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A new console & new purchases!

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Hey everyone, I just picked up some awesome stuff lately and I also decided to purchase a new console for once. I have been meaning to pick this system up for years, and there are quite a few games on that system that I really want to play along with it's CD addon, and what might this console be? It's a Sega Genesis! The Model 2 Genesis to be exact, since the model 2 is highly recommended. And don't worry, I'll be getting a Sega CD as well, but I don't know if I want the model 1 or model 2 yet.

Sega Genesis (Model 2) - $15

Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Classics, CIB), $7

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (CIB), $5

Well, that's it for the games. I only have the first 2 Sonic games for now since I just bought the system, and yes I will buy a Sega CD sometime soon. Now, onto the Anime DVDs, including one that is out of print!

Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail, $40 (new)

Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040: The Complete Series, $53 (new)

Deathnote: Volume 1 Box Set, $25 (new)

Persona 4: The Animation - Complete Collection, $85 (new) - This right here is the out of print anime series I was talking about right here. After getting about 3/4 of the way in Persona 4, I decided to order the anime. Little did I know that it was out of print and very expensive. I'm really excited to watch this and I'm glad I got it before it went up in price.

Please comment and let me know what you think. Thanks!

I'm thinking about getting into LaserDisc collecting, but only Anime tough decision.

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Hey everyone, not too long ago a couple of friends got into LaserDisc collecting, but mostly anime laserdisc collecting. As you all know, the LaserDisc is that famous video format that is of higher quality than VHS and Betamax, because of it's better picture, audio, and lifespan (depending on how well they were made). It performed very poorly in North America and Europe because of how expensive LaserDisc players were and how expensive the video titles were. So, basically the only people who bought laserdiscs in the states were mainly the rich. However, it was very popular in some Asian regions like Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and it even became the dominant video rental medium in Hong Kong during the 90s. But that doesn't mean that there weren't a lot of movies/shows released on LaserDisc here in the states, because there are a lot of shows and movies that were released on LaserDisc, including anime. Laserdiscs were made from 1978-2000 in the U.S, and from 1978-2001 in Japan. Also, to this day, not every laserdisc title is known, so you'll never know what anime, show or movie you'll encounter on laserdisc! Plus, some laserdiscs, mostly the ones released by Criterion, include special features that more than likely won't appear on DVDs or Blu-Ray discs! But there is one downside to laserdiscs, and that is Laser Rot. Back when LaserDiscs were new, many of them were not properly made, as some type of adhesive was used by manufacturers to glue the two sides of the disc. The adhesive had impurities that were able to penetrate the lacquer seal layer and chemically attack the metal reflective aluminum layer, causing it to oxidize and destroy it's reflective properties. It will usually appear as black spots on the discs, looking like mold or burnt plastic, and will cause the disc to skip and put out excessive speckling noises, and the worst part about laser rot is that sometimes, rotted discs will appear to look fine to the naked eye, so that's the kind of laser rot that you need to worry about. But anyway, lets talk about why I plan to get into LaserDisc collecting sometime: the Anime laserdiscs. Yes, there was a lot of Anime released on the LaserDisc format, which I am very interested in checking out, and Anime laserdiscs are usually at low or no risk for laser rot as well since they were made much better. The first anime shows that I saw on laserdisc were the 2 Ranma 1/2 OVAs, Like Water for Ranma and Desperately Seeking Shampoo, Project Ako, and the original Bubblegum Crisis series from 1987. There were many anime series released on this format, like Neon Genesis Evangelion (only episodes 1-8 were released stateside on LD), Trigun (Japan only), the original Macross, Macross Plus, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 (Japan only), Ghost in the Shell, Akira, many of Hayao Miyazaki's movies, Vampire Princess Miyu, Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0: The Movie (Japan only), Serial Experiments Lain (Japan only), and more, and I do plan on picking up most of these titles listed above, and the ones I am most interested in are:

Neon Genesis Evangelion Episodes 1-4
Bubblegum Crisis: Vol.2 (Episodes 3 & 4)

Neon Genesis Evangelion Episodes 5-8

Bubblegum Crisis: Vol.3 (Episodes 5 & 6)

Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Movie boxset - Contains both Death & Rebirth and The End of Evangelion

Bubblegum Crisis: Vol.4 (Episodes 7 & 8)

Vampire Princess Miyu: OVAs 1 & 2

Macross Plus: International Version vol.1

Vampire Princess Miyu: OVAs 3 & 4

Macross Plus: International Version vol.2

Akira (yeah, you saw that one coming)

Macross Plus: International Version vol. 3

Ghost in the Shell

Bubblegum Crisis: Vol. 1 (Contains Episodes 1 & 2)

As you can see, I have a pretty big wish list going here. But it's going to be very difficult for me to find these because laserdiscs are pretty hard to come by and some go for hundreds of dollars. It takes patience and money when it comes to LaserDisc collecting. I'm not exactly sure when I'm going to get into a LaserDisc collecting mood, but I'll totally get to it sometime because I am very interested.

Please comment and let me know what you think. Thanks!

Resident Evil fanbase rant

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Resident Evil 4 (2005) - "True" fans think that Resident Evil died here.

Ah, Resident Evil fans, I've been meaning to talk about you guys for so long now, and while I love a lot of the games in the series, I don't consider myself a fan of the series. RE fans, if you thought I was one of you guys, you're about to find out that you were dead wrong.

Well, what can I say. I became very interested in the Resident Evil franchise when I was about 17. I just finished up my senior year of high school at the time, and while on summer break before college, the game that got me into the series, along with many other gamers, was Resident Evil 4 on the Nintendo GameCube. After I finished RE4, I decided to check out the other games in the series, the next one being Resident Evil 2 on Nintendo 64. And then after enjoying the hell out of that game, I played the first game on both PS1 and Sega Saturn, and then Resident Evil 3: Nemesis on PS1. Then I played the ridiculously difficult, but still great Resident Evil CODE: Veronica on both Dreamcast and PS2, and then I played Resident Evil 5 on Xbox 360 & Resident Evil: Revelations on 3DS. But the RE series itself reminds me of how much I hate the Resident Evil fanbase. One of the reasons why I hate the fanbase so much is that whenever I comment that I like certain games in the series like RE4 & 5, the fans say that "Those games suck, you're not a fan of the series", and "You know nothing about RE dude, so shut the f**k up." Yeah, so because I like RE4 and 5 must mean that I only like those games and that I like nothing else in the series. Please do me a favor Resident Evil fans, NEVER become detectives.

Resident Evil 5 (2009) - "Posers" think the series died here.

I enjoy pretty much every game genre and series. I have games that I really do like, I have games that I consider my favorite ones of all time, and there are some games that I just don't like at all, and Resident Evil & the rest of the survival horror genre is no exception. Lets just say that I'm pretty much open to just about anything gaming as long as it's good. But that doesn't mean I have my preferences when it comes to game genres and series. The games that I prefer or like the most in the Resident Evil series are RE2, RE3: Nemesis, Code: Veronica, RE0, RE4, RE5 and RE: Revelations, and 4 of those games are among the most popular in the series. However, the last 3 games are shunned by so-called, self-proclaimed "True Resident Evil fans" and they say that those games have action elements and are disgraces to the series. Satan forbid the Resident Evil series to take steps in new directions and try out new things so that the formula doesn't get tired out in the future!

Resident Evil: Revelations (2012) - This is the captain of your high school football team's favorite new game.

I know that 4 gets a lot of unwarranted hate from quite a bit of "True" fans, and I even heard one person say "Kids these days... Get rid of that trash GameCube and pick up a PS1!", and another said to "Don't play RE4 and go play the old-school RE games!" F**KING. MOUTHBREATHERS. Also, I think that some of these "true" fans have forgotten that the Resident Evil remake, which is considered to be the best game in the series, and Resident Evil 0, which is another old-school game is also on that "trash GameCube". OH THE IRONY. And when it comes to Revelations, I have heard some hate for that game as well, since it has somewhat similar gameplay elements like what is seen in RE4 and RE5. Also, I've heard that some fans haven't even played Revelations and some have asked me if it was any good or not because they are too afraid to play it. And of course I've told them that it was really good, and that if you like RE4 and past games in the series, you'll like Revelations. Eventually they came to trust my judgment and they say that it was alright. Nothing special, but still good in it's own right.

Resident Evil 6 (2012) - Where the series actually went downhill

RE4 and Revelations may get hate from "true" fans, but when it comes to the amount of hate that RE5 gets, it's a slap on the wrist at most. I thought that RE5 was a decent entry in the series when I first played it, and never before have I heard so much hate for what I consider to be a pretty good game myself. It still had the same control setup that RE4 had, the music was excellent, the atmosphere was pretty dark and while yes, I will admit that there are some action elements in RE5, there are still plenty of survival horror elements in that game as far as I am concerned. I remember being short on ammo and health supplies plenty of times in that game, and like in RE4, the chainsaw enemies were still annoying as hell and still scared the crap out of me when they got me. But I think RE4's chainsaw death scenes are much more scary. Oh yeah, and also it was pretty difficult, much harder than RE4. It's not CODE: Veronica hard, but it's up there somewhere. But now let me talk about how much hate this game gets. While I enjoy the old school Resident Evil games and prefer them over the new ones, their fans (including Razorfist, but not so much the RE0 and RE:CV fans) thrash RE5 every single chance they get, and for no better reason than that it's "different" from the other games in the series. Hell, the hate for RE5 has kept me away from playing it again because the hate for RE5 is really THAT strong, and if I actually play it again sometime, which I no doubt will, I will feel pretty guilty playing that game because like I said before, the hate for RE5 is really THAT strong. Much more hate than Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XII, Mega Man X5, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Star Fox Adventures, Star Fox Assault, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Metroid: Other M, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, you name it. Compare the amount of hate these games get to RE5. Really. Just do it. You'll see that the hate for the games I mentioned above is NOTHING compared to what RE5 gets. I really prefer the older RE games over 5. Really, I do. But good god, their fans can be so much worse than Ocarina of Time fanboys and Sonic fans. Without a doubt, one of the most unbearable fanbases this side of Sonic the Hedgehog. They're worse than hipsters this way. It's like when they see RE4 and 5, according to them they suck immediately and automatically the old stuff is a million times better and they have got to find something more obscure to like, while insulting the other gamers who actually like some of the newer Resident Evil games (Yes, I know that not every Resident Evil fan is like this but, you know what they say: "Broad strokes get the fence painted faster!").

Well, that's all I have to really say about the Resident Evil fanbase. I felt that I should have discussed this rant a long time ago when I found out how pathetic that fanbase really is, but I really couldn't really think of how to discuss it with you guys until now because this is something that I had planned to write about since the beginning of last year. Please do comment and let me know what you think, and as always, thanks for stopping by to read my stuff.

Nintendo's E3 Press Conference - What I'm excited for & Rant about Time Magazine leaking Star Fox info

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# Sorry if I'm a bit late to the party on this one here, but I've decided to tell you what I though of Nintendo's E3 press conference. I haven't really watched Sony or Microsoft's press conference, so you'll only be hearing about what I have to say about Nintendo's press conference. Well, overall when it comes to what they have put out, I am pretty impressed with what they had to show. And I may get a Wii U later down the road once I have more money because of this press conference. They showed off quite a bit of new games, and here's a select few that I am excited for:

new Star Fox: At last, now all you mouthbreathing trolls can shut up because it is finally here. I'm personally excited to play this new Star Fox because it looks like it's going to be a lot like Star Fox 64, and it's too bad that I haven't seen more screenshots, but the good news is that it'll be out in exactly one year, so when I get my Wii U, I'll be sure to get that.

Devil's Third: Another surprise 3rd party Wii U exclusive that came the f**k out of nowhere, hear it's going to be a 1st/3rd person action shooter, I may get this game when I get a Wii U because it looks to be an exciting and promising game.

Xenoblade Chronicles X: Well, this is another RPG that I would like to get my hands on when I get a Wii U, the screenshots and gameplay remind me of Xenogears and Front Mission a little bit, which has me really excited for this game, and I still need to play the first Xenoblade Chronicles game which I hear is excellent.

Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: OMG! Pokémon Gen 3 remakes! I really cannot wait to get my hands on those games when they come out this November because Gen 3 is my favorite Pokémon generation of them all and to get to play them in 3D has really got me excited.

No-shows that I'm excited for:

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem: It's too bad this wasn't shown at E3 but the good news is that Intelligent Systems and Atlus have announced that they are right on schedule with this game, so hopefully Nintendo will announce it next E3 or in a Nintendo direct sometime before E3 for more details on the game's progress.

New 2D and 3D Metroids: Well, it looks like Nintendo is going to make new Metroid games this generation, so I'd like to hear more about them in the future.

Now that I've gotten all that out of the way, I'd like to talk about Time Magazine's unethical leaking of the new Star Fox game. A day before Nintendo announced the new Star Fox at their E3 digital event, Time Magazine leaked the story about the new Star Fox game, spoiling part of the event. Well, all I have to say is this: F**k Time Magazine. They knew damn well that they weren't supposed to leak that story in the first place. A major and highly credible publication such as Time shouldn't be so unethical about stuff like this. Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto give them exclusive interviews and what do they get in return from Time? Leaked info that wasn't supposed to be leaked in the first place. Also, because this was leaked, it freaked out a lot of Nintendo fans who were fearing that the new SF game was fake and that it was a troll article to get everyone's hopes up for Nintendo's E3 press conference, and the fans knew damn well who would get criticized for it being fake. It would be Nintendo. Well, Time is an American publication so it's highly possible that they were trying to give some advantage to the Xbox brand. But the good news is that it's not fake and Miyamoto himself has claimed that the new Star Fox game is in development and will be out in exactly one year.

But, overall it was a good press conference, and I'm glad the Time Magazine leak didn't hurt Nintendo much this E3.

What were your thoughts on E3? Please do comment below and let me know what you thought about E3. Thanks!

Hideo Baba rant

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Hey everyone, for this new blog I'm going to be ranting about Tales series brand manager and producer Hideo Baba. As you may know, not many Tales series games have been hitting Nintendo systems lately, and I believe that Hideo Baba himself is the main reason for this. Why? Because it's been noted that Baba has a huge fetish for supporting the PlayStation brand over Nintendo. Yes, it's true that since he took over there have been some Tales games on Nintendo systems, which are Tales of Innocence and Tales of Hearts on Nintendo DS, and Tales of Graces on the Wii, which is currently the most recent Tales game to appear on a Nintendo system, and I'm not counting Tales of the Abyss since that was a port of an 8-year old PS2 game that had originally came out stateside. But that's not why I'm mad at Hideo Baba. I'm upset at Baba because he's too focused on the PlayStation brand and won't bother to try out Nintendo consoles. And don't anyone dare bring up the "3rd-party games don't sell on Nintendo systems" excuse because that excuse won't work for this rant here because Tales games DO sell on Nintendo systems, and if you want proof that they do, here's proof:

Yes. Tales of Symphonia PROVES that Tales games indeed sell on Nintendo systems, as it has managed to sell over 1 million copies worldwide and it is the best selling game in the Tales series, and what's more is that the best selling Tales game is on the GameCube, which is considered to be a failure by many! Yeah, ToS may be proof that there is an audience for the Tales series on Nintendo systems, but guess what? Baba just decided to ignore the facts and just continue supporting the PS brand because he claims that "that's where our fanbase is." Yeah, REALLY believable story there, Baba. Yes, it's true that Innocence, Hearts and Graces were released on Nintendo systems and those games were under Baba's supervision, but did he make the decision to release those games stateside? No. He kept them Japan only and then he decided to release Innocence and Hearts on PS Vita despite how poorly it's selling, and what's more, the PS Vita version of Hearts is getting localized for the west! I wonder why he couldn't port those two games over to 3DS since he did consider the 3DS a viable platform for future Tales games...why did he have to just flat out lie to the Nintendo fanbase like Hideo Kojima did when he decided to not put Metal Gear Solid V on Wii U but had originally planned to? That's not even the worst of it though. And when it comes to Tales of Graces, Baba didn't bother localizing that game for Wii, despite it being the best selling console of the 7th generation. He just decided to make a version for PS3 and localize that one instead, what makes the PS3 audience so special? It only gets worse, as instead of Graces getting localized for Wii, we got a half-assed sequel to Symphonia instead. That's it! Plus, he then decided to re-release that and the original Tales of Symphonia for PS3, therefore breaking Nintendo exclusivity once and for all (even though to be fair, there was a Japanese only port of Symphonia on PS2), and it clearly shows that Baba is NOT a supporter of Nintendo, and he's sold out to Sony. And no, Tales of the Abyss 3DS does not really count as "support". He's supporting the PS consoles just to show that Sony is the "superior king" in the imaginary console war BS. Is it any wonder why Tales Studio went bankrupt and needed Namco to bail them out?

Look, I'm not saying that you should be mad at Hideo Baba for not bringing more Tales games to Nintendo systems or for not localizing more Tales games that have been released on Nintendo systems already. He's not going to budge. It's a given at this point. What I'm saying is that you should be mad at Hideo Baba if you have ANY respect for Nintendo and their fans. I've already reached the point where I'm starting to hate Baba, and not just because the new Tales games aren't coming to my preferred systems of choice. This is the wrong time to say that Nintendo and their fans are at fault for Tales games not hitting the Wii U & 3DS lately. They're not at fault, and they weren't to begin with. Like Kojima, Baba literally treats himself like some sort of god, he treats Nintendo fans like 2nd class citizens, like every other 3rd party these days, and NO Nintendo fan has to put up with his bullshit. End of story.

Please comment and let me know what you think. Thanks!

My thoughts on Nintendo's new YouTube Affilate Program & Ranting about the YouTubers who are against this

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As you might have heard, Nintendo has just announced a new affiliate program on YouTube for the users who do Longplays of Let's Plays, reviews and more of Nintendo's games. If you haven't heard about it, well you just found out about it. Anyway, what this affiliate program is about is that Nintendo is planning to split revenue with the YouTubers who post footage of Nintendo's own games, which will most likely be a 50/50 split since Nintendo knows their fanbase pretty well, and I think this is a huge step forwards for them. Why? Because you'd still be getting paid for your videos and Nintendo is only doing this for quality control and fair representation of their products. And it's apparently very controversial because YouTubers are f**king crazy idiots who think that this is a bad move and will hurt them more than help them, drive away a good chunk of their fanbase and that they are being "robbed" of their money. Now, these YouTubers don't speak for me, and I don't think they speak for most Nintendo fans either. All I have to say is that, protest, trolling and complaining is masturbation, you only do it because it makes you feel better, and it accomplishes nothing more than that. These YouTubers are using that incredibly clichéd and completely incorrect argument of "free advertising" as an example as to why this is a bad move for Nintendo. First off, a company as big as Nintendo does not want, or need free advertising, especially when it comes at the price of a larger number of people just watching the LP and deciding not to purchase the game. For example, if I had originally decided to watch the LPs of Pokémon X & Y and Fire Emblem Awakening, I would not have purchased the games in the first place. Sure, I may buy the games later on, and still play the hell out of them sometimes, but it also makes me not want to play the games because everything was spoiled for me and I probably won't want to play it until at least a few months later. Also, why the f**k would anyone want to make a living off YouTube? If it's just a small side job, that's one thing and I don't see anything wrong with it being a side job. But to me, it's just wrong to be seeing people making a living off YouTube by just piggy-backing off the success of large companies like Nintendo. Nintendo made the game and they have every right to be profiting off these videos, and believe it or not, the law is on their side in this argument. It's better to have a program that is fair, ethical, and that rewards user-related content than no control at all. Also, other gaming companies are so unfair and unethical when it comes to programs related to YouTube content. Just take a look at Microsoft's deals they made with YouTubers to get some favorable content. Now, I'd like you to answer these questions:

-Do you own a computer at home?

-Do you have the internet at home?

-Do you have a YouTube account?

-Own any game consoles?

-Got any recording equipment (ex. Capture Card, HDPVR)?

-Have you managed to make any money off your YouTube videos?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you're part of what you perceive to be the problem, not the solution.

My message to you YouTubers who make a living off YouTube: Get a f**king real job, or even better, go back to college, and get a f**king career. You aren't owed a living simply because you exist, that's nonsense! What I have to say is that I think this is a good move by Nintendo, you're still getting money off your videos and you don't have to worry about them taking your videos down. Nintendo made the game, that's their half of the revenue, and you played the game to show it to possibly millions of viewers on YouTube, that's your half. If you really think this is a bad idea and that you don't want Nintendo to go through with it, cancel your Club Nintendo account (if you have one), stop posting LPs of Nintendo's games on YouTube, stop purchasing anything, ANYTHING that was made or even touched by Nintendo at some point in time, boycott the hell out of them, and I might start taking you seriously then. But until then, just keep doing your LPs of Nintendo games, there is nothing wrong with this you hippy-crites, the only thing this will affect heavily are the people who make a living off YouTube, who may have to get a real job or go back to college to get a career.

And here's the definition for "Hippy-crite", a term created by the famous YouTube user A Dose of Buckley:

Hippy-crite (noun) - A person who will take up a cause, but only take it as far as it can be taken without the cause interfering with their own personal comfort and enjoyment of life.

Please comment and let me know what you think. Thanks!

Oh my! Where have I been? Anyway, here's some more anime and game purchases.

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Has it really been 18 days since my last blog? Oh my, even I lose track of time easily sometimes. I really meant to put up a new blog a really long time ago, but wow, I guess I'm running out of ideas for new blogs. Oh well. BUT! I did pick up some more games and anime DVDs recently, so I might as well show you what I got:

Black Lagoon: The Complete Series (Blu-Ray & DVD combo pack) - $55(new)

Time Crisis (PS1) - $6 (used) - I do have a Japanese copy of Time Crisis, but since too much disc swapping killed my last PS1, I decided to get a US copy. And yes, I do have a Namco GunCon Controller for that game too, and yes, it's the Japanese model that's got the black color instead of the wimpy grey and purple that we U.S. gamers got.

Macross Plus: Volume 1: Parts 1 & 2 - $1 (used, yeah, I ain't kidding.)

Xenogears (PS1, Greatest Hits) - $31 (used, no manual) - This is the copy of Xenogears that I first bought, but since I decided to buy a black label copy to replace the GH one, I decided to give this one to my sister because I want to get her into not just this game, but more old school Square RPGs. I'm still trying to get her to play it, but I think it will work out eventually.

Xenogears (PS1, Black label) - $45 (used) - Here's my new copy of Xenogears, and boy was I right when I thought that the $31 that I paid on a GH copy maybe tells me that this game is worth way more as a black label copy. I swear, this game is really going up in price fast. Hell, I would not be surprised if prices for this game enter Chrono Trigger territory one day.

Haganai: Season 1 (Blu-Ray & DVD combo pack) - $65 (new)

Xenogears (PS1, Japanese version) - $5 (used). And believe it or not, this one is actually a complete copy! Sure, I may have had to replace the jewel case because of cracks, but both discs are in mint condition, the manual is in mint condition, and the spine card came with it as well! It's amazing what $5 can buy you sometimes, isn't it?

Silent Hill (PS1, Greatest Hits) - $25 (used)

Namco Museum: 50th Anniversary (PS2, Greatest Hits) - $5 (used) - Got this at a garage sale and I have been meaning to pick this up for a while now, but I got it now! This is also the first Greatest Hits copy to be added to my PS2 collection.

Capcom Generation 2 (Sega Saturn) - $35 (used)

Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter (Sega Saturn) - $30 (used)

Please comment and let me know what you think. Thanks!

Now Playing: Xenogears

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Hey everyone, since I'm off school now I decided to pour lots of time into a really awesome game that I picked up just a couple days ago. The game I got was the PS1 classic, Xenogears. I decided to check it out since I've heard that lots of people love this game and that they say it's too bad that it only has a small cult following, because they feel that everyone should play this game because it is just that good, like Final Fantasy 7-9. And it turns out that my $32 on Xenogears was well spent (unfortunately I got a GH copy with no manual, and that $32 price tag probably tells me that it actually goes for way more if it's a complete black label copy of the game.). I am enjoying the game's story, how it meshes a near-distant futuristic civilization with top notch tech and religion (kind of like Neon Genesis Evangelion) and ancient technology, and I like all the characters as well (except that snot-nose brat Dan!). I like the gameplay in Xenogears as well, as it's battle system is similar to the Final Fantasy games, and has button combinations for attacks to show off martial-arts techniques. And it's more than just your average JRPG battle system, as you spend time in the Gears, the giant robots that your characters control which are very significant throughout the game. Overall, the Gears battle system kind of reminded me of Front Mission, where you spent the entire game controlling mechs, and I really like that aspect of the game. I'm about 20ish hours into the game, and I'm not even off the first disc yet! I am really enjoying this game and I highly recommend that you check this game out if you haven't yet and as long as you can afford it. Otherwise, if you can't afford a copy, I suppose emulating or burning yourself a copy on 2 CD-Rs will do.

Please comment and let me know what you think. Thanks!

The console(s) that I plan to add to my collection next

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Hey everyone, and I'm already in the game console collecting mood again. After seeing some walkthroughs of some games I really wanted to play badly on YouTube, I decided that even though I am saving up for a trip to Anime Midwest in Chicago which happens the 4th of July weekend, I thought that I might as well buy another console (or two) while I'm at it. And this is the second time that I'll be owning this console since I sold my old one because I didn't really have a very good experience with the original model of this console. Okay, it's the NES that I'll be getting this time. But I am not getting the toaster model because that's the one that gave me a hard time, I'm going to get the top loader.

Yes, I know these guys usually go for $100+ on Ebay and Amazon, but I'll just buy some more Amazon gift cards and eventually get it. Also, I hear that some models of the top loader use the same AV video cables that the SNES, N64 and GameCube use, so if I get really lucky, I'll snatch that model. But I don't really care all that much about that model anyway. I would just like to get my hands on a top loader for a reasonable price. Oh...but I'm not going to stop there. I also plan on getting a Famicom to NES adapter, and a Famicom Disk System!

Yep. I am planning to get a Honeybee adapter so that I can hook up the FDS adapter to play Disk System games. There is one certain game that caught my eye and that made me want to own an FDS, and that game would be the original Famicom Detective Club. I hear that the remake of the 2nd FDC is on SNES, and I should be expecting that repro cart to be coming in at the end of this week. I keep on hearing rumors that the first FDC game is being translated into English by someone, and that it has been in the works for a while, but I hope the rumors are true because I want to play that game and it's the main reason why I am getting a Disk System. I also heard that the FDS disks themselves are rewritable, and that you can rewrite almost any game in the NES library you want on the disk. That last part could be wrong, but that's what I'm hearing. Anyway, these 2 systems are what I'm planning to buy next. I hope I can get some FDS game recommendations if anyone has any. And I pretty much know what games I'm going to get for NES.

Please comment and let me know what you think. Thanks!

Rant about Samus Aran's Zero Suit complaints in the new Smash Bros.

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I really, really did not want to talk about this. But since the amount of attacks by the media, so called "journalists" who post clickbait articles to make a quick buck, and mindless trolls on the web, but I felt like I had to talk about this, because this is literally the first time ever that I have actually seen criticism thrown at Samus' Zero Suit design for Smash Bros. When I first saw the Zero Suit in Super Smash Bros. Brawl all the way back in 2008, I was like "Wow Nintendo, you've got balls." Yeah, and the Zero Suit alone destroys the "Nintendo is for kids" argument as far as I'm concerned (6-foot blonde with huge boobs in a blue bodysuit & high heels? Yeah, proof enough that Nintendo isn't "just for kids". I may have gone a bit overboard with describing Samus' looks, but who cares, it's still an accurate explanation IMO, bite me.). When Nintendo first showed off this form of the Metroid series main star in Metroid: Zero Mission all the way back in 2004, it became pretty popular among fans. Plus it's very fetishized among the fanbase as well, just take a look at fan art of her in the Zero Suit! Don't know how to get ahold of it? F**king Google it. And in Brawl, I believe Nintendo deliberately amped up her sex appeal quite a bit, and I believe that game was the catalyst in all those artists drawing pretty obscene pictures of Samus in the Zero Suit. But I had a feeling that the idiots in the media and the trolls on the web would eventually take a huge shit on this topic, and boy was I right. Whenever Nintendo does become more "mature" like when those idiotic trolls on the web ask them to, they just complain! For the first time ever, I've heard "journalists" call the Zero Suit sexist, too obscene, and some of them described it as "way too over-sexualized", yet Cortana from the Halo series is basically portrayed as nude in the series games, and Hideo Kojima revealed Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V, who also wears pretty skimpy clothing as well and Kojima basically designed Quiet for cosplay purposes! These journalists hardly know what a totally obscene character looks like. Oh, and I forgot to mention Bayonetta, didn't I? Yeah, enough said. Those Nintendo double-standards sure are annoying as hell, are they? Critics say that Samus looks obscene, yet there are more characters that are way more obscene than her. Yes, I will admit, I do think Samus has become a bit over-sexualized since Nintendo introduced the Zero Suit and then amped up her sex appeal whenever a new Metroid game or Smash Bros. game comes out. And to go off topic for a bit, I will also admit that Samus in Zero Suit form does make me blush whenever I lay eyes on her. But it really isn't all that bad. Sure, I do think she is a bit over-sexualized, but it is to gain credibility with the adult gamers, and Metroid is arguably the closest Nintendo has to an M-rated series. Plus, I have yet to see any women, girl gamers or feminists complain about her looks yet, so it's fine. If anything, I've heard praise from those groups about how she looks in Zero Suit form. I wouldn't mind if Nintendo amped up her sex appeal even more in future Metroid games as long as Nintendo focuses on other aspects of Samus' character besides her looks and as long as women, girl gamers and feminists are OK with it. And besides, why are these criticisms happening now? The Zero Suit was introduced YEARS AGO!

The Zero Suit was introduced in Metroid: Zero Mission, which came out on February 9, 2004


I mean, seriously. The Zero Suit was introduced 10 years ago! That's a lifetime in the video game industry! Did these so-called "journalists" seriously wake up from a weed-induced sleep, seeing images of Samus in her Zero Suit from Zero Mission and go like "Oh man, this ain't cool, we gotta attack Nintendo for doing this!" Real swift moving on this one, assholes. Seriously, Samus is one of the worst examples of a totally obscene character, and besides, her looks aren't even that obscene anyway. Do I think she is a bit over-sexualized? Yeah, sure. But I have nothing against it and it's to give Nintendo credibility with the adult gamers, since Metroid is the closest thing they have to an M-rated series. I actually don't mind her looks at all, and Nintendo should continue to do what they can with her character because they have been doing a damn good job with it since Super Metroid came out in 1994 (Jesus, it's been 20 years already? Damn, happy 20th Anniversary Super Metroid, have to do a tribute blog for that game! Make sure you check it out!).

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