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trying to get shin megamie ..

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I'v been trying to buy it and its so hard to get digital devil saga.. bestbuy claims to have it .. and they even show it on their website but when push comes to shove they don't have it at a single one of their stores.. anywhere in my state.. what the heck i know ... and then nxt im going to try to get it from gamestop becuase they are my next best choice.

I did it

by on

I know its been awhile since my last post becuase well ive been a little busy with just stuff. But i got hte gold chocobo last week ... right after i posted that 2. I also went on got the knights of the round materia and double slash and slash all, and i went to crather and using the W-item materia i made myself all the elixirs i could ever use and went up to these enemies called "MAGIC POTS" that give you 1000 AP per one you kill and a whole bunch of experience .. about 8000 per and i just leveld there for about an hour.. It worked so well that in an hour, i maxed out 2 mime materias ... so i have 3 now so i can mime anything that i want.. i leveled up my knights of the round materia to level 3, i maxed out the 2x materia and now have 2 2x materias that are up to 4x , and finally I maxed just about all my other materia , so all my characters have 9999 health and 999 MP .. its an amazing site to look at.. so i left crater and went to kill ruby weapon and did it ;p -.- went to the old man in kalm and got yet another gold chocobo so now i have 2 -.- wonderful. I tried to bead emeral weapon under the sea but it was 2 hard on my first try.. im sure if i looked up some stratedgy i could do it .. but i kinda lost interest in FF after playing it for so long ... 60 hours or so ... and this is like the 3rd time ive played it 2.. Im about to go back to my Xenosaga 2 save and try to keep leveling up and finish all the side quests and such .. which im sure will take me quite a long time -.- but its about time..

Im also trying to get out and use my 60 dollar best buy certificate to get Sin megami tensie: digital devil saga.

Gold chocobo

by on
Ive gotten the blue and black chocob's and levled them both up to max stats and class s... so all i need is to get a wonderful male chocobo and mate it with my black chocbo and then i will have the gold chocobo and be able to get the knights of the round summon.. i should be able to finish that by the time i get home, as soon as do that im going to start leveling the mimic materia that i get -- which i know will take a really long time .. and try to at least get the mimick born twice so I can have 3 ... but im pretty sure that will take me to long .. but you never known -.- we will find out.

FF update

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well i have gotten to the last disk and im on my way to getting the black and then gold chocobo fairly soon.. im going to try to beat ruby and emerald weapons this time also .. (withought using cheats ... yes i know this is a big goal .. but hey what are you going to do -.- im going to win thats what im going to do -.- !!!

I gave up on my xenosaga leveling up for now ..

by on

I have gotten a little bored of leveling in XSII , and instead i have started playing Final Fantasy VII again becuase i haven't played it in so long and im already at the temple of the ancients with a level of 45 and thats only on the first disk two, so i think it will be a lot more easy .... wow thats a bad sentence.. but anyways easier for me to level in FF7, so ill keep my journal updated.

A fe more

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Got a few more levels up maxed out at 43, and some at 42 after fighting a boss.. plan on getting to 45-46 .. by tonight..-

40 percent there

by on
I got someof my characters up to level 40 and others to 41 .. so its going slow and steddy -.-

XS II, my 99 level plan

by on
I have decided that each day that i can im goign to post on my journal in terms of how far along I am in getting tto level 99 , today i am currently at level 38 .... and i haven't quite finished the main game yet .. -.- I will let yall know that level i am at tommarow -.- i am goign to try to get at least to 40 .. becuase it is kinda hard to level in the older levels becuase the baddies are super weak and give very small amount of points.

Hmm .. got 2 friend requests..

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I got 2 more friend requests today and i choose to accept .. im pondering if there is a limit to the number of friends that you can have.. i doubt there is but im still curious... if there isn't then it is my goal to get over 300 friends .. thats crazy i know but im sure I can do it ;o if i give it enough time that is -.- )

Dam ..

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I spent 32 minutes fighting a mini boss in the second to last level and won but still wow 32 minute battle thats pretty hardcore... its funny though but the last battle in the game only took be a woping 4 minutes to beat.. yeah only 4 -.- but it took me a good 34 hours to beat it unlike the reviews say.. and i didn't even do the 3 secret dungeouns of level my character yet... i did relize hoever that i missed some really imporatant items... like some double tech attacks throught the game .. so i have made a decision to start a new game... -.- yeah it is that good a game that i am going to the play the whole thing over to get these cool new tech's that you can steal from bosses.. and then with this second save file i am going to level my charactesr to 100 -.- if thats possible this is a big goal .. that will probably take me somewhere between a month to a year to finihs ;p becuase it takes a long time to level ... once i get to around 60 or so ill try to get one level a day and see how that works -.-
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