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Jackass: Number Two

I just went to see Jackass Number Two, because I loved the first one and my cousin told me that this one was even better than the original. Not knowing how that would be possible I went to see Number Two and right out of the gates this movie topped the craziest stunts from the last movie. Anybody who is a fan of Jackass should see this movie it is unbelievable. I won't give away any of the stunts because I don't want to ruin any surprises. Just go see it, you will thank me later.

August 29

Tomorrow 2 DVDs come out that I have been looking foward to for quite some time.  First is Score, which is a Dream Theater concert.  This concert is celebrating the bands 20th Anniversary.  It took place around April in Radio City Music Hall in NYC.  I've been looking foward to this DVD release even more because I was unable to go to the concert because I was at U Miami at the time, while my brother, cousin and best friend all went.
    The other DVD is South Park season 8.  I typically haven't been buying any of the seasons of South Park on DVD but Season 8 is too great to not own.  It has some of my favorite episodes including, "Fun With Weapons", "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset", "Woodland Critter Cristmas" and "Something Wall-Mart This Way Come".
    Unfortunately I might not be able to get these DVDs tomorrow.  Hurricane Ernesto is on the way and it look like it is headed toward Miami.  So I might have to wait until Thursday.  I'm hoping it holds off just long enough for me to get the DVDs, but not too long that it will cancel class the next 2 days.

Headed Back To The U!!!

My summer has just about come to an end. Monday morning I'm headed back to Miami. I move into my apartment on the August 20th and my classes start the 23rd. I'm looking foward to getting back.  Unfortunately I'll be unable to access the internet until I get back to my oncampus apartment. So, after Sunday I'll be gone until at least the 20th. Hope everyone had a nice summer I'll see you all in a week or two.