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Next Gen War

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Well after long thought, article searching, and hearing the debates between Xbox One and PS4....Get ready..I prefer to get the PS4. Now you are wondering so what? what is the big deal? Well I haven't really been a Sony person for awhile, sure I have the PS1 and PS2 but when the PS3 came was too high of the price and I was drawn away and got an Xbox 360 instead and I own about 20+ games on it. So naturally, I was sticking with the now dreaded name..Microsoft. :evil:

Now I understand that both Microsoft and Sony want to move on and use the latest technology..that's fine. So not making it backwards compatible isn't anything new here...heck computers have already been there and done it when they slowly switched from IBM's Power PC to Intel's or AMD's processor in 2000 - 2005. But eventually they had a program or feature added later to be able to use older games or programs though, which isn't the case here.

After they released the news about Xbox One and added their stupid stuff like no used games instead we have to pay a fee, 24 hour online checking (which means always online to me), the kinect that will "spy" on you, non-replaceable HDD and you have to use an external hard drive for more storage (which isn't a big deal I guess and have to get a Microsoft brand I bet) and being $500 (didn't they learn from other people about having a high price)..they just went the one step forward and two giant steps or leaps back. Just look at they giant backlash they are getting. 

But I'm sure more news development will come but as of right now, Microsoft just sealed their fate with me and now I'm possibly going back to Sony with the PS4 after their killer E3 Conference and news development, I just need a few more things to wrap and and be decided or known first. And since the PS3 is cheaper too I would get that also. :D

Well I'm done venting so I'm open for discussion.