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Holiday Pick-Ups

Hi, everyone! Sorry if I'm posting this a bit late, but I think it's time to show you all what I got over the holidays. It's only less than 2 days before I head back to school, so I decided that this would be the right time to show you all before I get piled with homework again. I had been planning to post this a while back, but I got held up with family trips and playing too much Cards Against Humanity with friends and family (LOL), but whatever. Anyway, here's today's catch:

Sega CD (model 2) - $70. I finally got my hands on a Sega CD at last! I swear, they are becoming hard to track down at game stores these days! Anyway, since most of the games that I want for the Sega CD are too expensive and out of my price range, I think I'll buy myself some CD-Rs. burn the roms and save myself some time and money. I am also thinking about getting Japanese replacements for my Model 2 Genesis and Sega CD, mainly the model 2 Mega Drive and model 2 Mega-CD, but that may be down the road.

Thunder Force V (Sega Saturn) - $81. After seeing footage of this game on YouTube, I decided to check out TFV since I was interested in the SHMUP genre. It is hard as hell (only got to level 2 so far), but is very good. This game is also on PS1, but I recommend the Saturn version because it looks, plays and sounds better (not to mention the Saturn is more capable at 2D than the PS1).

Thunder Force IV (Mega Drive) - $42. I've heard from fans that this is the best Thunder Force game, and after playing some of it, it is as good as they say it is! It's still just as hard as the 5th game, as I could only advance 3 levels in this game, but it's still fun. It's hard to come by copies of the Japanese version of Thunder Force IV in the states, as the US version with the stupid name is the most common one. So, your best bet would be to order from Japan, which I did (waited over a month because Japanese shipping takes forever, but worth it!).

Yakuza 2 (PS2) - $47. After really liking the first Yakuza game, I decided to check out the second game. I have heard that the 2nd game is considered to be the weakest entry in the series, but it's not bad at all. It's still great. The gameplay isn't as clunky as it was in the first game, the story is better and has plot twists to the max, and the music is still great (I prefer the first game's soundtrack though). I do plan to pick up a PS3 so I can check out the 3rd and 4th games (which I hear are the best entries), but that also may be down the road too.

Rosario + Vampire vol. 5-7 - $30 (altogether) - I've become very addicted to the Rosario + Vampire manga, much more that I was to the anime, and because the manga is much better! There are less panty shots, less fan service (though there is still plenty of it in the manga though), the characters look much prettier, and the story is also a lot more serious, with quite a few dramatic turns. One pretty distinct difference is how Tsukune and Moka are more romantically involved with each other. In the anime, it sticks to the main harem aspect to that it seems like it can go either direction. The manga basically says that Tsukune and Moka are going to be together at the end of this. But it also tackles what the other girls think of this relationship and their jealousy towards Moka, since in the anime it was all fun and games.

Cowboy Bebop: The Complete Series - Amazon Exclusive Edition (1 of 10,000) - $100. Oh yeah. If any of you are interested, Funimation rereleased Cowboy Bebop on Blu-Ray and DVD recently. I got the limited edition from Amazon (Sorry to ruin your hopes, but it's sold out now.), which contains the Blu-Ray & DVD combo pack, along with 2 art books. I'm on episode 14 right now, and I'm enjoying the series so far. And I'm also told that the ending is excellent.

X-Men vs. Street Fighter (Sega Saturn) - $25. I decided to check out the other crossover fighter on Saturn. If you plan to pick this up, ONLY get it for Saturn. Stay away from the PS1 version.

Nice, eh? Well, I'd like to hear your opinions on Cowboy Bebop and everything else here. Leave them in the comment section!

I rant about Square Enix...AGAIN!!

##Oh, Square Enix. What in the f**k is wrong with you guys? I can't believe that you guys are making idiotic decisions once again. Come on, I liked Bravely Default, and I thought you guys would get your act together after that, but NO! You guys just HAD to make stupid decisions again.

As you might have heard, SE has announced that Final Fantasy VII will be released on the PS4's PSN for $16. Then you might say, "well, they're releasing a classic game on PSN, nothing wrong with that, right?" Well, FFVII is indeed a classic and a game worth owning (though the Final Fantasy fanbase has ruined that game for me on certain occasions, but whatever), but for $16?!?! When the game can be found for less on the PS3's PSN? Also, it's going to be the Steam version that'll be released on there, FYI. It looks like SE is milking the original PS1 game again to squeeze whatever money they can still make off of that game in order to stay alive financially. Why can't they just REMAKE the game like everyone else wants them to? SE, either you guys take a s#!t, or get off the goddamn toilet (sorry if that came off a bit funny, just something I came up with). You guys can't just survive on nostalgia forever. Just remake the game. Or, like I suggested in some of my older blogs, release an enhanced/remastered port of the game for the 3DS, like they did with Dragon Quest VII. May have been much less work than a remake, but it would still be a lot better than doing nothing but simply port it to PS4's PSN. Also, speaking of FF games on Nintendo platforms, why in the hell won't SE release FFVII on a Nintendo platform? Wouldn't it make more sense to introduce this game to a whole new audience, and wouldn't it make even more sense to release every Final Fantasy game on all platforms so that there could be a humongous audience for this franchise.

Release the SNES classics on mobile? Sure!

Release a remastered version of a 17 year-old PS1 game on the best selling 8th gen system, the 3DS? Blasphemy!


Also, you may have heard that SE is unsure about Bravely Second coming stateside. Well, why? The first game was a huge success!! It was their best collaboration with Nintendo since 1996's Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Yet they are still hesitant to bring it over. I believe I've come to a reasonable conclusion as to why SE made this statement. First, let's start off with a question: Who worked on the English localization for Bravely Default and published it in the states?

  • A: Nintendo
  • B: Square Enix

The answer is A, Nintendo. And you're probably thinking, "well, what does that have to do with it?" Well, simple: Square is holding off on bringing Bravely Second stateside because they are going to see if Nintendo will localize and publish the game for them, like they did with the first game. And some of you may be angry at me for this, and I have my reasons, but I hope Nintendo turns them down. The first game I can understand since SE is indeed in dire financial straits and have been making idiotic business decisions for years now, but for the second game? Really?

They know the game is in demand. They know the game will sell well, like the first one. They won't do it because they want to manipulate and control Nintendo like they currently do Sony and Microsoft. I really hope Nintendo doesn't do this again. They've done it quite a bit already even with other Japanese 3rd parties, dating back to the 6th generation, and they all never seem to learn their lesson. Or, of course, they have learned their lesson, but they refuse to show it because they don't give a s#!t about what happens to their own businesses and are focused on driving Nintendo out of the industry.

I just can't believe what a joke Square has become these days...

Why 3rd parties won't support Nintendo - My position has not changed


  • The following blog is my explanation of why Nintendo hasn’t received 3rd party support on their consoles, why my position has not changed.

  • Turn your TV off, turn your music off, shut your game off, close out your other tabs, stop reading your book, finish your food, and f**king pay attention.

  • Make sure you read this blog thoroughly because I will not reply to anyone who clearly hasn't read the whole thing.

  • It's about 15 minutes out of your life that you were going to waste anyway. Don’t just see it…READ IT.

  • Sorry if I'm acting a bit grouchy here but I've been working on this blog for a while and I just wanted to post it and get it over with. I'm probably going to get a lot of hate for this blog though.

Well, as you can see, 3rd parties have ignored Nintendo for many years now and with the Wii U out, Nintendo still can’t seem to get the 3rd party support back. In one of my older blogs, I said that the reason why 3rd parties are ignoring Nintendo is because they are hell-bent on getting Nintendo out of the industry by constantly boycotting their home consoles because they don’t pay them like Sony and Microsoft to put games on their systems, and whenever they do put games on Nintendo’s consoles, they make false accusations about how Nintendo and their fans are to blame for their games not selling, and the real reason why they won’t sell is because (mainly the western ones), they are gimped ports. And since I’ve decided to do a recap for this blog because 3rd parties are still giving the Wii U the cold shoulder, my position hasn’t changed. Now f**k off.

Oh, for f**k’s sake, fine.

So here's why my position on this topic hasn't changed.

So here’s why my opinion hasn’t changed. As I’ve said before, 3rd parties ran away from Nintendo supposedly because of Hiroshi Yamauchi’s treatment towards them, the N64’s carts, the GameCube’s storage medium and sales, and the Wii being underpowered. Well, let me tell you that those statements aren't really true (This is the part where you stop reading the blog and comment to tell me how much of a f**king idiot I am.). Why? What allows me to believe this crazy idea? Well, let’s talk about Yamauchi first. Well, you may think that 3rd parties ran away from Nintendo because of former President Yamauchi’s harsh treatment towards them. However, let’s think about this for a second here. If the 3rd parties claim that they ran away from Nintendo because of Yamauchi, why didn’t they go straight to Sega? They could have dealt a decisive blow there. They could have defeated Nintendo right then and there. Why did they wait until the release of the PS1 in 1994 instead of just ditching Nintendo for Sega? They missed a great opportunity. If Yamauchi’s treatment towards the 3rd parties was the real reason why they left Nintendo, wouldn’t it have made much more sense for them to jump ship to Sega instead of waiting until Sony to come around? I think so. Yeah, sure, Sega may have has somewhat similar quality controls to Nintendo, but who cares? Sega was a bit more lenient with their policies and the 3rd parties still could have ended Nintendo’s stranglehold on the video game industry way before Sony arrived by going to Sega. Also with Sega’s strong advertising campaign with ads like “Genesis does what Nintendon’t”, “Welcome to the Next Level”, and “Blast Processing”, could you imagine how f**ked Nintendo would have been if the 3rd parties decided to abandon them when Sega’s advertising campaign for the Genesis was at its peak, and when Sega was top dog in the market at the moment? All Yamauchi was doing with the 3rd parties was disciplining them. Not abusing them as some may say. Yamauchi is the reason why you got games like Mega Man, Final Fantasy I-VI and Chrono Trigger on your consoles. At least respect him for that. The 3rd parties missed a big opportunity to push Nintendo out of the industry by waiting until Sony to release the PS1.

3rd parties didn't run away from Nintendo for reasons like Yamauchi, power, carts, sales, license fees. etc. They ran away because Sony paid them to. Also, Everyone seems to have forgotten that when Square & many other 3rd parties jumped over to Sony their badmouthing of Nintendo was at Sony's behest. People may portray Sony as some cool uncle when they entered the industry, but in reality, Sony was always more sugar daddy than cool uncle. The first thing they did when they entered the industry was loosen quality control, along with bankrolling a bunch of 3rd party exclusives off the N64 coupled with some multi-million dollar advertising campaigns as well. In the 6th generation, Sony was routinely paying Rockstar hundreds of millions of dollars to make Grand Theft Auto III & others timed exclusive to the PS2. Also, there was a noticible decline in the quality of Japanese 3rd party games in the 6th gen, most notably on the PS2. Final Fantasy became bloated and cinematic, Sega destroyed Sonic's reputation, sales of Tekken and Ridge Racer began to decline, and Konami shelved a bunch of their classic IPs or just relegated them to handhelds. This theory that Sony somehow disciplined and kept 3rd parties in check in the 5th generation was most likely because they worked with Nintendo and Sega on design concepts for a while after jumping ship. The best Japanese 3rd party output that came out in the 6th gen were from niche companies used to running a tight ship (Atlus & NIS), developers with a strong vision (Hideo Kojima, Hideki Kamiya, Shinji Mikami), and collaborations with Nintendo on the Game Boy Advance and GameCube (The Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap, F-Zero GX, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, the Capcom Five lineup, Baten Kaitos, Tales of Symphonia, etc.). Who do you think wrote the playbook for a big tech conglomerate to be successful in the video game industry, giving Microsoft more then enough confidence to try and do the same? Sony. Microsoft is using the same tactics, but they're being much more aggressive because of their deeper pockets.

Ok, now onto the N64. You may also think that 3rd parties ran away from Nintendo because of how limited the N64’s carts were, which made it somewhat difficult to develop for. If that were the case, why was Resident Evil 2 able to fit on an N64 cart with all 2 discs worth of content and some exclusive content to go with it as well? Something’s up here. Plus, Nintendo managed to make some carts that have more space for larger games like Conker’s Bad Fur Day, and Resident Evil 2 managed to fit on one of those bigger carts as well. Also there was a planned N64 DD port of Final Fantasy VII as well, since the carts were supposedly “not enough” to fit the whole game on. Sure, the N64 may have been a challenging system to develop for because of the limited carts, it was not easy to develop for, but it wasn’t the horror stories that you’d hear about the Sega Saturn, which was built for 2D games in mind instead of 3D. Carts were a red herring 3rd parties used as an excuse because Sony paid them to support the PS1. Why did the N64 end up getting better support than any other system in the 5th generation except the PS1 even though it was the ONLY system that used carts? Because EVERY OTHER CD system in the 5th generation also FAILED. Only the N64 and PS1 survived. The N64 because Nintendo is so good at what they do and the PS1 because Sony is so good at buying off developers (even though to be fair, the Sega Saturn did get a lot more 3rd party support than the N64, but I'll get to that later on.). Also, to go back to Final Fantasy VII, the game that made Square overnight sellouts to Sony, wasn't it Sony who bought the rights to that game in the first place for $100 million? And that makes me wonder, why wasn't Square afraid of FFVII failing completely on the PS1 when not a single copy of Square's games have not appeared on any other platforms than Nintendo's at the time? Because Sony paid them to take that risk. And it's also why a lot of 3rd parties jumped over from the N64 to the PS1. Sony was willing to pay them for support - the practice that is known as money-hatting, and Nintendo has stated time and time again that they are NOT going to play that game to get 3rd parties on board. This is a fact. FFVII, Dragon Quest VII and Metal Gear Solid are all notable 3rd party games that Sony bought off the N64. Plus, Sony told Square to have secret meetings with prominent Japanese developers in order to convince them to cancel their N64 projects and instead shift them to the PS1. Dragon Quest VII is the really big one that they admitted to but there were others. Then 3rd parties started to half-ass their N64 games, if they made anything at all, to make it seem that the storage limitation rumor was true. Carts have, and will always be, a red herring. Capcom was able to fit Resident Evil 2, a 2-disc PS1 game onto one N64 cart no problem. Numerous other games would have been just as easy, and they could have asked Nintendo for help on compressing their games in order for them to fit, something that 3rd parties were doing back in the NES and SNES days thanks to help from Nintendo's compression chips such as the SA-1, S-DD1 and others. And no, it also wasn't because of Nintendo's license fees on past systems because 3rd parties made PLENTY of money off the NES and SNES the generations before.

Now onto the GameCube. You may have heard that 3rd parties ignored the GameCube because of it's limited storage medium, the miniDVDs. Well, 3rd parties had no problem putting a TON of multi-disc games on the PS1, PS2, Saturn, Dreamcast and Xbox 360. So...multi-disc games are fine on Sony, Microsoft and Sega systems but a no-no on a Nintendo one. The size of the miniDVDs was the only excuse 3rd parties had for ignoring the GameCube so they ran with it, even if it made no sense since most 3rd party games released in the 6th generation were small enough to fit on a single GC disc anyway. Did you know that Grand Theft Auto III, even un-optimized, is only a gig in size on the PS2? It would have easily fit on a single GCN disc. Only CGI heavy games were really an issue but again, multi-disc games were fine on the PS1, PS2, Saturn, Dreamcast and 360. You may think that multi-disc issues may be a development issue, but yes they can be overcome. Final Fantasy XIII was originally on 1 Blu-Ray disc for the PS3. They managed to break it up into 3 HDDVDs for the Xbox 360 no problem. But then you might argue that it was because of sales that the GameCube was ignored by 3rd parties. Well, it finished 2nd to last ahead of the Dreamcast, and sold about as much as the original Xbox, so why didn't the GameCube and Xbox receive equal 3rd party support? The 3rd party sales were great on GameCube, no matter how low that install base may have been, and GameCube owners bought more software per console than any other console in gaming history, owning at least 12 games on average whereas PlayStation 2 and Xbox owners owned maybe 1 or 2 games on average. Also, if sales was the real reason why the GameCube was ignored then the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast would have been left to die, and the Wii, DS, 3DS would have gobbled up all the 3rd party support of their generations.

Now onto the Wii, and it being ignored because of it being underpowered... Sure, 3rd parties couldn't port over their PS360 games to the Wii, but 3rd parties somehow completely forgot how to make previous generation games as well? Where were all of the GameCube, PS2, Dreamcast and Xbox level games? Most 3rd party Wii games looked and ran far worse than PS2 software from the generation before even though the system was quite a bit more powerful than the original Xbox. Nothing was stopping 3rd parties from actually putting effort into their Wii games except their own stupidity and greed. Sure, they would have to make those games exclusive to the platform but 3rd parties had no problem making most of their games exclusive to the PS2. Go and look it up. The GameCube and Dreamcast had over 600 games, the Xbox had over 900, and the PS2 had over 2000 games. That means, quite possibly, that around half of the games released during the 6th generation were exclusive to the PS2. But for some reason, it was unthinkable to treat the Wii with the same respect that 3rd parties had given to the PS2. And the Wii was cheaper, quicker and easier to develop for than the PS2 so it would have cost them less money and taken less time to make the same types of games for the Wii. The power argument is bunk anyway simply by virtue if it were true, 3rd parties would have dropped the PS2 the minute the GameCube and Xbox came out, two far more powerful consoles that could do tons more than the PS2 could ever hope to. But they didn't. They chose to stick it out with the underpowered and incredibly difficult to develop for PS2.

Now onto Sega and why they received a lot of 3rd party support on the Saturn and Dreamcast. Well, it's because Sega is another case of a console manufacturer giving into the demands of 3rd parties, even though they didn't have the funds to moneyhat them. They completely kowtowed to EA and Namco to get their games on the Mega Drive/Genesis, and therefore, the 3rd parties saw Sega as an easy target to manipulate and control. That is why Sega, even though their systems sold much less than Nintendo's, was able to get a ton of 3rd party support on the Saturn and Dreamcast. However, Sega still received FAR worse 3rd party support than Sony did. They may have gotten much better support than Nintendo, but it was still nothing compared to Sony's.

Today 3rd parties are still ignoring Nintendo, and you may argue that it's because of the Wii U. Well, the 3DS is currently outselling the PS4, Wii U and Xbox One combined so why aren't they all showing up on there? It may be getting some support, but not as much as the DS did. Now back to the Wii U. It's sold about as much as the Xbone, but then you might say that it it's because the Wii U is a "risky investment" and that it's also because the Sony and MS fanbases have a long history of buying 3rd party games and the 3rd party games don't sell on Nintendo systems (the obvious statement made by 3rd parties all the time). Well, it's not because of that of that, and of course, it's because 3rd parties refuse to support Nintendo without being paid to do so, and again, Nintendo has stated that they are not going to do that, because it's what has caused Sony and Microsoft to lose millions on the game industry and Nintendo does not want to be dragged down with them and with the rest of the industry. As for the 3rd party games not selling very well on Wii U, maybe if 3rd parties didn't gimp them, leave content out and actually put effort into them, they wouldn't have bombed. Why? Because if you put effort into your games, they will sell well. Even if they are niche and aren't really million sellers all the time (Platinum Games, Bayonetta 2 (even though it's actually 2nd party), No More Heroes 1 & 2, etc.). And don't even get me started on niche titles like MadWorld, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, No More Heroes, etc. Every Nintendo system since the N64 has had plenty of terrible ports, especially the GameCube and Wii. Did you know that 3rd parties admitted that they had as few as 2 people working on their GameCube ports? That doesn't say "gimped ports" to you guys? The issue is you're taking the low sales of 3rd party software on Nintendo platforms out of context. Sales didn't drop causing developers to start gimping their games. Developers started gimping their games and then sales dropped. The cycle began with THEM, not US.

As for 3rd parties supporting the PS4 and Xbone because of the fanbases' history of buying their game, well, the Nintendo fanbase has an even LONGER history of buying 3rd party games. All the way back to the NES and SNES. You know, the eras that EVERYONE likes to ignore just to prove that 3rd party games don't sell on Nintendo systems? That also happens to be before Sony entered the market and started buying off developers. Coincidence?

However, the gaming landscape has changed. Gamers tastes are indeed different today than they were 10 years ago or even 20 years ago. But to pretend that the basic rules of the free market have is idiotic. 3rd parties started pulling their games from Nintendo platforms when Sony entered the industry with the PS1. It had nothing to do with sales or license fees because again, 3rd parties made PLENTY of money off of the NES and SNES. It had everything to do with Sony's bribes. And with the entrance of Microsoft it got much worse. That's not the Nintendo fanbase's fault. If 3rd parties won't release their games on the system then OF COURSE there won't be a market for them! You can't sell something if it doesn't exist to begin with. As for the reason the Nintendo market is worried to support 3rd party games now? You have the 5th, 6th and 7th generations, and the beginning of the 8th for your answer: 3rd parties REFUSE to support Nintendo fans. They want us to buy late, broken, incomplete, and unsupported software at the same time that gamers do on other platforms where none of that is true. That won't happen.

The 3rd party market on the Wii U sucks because they want it to suck. It's an afterthought to them because Nintendo won't pay them for support. So what do we get?

- Late ports

- Broken ports

- Ports missing basic features for no reason

- Full priced ports (when the game can be found on other platforms for less)

- Lack of patches

- Denial of any future support (DLC, Sequels or Future entries in a franchise)

It's Sony and Microsoft that buys all of those things for their platforms so we're left with the scraps. For all we know 3rd party games might actually sell BETTER on Nintendo platforms but we'll never know because 3rd parties refuse to even try these days. The market is the way it is because Sony, MS, and 3rd parties want it to be that way. Do you honestly think the market would have crashed last generation if 3rd parties supported the Wii the way they were expected to support the market leading system like they did with the NES, SNES, PS1 and PS2? Nope. Everyone would have simply jumped to the Wii and bought the big 3rd party games that were released there. Or do you actually believe that gamers are so entrenched in their existing platforms that they would refuse to buy a Wii even if it was the only place to get the latest and greatest of their favorite 3rd party franchises? 3rd parties wanted control of the games industry, and now they have it. You can't blame Nintendo or their fans because 3rd parties refuse to actually treat them like they treat their customers on Sony and Microsoft platforms. They started this cycle, not us. We aren't rejecting 3rd parties, 3rd parties are rejecting us.

Even when they do put effort into their games, they still screw us over by not releasing future games in the series on Nintendo platforms or by doing some other dumb things.

  • Capcom decided to release Resident Evil: Revelations 2 on the PS4 and Xbone, even though the first game sold by far the best on a Nintendo platform (the 3DS).
  • Namco made SoulCalibur III PS2 exclusive even though SCII sold well over 1 million copies on the GameCube. The Wii U isn't even getting SoulCalibur II HD.
  • After the success of Tales of Symphonia on the GameCube, Namco decided not to release Tales of Innocence, Tales of Hearts, and Tales of Graces, 3 Tales games released on Nintendo platforms, stateside. They instead ported Graces to the PS3 and released that stateside, re-released Symphonia in HD as a PS3 exclusive, along with porting Innocence and Hearts to the PS Vita. The Wii U isn't even getting Symphonia Chronicles, and the 3DS isn't even getting the Innocence and Hearts re-releases.
  • How Capcom broke the Capcom Five lineup's exclusivity to Nintendo platforms, even though they sold very well on the GameCube. The Wii U isn't even getting Resident Evil 4 HD.
  • How Capcom released the GameCube EXCLUSIVE remake of the original Resident Evil in HD on the PS4 and Xbone but not including the Wii U.
  • Square Enix used the GBA and DS as port dumping grounds while making original games for the PSP and Vita.
  • How Hideo Kojima is a complete dick to the Nintendo fanbase and has a huge Sony bias, as he lied to Nintendo and their fans about putting a new Metal Gear Solid game on the Wii U, and only released a port of MGS3 for the 3DS instead of an original entry. Since Kojima is all Konami has left these days, I guess you can say that Konami support is pretty much dead.
  • Back to Namco - How Tales series producer Hideo Baba states that the Tales audience is only on Sony platforms, yet the best selling Tales game, Tales of Symphonia, sold around 1 million on an Nintendo platform - the GameCube & Tales games on Nintendo systems usually sell just as good as they do on Sony platforms.
  • How Square Enix has stated that Bravely Second may not make it stateside even though Bravely Default was a success stateside.
  • How Capcom used all the money Monster Hunter 4 and the 3DS made them to, instead of investing back into the 3DS market and fixing their financial position, invest into a mobile gaming studio which hasn't made them (and more than likely won't make them) a single penny. Need I say more?

The arguments that 3rd parties have used over the generations for ignoring or treating the Nintendo market like crap are just a bluff. They say that they've lost confidence because they don't want YOU to know that the real reason why they've been ignoring Nintendo is because Sony and Microsoft have been paying them off. It's become much more widely known this generation, but it's been going on ever since Sony entered the market with the PS1 in 1994. But people were unwilling to accept it or believe it for a long, long time.

All those "issues" with Nintendo were artifacts created by the light reflecting off of the piles of money Sony and MS were paying them, nothing more. Ever notice how 3rd parties complain about something with a Nintendo platform one generation, but when that same problem is with a Sony or Microsoft platform another generation, they ignore it?

The PS2 is underpowered? Ok then, we'll support it! The Wii is underpowered? WE CAN'T SUPPORT IT!

The PS1, Saturn, Dreamcast, PS2 and 360 need multi-disc games? That's cool. The GameCube needs multi-disc games? WHY NINTENDO, WHY?!?!

It goes on and on like that. Whatever 3rd parties can use to attack Nintendo becomes the excuse to dump them but when the same issue happens with a Sony or Microsoft platform, it's not a issue it's a CHALLENGE!

3rd parties have created all of their issues with Nintendo and their hardware over the years. Again, it's a smokescreen to hide all the money Sony and MS are paying them for support. They're not going to come out and say they're whores. They're going to try and hide it for as long as they can. And that's lead them to come up with some really lame excuses for ignoring Nintendo's past systems, including the ones that you guys have listed.

If Yamauchi's strict policies was the real reason why 3rd parties left Nintendo they would have all jumped ship to Sega long before Sony ever came in. But they didn't. The true reason why 3rd parties left is because Sony paid them to. Nothing more, nothing less. Plain and simple. They may use Yamauchi, power, carts, license fees, sales, etc. as an excuse, but it doesn't play when you bring Sega into the discussion. Especially when you consider that Sony had never released a system before and their success was ANYTHING but guaranteed while Sega had released two, and on their second (Mega Drive/Genesis), managed to stand toe-to-toe with Nintendo.

And that money lead to 3rd parties getting stupid in the 6th and 7th generations.

Nintendo makes mistakes, sure, but NOTHING that should have led to the 3rd parties ignoring the N64, GameCube and Wii the way they did. Anyone who thinks that isn’t an Anti-Nintendo agenda out there, or that the 3rd parties are not out to get Nintendo is completely blind. Look, am I saying that the CIA and INTERPOL are out to get them too? No. What I’m saying is that with enough money and enough guts to use it with no chance of making it back you can pretty much rewrite any script to say whatever you want. Like how today the Wii is seen as a fad, even though it sold over 100 million units worldwide and now today, pretty much every console and even PCs use motion controls to some extent these days, and how the PS3 and Xbox 360 are seen as successes no matter how much of a financial failure those two consoles were for Sony and Microsoft. Like how the GameCube was seen as hard to develop for because of the mini-DVDs, yet many games of the 5th and 6th generation and many games on the GCN used multiple discs, and most games of the 6th generation didn’t even use the entire storage capacity of a DVD. Like how the N64’s carts made it hard to fit games on, even though Resident Evil 2 was able to fit on there with all 2 discs worth of content and then some. Like how Yamauchi’s treatment and strict policies towards the 3rd parties drove them away from Nintendo, yet they didn’t bother jumping ship to Sega before Sony and Microsoft came in. Like how the GameCube was ignored because of sales, yet the Saturn and Dreamcast received loads of 3rd party support no matter how poorly those two consoles sold, no matter how abysmal software sales and piracy issues were, no matter how difficult the Saturn was to code for.

The 3rd parties are not going to wake up and realize how important Nintendo is for this industry until it is far, FAR too late.

…Then again, probably not.

So THAT is why my position hasn’t changed. Agree? Fine. Don’t agree? I don’t f**king care.


Future plans on GS - Huge absence of users, a couple more blogs before I leave the site (maybe).

Hey, after I posted my 2-part Youmacon blog over a week ago, I noticed that nobody's come to comment on them, and it's because some of my followers, along with many other GS users, have left the site for good. What I've been told from some of my followers is that some of the features on this site are broken for some users, the featured blogs have been taken down, the unions have been deleted, and they don't want to deal with all the trolls on this site. And I must say, I really do understand why they have left, I don't blame them, but nobody's come to visit my blogs lately, and after hearing from one of my followers that they have left, I really don't know what to do. Usually at least 1 user comments on my blogs whenever I put one up, but after putting up my 2-part blog, nobody's come to see them.

After seeing how so many users have left the site, I've been thinking if I should do the same. Like my fellow GS user SloganYams, my blogs on here have become less frequent since last year, and I've been thinking about doing maybe a couple more blogs, then leave GS. It's a very tough decision, I know, but with hardly any users coming to see my blogs, I'm just not sure on leaving the site yet. I've met some great users on this site and I've had a good time, and I know it'll be hard to say goodbye if I do plan on leaving the site.

But, I'll do another blog and see what happens. My next blog will be about a topic that I am very angry over, and why my opinion hasn't changed on that topic. I am going to be very strict on this next blog because I want you to pay attention and see where I'm coming from on this topic.

Until then, later.

Youmacon 2014 - Part 2 - Purchases

Hey everyone, and welcome to part 2 of my Youmacon 2014 blog where I show you all what I got there. Again, like last time I didn't get many games because it's mostly an anime convention, but I did manage to find a game for my Sega Saturn collection that's been on my list for a couple years. Also, I got some anime sets that I had on my list as well. So, here are the suspects:

Sailor Moon - Season 1, Part 1, $45 (new) - If any of you are interested, Viz Media just recently released a remastered version of part 1 of Sailor Moon's first season, and this one comes with 21 episodes, with the option to watch it in Japanese with English subtitles, and the option to watch Viz Media's new uncut English dub! Yeah, uncut! So, if any of you are interested, it's now available!

Rosario + Vampire vol. 1 - $4 (used) - After watching season one and couple episodes of season two of the anime, I decided to check out the manga for Rosario + Vampire, which I hear is much better than the anime.

Rosario + Vampire vol.2 - $4 (used)

Rosario + Vampire vol.3 - $4 (used)

Neon Genesis Evangelion III (Anime soundtrack) - $15 (new)

The Professional Golgo 13 (OVA) - $20 (new) - I'm sure you may have heard of Golgo 13, probably because of the games on the NES that were somehow pretty much uncensored in it's U.S. release. Anyway, apparently it's has an anime (50 episodes long, released in 2008, licensed by Sentai Filmworks), and has 2 OVA's (this one from 1983 & Queen Bee (1998)), and currently has the longest running manga series of all time (been around since 1968), and new volumes are still being printed today!

Rockman X3 (Sega Saturn) - $35 (used) - I FINALLY got my hands on this game! As you all know, the Japanese PSX/Saturn versions of Mega Man X3 had J-pop soundtracks in it's opening and ending, and is known for it's long ass loading times (not to mention the famous "Now Loading" screen). X3 is hard as freaking hell, but hopefully I can conquer this game someday.

Well, that's all I have this time. Hopefully next year I can find some more interesting stuff!

Youmacon 2014 - I went...again. - Part 1

Hey everyone, I'm back again and I went to an anime convention for the 2nd time ever, which is known as Youmacon. The convention takes place in Detroit, Michigan, downtown, at these two famous Detroit landmarks every year in late October & early November for 3 days in a row, starting around Halloween:

The GM Renaissance Center - The World Headquarters for General Motors, which also has on it's sides the two tallest hotels in the Western Hemisphere. This is where Youmacon's big video game room and big table top (by that I mean card games like Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc.) game room are located at.

Cobo Center - This place is usually where the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) takes place every January and this is where Youmacon's Dealers Room, the area where you can buy lots of stuff such as anime DVD sets and video games and so on. It is also where all the Panels are at, and yes, Team Four Star was there! I didn't get to meet them, unfortunately. My sister and a friend of hers did manage to meet Little Kuriboh, one of the members of Team Four Star.

Youmacon is the 2nd biggest convention in the State of Michigan, behind the North American International Auto Show. I don't know how many were in attendance, but the numbers are always in the tens of thousands and this convention continues to get bigger every year. I waited in line for 2 1/2 hours just to buy my pass. And as you could tell by the promo on the top of the page, this is Youmacon's 10th year since making it's appearance in 2005. This was my 2nd time going there, I went for the first time last year, and yes, you can still check out the blog for Youmacon 2013. This convention really helped me get back into anime after a 10-year hiatus, and I can't wait for next year's show because this con is that cool. Seriously. Please do check it out if you live near Detroit or if you're a few hours away. Here are what the passes cost if you plan on going next year and it's usually the same every time...I think:

Friday - $30, Saturday - $40, Sunday - $20, 3-Day Pass - $60, Platinum Pass - $100 (Pre-Registration Only)(3-Day + Line Jumping, Priority positioning for the first 20 minutes in all autograph lines, Priority positioning for Main Events, A Youmacon T-Shirt, Admittance into either the Maid Cafe or Charity Ball, Entrance into one (1) video game tournament & The Dealers' Room will be open an hour early each day for Platinum Attendees).

For more info:

And of course you may have second thoughts before going to Youmacon, more than likely because, well, it's in Detroit. Yes, I know that Detroit is one of the most dangerous cities in America, and that may keep you from going to this convention, and I really wouldn't blame you there. But, Downtown Detroit isn't too bad and it has been getting better. The areas at where the convention is at are patrolled by police 24/7 and it's usually safe in that part of town. So, that's what I have to say if you plan on going next year.

Anyway, thanks for checking this blog out. In Part 2 I will show you my purchases from Youmacon. Anyway, here are some pictures I took from Youmacon, so enjoy!

I'm back...with more purchases and why I haven't been active lately.

Hey everyone, I'm back after a long while. You're probably wondering where I have been, eh? Well, I've been in school for the past 2 months now, and I have been doing well so far. The other reason is because I needed to do a lot of work to my computer because it had encountered many problems which caused me to take it to a shop and have Windows 7 reinstalled, which cost me over $200 in repairs. Yeah, been having a busy couple of months lately. But I have gotten myself some interesting stuff lately and here's what I got during the past, tiring two months:

Ghost in the Shell - limited time feature promo poster ($5) - As you can see, a movie theatre in my area that shows old-school movies - the Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak, Michigan, was having limited time, midnight screenings of Ghost in the Shell at the end of August. I went to see it with my sister and some friends and we had a wonderful time. The movie was shown with the original Japanese dialogue with English subtitles instead of the English dub (which is also very good), and what's more, I got to see it on the big screen! I thought it was a much better experience watching it on the big screen instead of at home and I hope that I can get to see another anime movie like that again. I did think the Japanese version was slightly better, but you have watch the English dub at least once. It's great watching the movie either way.

Final Fantasy VII - Official Strategy Guide - $10. I finally got my hands on the guide, now I just need to beat the damn game!

Xenogears - Official Strategy Guide - $25 - Since I've been working so hard to complete this wonderful masterpiece of an RPG, I hurried out and got my hands on the guide. I love this game to death and if you haven't played Xenogears yet, please do so.

Yakuza (PS2) - $9 - I got the supposed successor to the Shenmue series, Yakuza recently, and I am really enjoying it. I'm already on the 2nd to last chapter of the game, and this is another one I recommend because it is just awesome. I've been told to stay away from Yakuza 2 because I've heard that it is the hardest and most unfair game in the series, and I've heard that the 3rd and 4th games are the best in the series.

Phantasy Star II (Mega Drive, Japanese version) - $15

Nonomura Byoin no Hitobito (Sega Saturn) - Okay, this one came as a bit of a surprise to me. This was a gift from a friend and apparently, as you can see by the X rating on the cover, that this is a Hentai game! Yeah... Me and my friend were playing this game for a little while, he was able to translate some of the "dialogue", and he eventually gave the game to me as a little gift. The game is all in Japanese and it's a text-based game.

Desire (Sega Saturn) - This was another gift from a friend, it's another anime text based game, and it's also got another suggestive rating - 18. Yeah, I sat through a couple of minutes of the game, the dialogue is all Japanese, but I must say, the animation in this game is pretty good, and it makes the game look like an actual anime.

Threads of Fate (PS1) - $30 (new) - This was a sealed PS1 game, but it's another Square RPG goodie from the PS1 that I've heard many good things about.

Front Mission Alternative (PS1) - $7 - I got myself another Front Mission game, it appears to be another spinoff, but I plan to check it out.

Well, that's all I have to show. I bet that someone, like maybe a moderator is going to flag this blog and punish me because of some of the material on here, but hopefully you'll get to see some of this awesome stuff before any of that happens. Anyway, enjoy!

Well, I've finally decided to do it.

Why must you be so expensive?

Well, I have made up my mind. After about 2 years and after sitting through LPs of this game so many times, I have finally decided to save up for EarthBound. I'm not going to get this game cart-only, oh no. I'm going to be getting the game complete in box with at least the game guide, and maybe the scratch and sniff cards, but the things that I really want the most are a legit copy of the game, the guide and the box. I know that it's on the Wii U Virtual Console, but I don't have a Wii U and I'm not sure if I want to get one just yet because I'm fine with what I've got right now. For these past 2 years, I have bought many games for my other systems such as the PS1, PS2 and SNES, and I most recently bought a Sega Genesis as well, but somehow this game has not gotten off of my mind and I've been itching myself to buy this game for so long, and now I have finally decided to do it. I've already thought of a way to get this game, and that's through Amazon. Ever since I got an Amazon account, my method of purchasing things there have been through using gift cards. Yes, whenever there was something that I wanted to get off Amazon, I would usually go buy gift cards and apply them to my account, similar to the way I would buy music off of ITunes. This is the way I'm going to get this game. It may take me a while to get it, but it's the simplest way that I can think of at the moment. I've had no luck finding this game for cheap anywhere else. Also, if any of you have ever played EarthBound or owned a copy of the game, let me know what you think of the game in the comment section.

Capcom releases remaster of Resident Evil remake for everything but the Wii U...WTF?!


As you might have heard, Capcom has announced a HD remastering of the Resident Evil remake that came out in 2002. And while I suppose this is an ok thing...I guess, here's what makes me really mad about this: REmake HD is coming to every single platform, except the Wii U. Yeah, a game that sold by far the best on a Nintendo system isn't coming to the Wii U as well! Marvelous idea, Capcom! Oh, not just that, REmake was also one of two mainline Resident Evil titles exclusive to Nintendo platforms, the second one being Resident Evil 0, also on GameCube. They just decided to remaster that game in HD without considering the audience that supported that game big time on the GameCube! Now that is an excellent business decision!


Now that I've gotten all sarcasm out of my system, here's what I have to say. First off, Capcom had the balls to put our a terrible excuse as to why this isn't coming to Wii U, saying that they want to bring it to every single other home console on the market. This makes me pretty angry, almost makes my blood boil. And while Capcom has noted that the game hasn't been completely ruled out for Wii U, the chances for it appearing on the system are very slim. This is not going to end well for Capcom, who is already in deep financial trouble after making really terrible decisions last gen. And once again, Capcom has betrayed the Nintendo audience. The last time they did something like this was when they took all the profits they made off of Monster Hunter 4 for the 3DS and invested it into a mobile gaming studio, a platform that isn't really profitable to begin with. But it all began in 6th gen with the deal that Nintendo made with Capcom to get the RE games, along with some other ones like Viewtiful Joe to the GameCube. Some say that actually think that Nintendo paid Capcom to get the RE games onto the GameCube. Me? I think that people just need to pay closer attention to what goes on in the games industry. But I'm sure that Nintendo gave Capcom the Zelda license to make a couple LoZ games for the Game Boy Advance, which probably lead to that big deal for the GameCube. I don't think Nintendo paid Capcom anything for the RE games, or the "Capcom Five" lineup. But anyway, Capcom's ways of screwing over the Nintendo fanbase after we treated them so well started back with the deal that Nintendo made with them on the GameCube. And when Resident Evil 7 is announced, do you think that a Wii U version will be announced? I can tell you with absolute certainty and confidence that it won't be coming to Wii U, even though it's been proven for over 10 years that Resident Evil sells on Nintendo systems. The fact that the remaster of REmake is skipping the Wii U should really be all they have to say. Actually here's my accurate translation on Capcom's said "reason" as to why it's not coming to Wii U:

"Sony and Microsoft paid us to support their consoles, of course we're gonna support PC, but Sony and MS told us to come up with an excuse to not support Nintendo and to make them look good."

Now THAT is the most simple, direct and HONEST reason as to why this isn't on the Wii U. There is no logic in this decision. Even though there is still a chance this may see the light of day on Wii U, I'm not gonna hold my breath. Because I know that they'll screw us over again and remaster the last Nintendo EXCLUSIVE RE game, Resident Evil 0, for again, everything but the Wii U. If Capcom actually has the balls to screw us over (No, actually they will. Trust me.), I'm putting them on my DO-NOT-BUY list along with Ubisoft after the Rayman Legends troll and Konami (F**k you Kojima, you arrogant s#it!).

Well, that's all I have to say.

The Great Detroit Flood of 2014 - Unfortunately I was hit by it too.

Yes, this is what we got hit by. No, I'm not kidding!

Hey everyone, and I've got a bad news blog here. I'm sure that most of you have probably heard of this on the news, but on August 11, there was a massive rainstorm that hit Detroit and the many cities in it's metropolitan area. The area was hit with over 4.5 inches of rain, the highest amount recorded in Detroit since 1925, when the city was hit with 4.7 inches of rain. Many cities in Metro Detroit were hit, such as Southfield, Warren, Ferndale, Royal Oak, Dearborn, Allen Park, Hazel Park, Oak Park, etc. State of emergencies were declared in 4 of 5 counties of Metro Detroit, which were Oakland County, Macomb County, Wayne County and northern Monroe County. From what I heard, Detroit and Dearborn were hit the worst. There were many streets and underpasses flooded, some major freeways were closed off for a couple of days, and almost every person living in Metro Detroit had their basements flooded. Unfortunately, I was one of them. Around 5 PM on August 11, the day of the flood, I noticed some minor flooding in my basement. It was just a little puddle due to some leakage, so I went and cleaned it up. Then, an hour later, water from the sewer came up from under the floor drains in my basement and started flooding the place. I helped my dad get as much stuff out as we could and good news is, we got most of our stuff out. We got pretty much all of our family memorabilia out of the basement, most of our electronic stuff(we lost a tape player/recorder, a DVD player, a CD player and CD changer, and 1 TV), pretty much all of the music CDs, most of our books(we lost about 1/6th of our books), all of our vinyl records, all of our DVDs, pretty much all of my Legos(lost the instruction manuals and the Mindstorms stuff, unfortunately), our VCR, 2 stereo systems and our record player, my dad's drum set and guitars, and yes, I got all the game systems I had hooked up in my basement out too, along with all the games. However, I lost the cases for my non-digital Wii games, because they were ruined by the floodwater. We lost a fridge, some shelves and drawers, all of my dad's old work files, and our washing machine. At least 3 feet of water came into my basement on that night, and while all the water receded overnight, the basement was still a mess. Our street was completely flooded, and the water completely covered our front lawn. We managed to revive our water heater (pilot light was out), dryer, dehumidifier, and our sun pump came back on amazingly. Right now as of the 17th, we've cleaned up all the dirt and sewage that was left behind from the flooding, now we're just putting all the stuff we salvaged back into the basement. All I have to say is that this past week has been really tough on me and my family. This storm was devastating and what I have to say to my followers is that if you don't live in Metro Detroit, you're lucky. But if any of my followers live in Metro Detroit, or near the area, or anywhere in Michigan, let me hear what you have to say. Please do comment and let me know what your thoughts of this event are, I really appreciate you guys checking out the stuff I put up on here. And here are some photos of the storm's aftermath if any of you are interested in checking them out:

Southfield Freeway (M-39) near Oakwood Blvd - Dearborn, Michigan (Wayne County)
the I-75 & I-696 interchange - Madison Heights, Michigan (Oakland County)
near the Ford Freeway (I-94) - Detroit, Michigan (Wayne County)
Chrysler Freeway (I-75) near 9 Mile - Hazel Park, Michigan (Oakland County)
Southfield Freeway (M-39) at Outer Drive - Allen Park, Michigan (Wayne County)
I-696 near Mound Rd - Warren, Michigan (Macomb County)
I-696 at Bermuda Street - Royal Oak-Ferndale city line (Oakland County)
Ford Freeway (I-94) - Detroit, Michigan (Wayne County)

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