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I would assume that more than half of those negative reviews are just Microsoft trolls with nothing better to do. People that were lucky enough to get the console at launch are probably too busy actually playing a game to go to Amazon and give a pointless review that no one really cares about. I haven't planned to purchase either console, going to wait it out to see which I like better.

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What the hell happened to GS?

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No not really.

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1. X360
2. KB + Mouse
3. PS3
4. Dreamcast
5. N64
6. PS2
7. Gamecube
8. NES
9. WII
10. XBOX

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I'm sure he's tired of losing.

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You can whine all you want about it. Us PC gamers would like to at least be able to play the single player. Ungreatful.

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720p? So the next gen consoles still can't handle 1080? What makes it next gen then?

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Who cares? Anyone that has wanted to play minecraft already has.

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PC gaming. :lol:

Enjoy your farmville, ganster something, point/click every game LOL.

What the heck is steam box anyway? From what I understand it is optional internet PC bridge port type thing? Like, I can access my PC and steam on my TV. but they are offering a middle ground. A middle ground as a USB port basically to my TV to make my life slightly easier. Even though I already can get steam running on my PC/HDTV. LMAO. FAIL.

If they don't announce HL3 then they FAIL at life and should just retire off of steam sales. They clearly don't care about games.

You are either a troll seeking attention, or the most ignorant person I have ever seen.
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I already have my gaming PC. Still trying to decide whether I should get PS4 or Xbone. If you really think that most of the games will be ported to PC, you've got another thing coming. It's going to be the same as the last gen. I'm still bitter about Red Dead Redemption never being ported to PC.