS3 and Xbox 360 to a PS3 Slim 250GB and a Xbox 360 Elite, just because I like to have the latest things, this seem a bit silly to anyone?

Anyways thanks for reading, I'm back now, so I can keep on top of everything.

Haven't posted in ages..

Been to long.

So yeah I haven't posted on here in ages, been busy really.

But now I'm back playing games, so I thought I would keep you all updated.

Just started playing Gears of War 2 again, trying to complete the game on Insane, which I did for the first Gears, but it was pretty hard on my own, the last boss was so hard!

What I really want now is a 1080p HDTV, size around 40' and a surround sound system, that will be awesome!

Also I've seen trailers for COD MW2, Assassins Creed 2, Uncharted 2, Halo ODST and Splinter Cell: Conviction and they all look awesome, what do you guys think?

Christmas was awesome.

Have a good Christmas? I did with all the games I got this is a list of what I got for Xmas:

Far Cry 2

Call of Duty: World At War

Resistance 2

Gears of War 2

Fable 2

Fallout 3


Only played LBP so far and i'm loving it, it's awesome, quite a few games out now with trophies which is cool.

Other than games I also got:

Ipod Touch 8GB

Sony Ericsson K850i


So yeah pretty cool, the Ipod Touch is awesome, being an MP3 player aswel as having the Internet, (Safari) being able to download games off the app store, you can even download Google Earth for it. :D

You also have the weather at the touch of a button, and so many other great thing make it amazing.

The K850i is cool to with a 5MP camera, and overall just what you'd expect from a phone if not more.

Look foward to talking to you all, hope you have a good New Year.


Merry Christmas.

So yeah it's once again Christmas (well tomorrow) :D and I can't wait as usual, should be good.

Hope all my friends have a good Xmas, get loads of games, and enjoy the holiday, take care everyone.

So yeah.. MGS4 is completed.. GTA 4 on the other hand..

Has gotten kinda boring.

Don't get me wrong GTA San Andreas kinda got GTA as my favourite series ever, but now, GTA 4, yeah sure its breathtaking at times, I just don't think its as good as San Andreas and I've gotten bored of it, I keep going back to it just because I wanna complete it, it is an awesome game, its just as i'm sure a lot of people will agree, it dosen't have the reply value that San Andreas had.

On the other hand, I've completed MGS4 twice, its probably the best in the series, the first was amazing but this just goes beyond that, I seriously hope this isn't the last in the series, which I doubt it will.

Now going off console gaming, I've considered getting a high powered gaming PC, which I don't have the money for yet and it would take a while to get it, but seriously, there is some awesome PC games out there, and if I got a really good one, then I wouldn't need to upgrade for years, I'm just wondering if its worth it because I already own a PS3 and Xbox 360, what do you think, is it worth it?

I've only considered getting a Samsung 40" 1080p HDTV, I already have a 720p Samsung HDTV, but I feel like I'm still missing out, maybe not, I'll let you guys decide.

I feel like my PSP is going, I mean I never play it, I haven't played it for about 5 months and the games that are coming out for it, they don't look that great, so I dunno what to do.

Later, James.

It's been a while..

It's been a while since my last update, i've been busy playing games, playing sports and you know, just everyday stuff.

So yeah I got GTA 4 and MGS4, I'll start off with GTA 4 and I'll probably end up reviewing it soon anyway, it's a pretty good game but to be honest, I prefered San Andreas, theres to much stuff missing out of the game for me to enjoy it as much as San Andreas, it has cool new features and it's basically a living, breathing city, but with no safehouses, gyms, car mod's, I just don't think it's that great, but it still is a pretty good game.

MGS4, this game is amazing! I cannot get enough of it, i'm not that far into it but it is amazing, everything about this game is just so good, it looks like a movie, there isn't that much action, mostly cut scenes, but I expected this and it's easily one of the best games I have ever played.

In other news, I might sell my PSP, being as though there isn't any more good games coming out, there isn't much point keeping it.

At the moment I have a Samsung 32 inch 720p HDTV and I've been thinking about getting some money and buying a Samsung 40 inch 1080p HDTV, I don't feel satisfied with a 720p HDTV knowing there is something better out there, that could make my gaming experience even better and it's future proof.

Nearly here..

Not long now untill GTA 4, the game i've been waiting for, for a long, long time and its nearly here I cannot wait!

Theres been some leaked footage around the internet the past few days, but I'd rather wait and play it myself this Tuesday, I heard the campaign lasts between 50 and 70 hours, thats crazy, but as long as its good, its gonna be awesome.

I'm gonna pre order MGS4 this week also, I cannot wait for this game, I have completed every game in the series, Konami says its the last one, but my friend reckons there will be another MGS for consoles, what do you think?

Anyway i've finally started played the Orange Box again, i've completed Half Life 2 so far and need to finish episode 1 and 2, also I bought Gran Turismo 5 Prologue the other day, its pretty good, awesome graphics, 70 cars, 6 tracks, not bad for a taste of the real thing.

Anyway have a good week, I hope you all get GTA 4, if you want it, have fun playing it.


Another week, another week closer to GTA 4..

How long is it now? less than 3 weeks away to the game, i've been waiting for, for a long, long time, I really can't wait, the question is though, PS3 or Xbox 360? I like the PS3 controller better than the Xbox 360's but the 360 has some extra content, but I was gonna get it for the PS3, what do you think?

Last blog I said I was gonna finish Silent Hill: Origins, but I haven't really had the time, not have I had the time to play Rainbow 6 Vegas 2, which is pretty damn hard online, I've only played about 2 matches but they were solid.

I might go out and try and buy Silent Hill's 1-4, I've owed the 3rd and 4th before but kinda didn't feel like finishing them, but now I know what a fool I am for selling them.

I finally pre ordered MGS4, I'll be happy and sad too finally get this game, happy because its gonna be awesome but sad because its the last console version of MGS, well apparently anyway, they have said this before, but this time it feels like its the last one.

Who has MGS: Essentials? I really wanna get it but I don't think its out in the UK.

I might pick up, UEFA Euro 2008 this week, I played the demo and it seems awesome, that'll probably be the last game I get before GTA 4.

Anyway i'm off now, have a good week.


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