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My concerns with Blizzard's RMAH for Diablo 3. Will Blizzard lose their ethics?

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I have some questions or maybe concerns about RMAH Blizzard will implement for Diablo 3. From what I read, Blizzard will charge a flat fee for posting and finalizing an auction for each item. If I'm wrong about this please someone correct me. I also understand this will be between players. My biggest red flag question has nothing to do with the RMAH but has more to do with Blizzard. I have this funny feeling that Blizzard at some point will dip their hands in start to create auctions that will compete with real players. Does anyone believe that Blizzard will stay out RMAH themselves? At some point, after the game has been out for a while, I believe they start to create auctions. What is really stopping them? From what I'm learning, sellers will be anonymous, giving Blizzard the perfect cover to sell items. Which could undermine the feature. How will you or I know if bidding on an auction by a player or not? And even if Blizzard doesn't directlly inject items to the auction house, they'll most likely hire a third party to do the auctions. Looking at their other major title World of Warcraft, they did sell mounts, pets, and other items, I know those items didn't give a player advange. It's not out of the realm that they wouldn't start this practice with Diablo 3. Blizzard wouldn't design a feature in less they could or have thoughts capitizing on it. This is Blizzard after all. I don't really know if the diablo community as a whole supports this or not. My opinion is that diablo 3 is looking more like a pay to win system game than anything else. I can't be the only one thinking that Blizzard won't at some point inject auctions of their own to make more money right? I understand the game itself will be great, I'll be a fool to say other wise. My red flag that I am really concern with is glooming loud. I'm put in a tough spot to buy this game or just pass.