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Japanese MGS4 Playstation 3 Bundle Preorders Sold Out Already !!?

Those that are thinking Metal gear Solid 4 won't a system mover may want to rethink their position. Konami's official japanese store ,konami **** has already sold out of the limited edition Metal Gear Solid 4 Playstation 3 bundles.

#MGS4 Special Edition software (Metal Gear Online starter pack/2-layer blue-ray disc)

#Playstation 3 MGS4 original color model "Hagane" (40 GB model) x 1

#MGS4 original color model "Hagane" x 1

#Wireless controller (DUALSHOCK 3)

#Special video blue-ray disc x 1

#Power cable x 1, AV cable x 1, USB x1

The price of this bundle was 51,800 Yen (US $534) Keep in mind that this is just the system bundle that sold out copies of the game itself are still available , both in regular and special edition packs. :D

For those waithing to get an extra of it Solid Snake and co., you may want to consider the special edition version of the game. it may be $80 US but it also includes a second Blue-Ray disc with "making of " documentaries and an interview with Hideo Kojima himself, four chapters of the MGS graphic novel and the imported soundtrack CD.

The challenge the PS3

What Mr. Hideo is trying to do is awesome...

"I would also like to challenge the PS3's CPU power for not only what you can see, but also psychological effects, or psychological battles, where it can affect your gameplay," he said.







Metal Gear Solid : Portable Ops

MGS: PO is really hard but that makes a great game .....

There are many characters like Roy Campbell, Python, Null, Gene, Elisa and her sister....dude if you haven't play it this is the time....

This is like continued of MGS:Snake Eater....with other stuff...   there is something at the end of the game that is interesting about snake's son...........          really great.