Exciting Games

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Personally I can't wait for Resident Evil 6 and Black Ops 2 so far.What games can't you wait for to come out if you have any?

Sony's Version of Brawl

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So I have been looking at the previews and articles about Sony's version of brawl and it looks interesting and maybe fun.

What do you guys think of their idea? Will it be good or a flop?

SOPA/PIPA Thoughts

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Now I usually vaguely follow politics and other stuff like that unless it's necessary...well it IS necessary now. The House and the Senate currently has bills of SOPA and PIPA under review, and after reading them and been following about them...I absolutely do NOT support those bills. I get or understand that the government wants to "control" or "make a house cleaning" of pirated stuff and hold people accountable for it.But now hold the websites accountable to the point of they or a individual themselves can't win under a lawsuit. A lot of websites will get affected...Youtube, Facebook, Tumblr, Wikipedia and a whole bunch of other websites. I feel these bills goes against the 1st admendment of the Constitution that grants us freedom and is unfair to the American people.

If the government wants a change, update the current bill that is placed or find a better way/solution than these two bills...but don't take my rights away and kill the internet.

That's all I have.

Two for One!

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Got Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City both individual in a pack for the price of one! How awesome!

GoldenEye Remake

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So why can't they re-make the original GoldenEye that was on the N64 for the Wii? I get excited when I see GoldenEye and re-make in the same sentence thinking that's what they are doing but nooo its with daniel craig or whatever with this totally not GoldenEye feel now they are coming out with a re-make of the Wii version with the original GoldenEye similarties! Come on game makers..just make the re-make of the original N64 version already!:x

Gaming Systems Fight: Xbox Vs. PS3

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Since the PSN network is still down due to hacking of their systems and trying to get it all sort out, I noticed people fighting over which one is better and stuff.

I believe both systems are quite good in the gaming industry providing something the other can't. Yes, Xbox does have some flaws but it also has its pros. The same goes for PS3, it has its shares of pros and cons, so I don't get why people are fighting about which is better. I tend to play Xbox more often than PS3 but that doesn't make me an Xbox lover. So why can't PS3 users and Xbox users come together? Is it like the Yin-Yang theory, there is good and bad, light and dark? (Now this will have a fight about which is good and bad or which is light or dark) but will they ultimately always fight?

Gaming Headset

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Does anyone know of a good gaming headset I should buy because I'm looking for a new one and I don't know which ones I should get?
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