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for someone who is extremely disapointed with today's games this is a miracle, also I didn't get to play BG1, the low res graphics were just hurting my eyes



Those "low-res graphics" used to be top of the line. I remember when the reality of this game blew my mind! Just think, only a few years before this game graphics consisted of crude ugly attempts at 3d, or blocky indistinguishable characters.

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Sound 8.5

   Voice acting is good and properly spaced. I like the random comments companions make. I find the music pretty nice, and the effect sounds pleasant too.

Graphics 8.0

   Graphics are pretty good. Intentionally cartoony, with some nice effects giving it a decent atmosphere. Not up to todays standards, but still nice since they want it to be playeable on low end machines. 

Gameplay 8.0

  Gameplay is very streamlined. You dont explore like you did in Diablo I and Diablo II, you basically run down narrow tunnels and sometimes have a few optional tunnels to follow. It doesnt feel like a dungeon crawler, rather a linear story. Killing stuff is fun enough, repetition is fine it this sense. I really like that ability to change skills between different options, all of which have merit throughout the game. This is possibly the greatest improvement over D2, meaning anyones characters can be good if you have gear to match. The gear drop rate is way to high, and I feel like most of the stuff that drops is totally useless. Crafting is pointless, except for perhaps upgrading your gems, but blacksmithing is literally pointless in the game. Multiplayer in the game is no where near as fun as D2. No one talks, you pop into whatever quest at the moment, finish and leave. There is no real feeling of cooperative gameplay like there was in D2.

Replayability 5.0

The first playthrough was fun, and I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. Playing through nightmare, became very repititous. Its hard to describe why Diablo II didnt feel as repetative, but it is. I have actually stopped playing, half way through nightmare since it is boring. I have friends who I used to play D2 with a lot, but I find they also are bored by the game. Perhaps I will try hardcore, so that I have a reason to actually care about my character.

Overall 7.5

Good game, poor replayability. 

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People forget, this isnt a damn MMORPG!

It is unacceptable to have this game be unplayable because servers are 'down'. People who want to solo play, a game they bought when its not an MMORPG should be able to.

If it was an MMO I wouldnt be upset. People seem to forget, this is a game that has a Online option

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The most important point is actually not in any way linked to the crappy launch (as that isnt the end of the world).

I hate the fact that if I go somewhere without internet, I can't play my games. What about people who dont have internet access? What about people who cant afford it, or its not available? What about when you travel? What if your internet goes down and you feel like playing your games?

Simple answer: NOPE, you only get to play as long as the Game companies knows and allows you to play.

Also I wonder what will happen when a company goes out of business and doesnt operate servers, or in 10 years when Blizzard doesnt feel like supporting D3 anymore? What about 20 years? Down the road these games will be 'retro' and simply wont be playable because their servers dont exist. I for one lover playing old games (ie Diablo I) and want to be able to do this down the road, and I am sure that future generations will want to as well.

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Honestly I dont know how it is, I have been trying to log in for nearly 24 hours without success. Perhaps next week or month when they fix the game someone can let you know 

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Obvious reason why we need to resist and stop always online single player games. This is insane really and is only going to get worse in the future. 

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Wow, epically pathetic blizzard. So not only can no one log in. But even your stupid online message forum site is "down for maintenence".


In other words, you recieved so many complains that it crashed your website too... really sad. Looks like millions of people will not pre-order your games, and would rather just wait a few days till you sort your bull out beforehand

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My only point to the original poster. You know that you will for 100% be buy this game. Dont lie to yourself. If people stopped pirating games, then we wouldnt need online all the time features. 

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Diablo has some of the most interesting backstory of any game ever made. While people may hate on Blizzard game's mechanics, they can tell one hell of a story. Get your hands on some d1, or d2 era books or backstory, you wont be dissapointed.

In terms of the game itself, you will either hate or love this type of point and click, button mashing game. If you like this type of game, then the diablo series stands at the top of the pack, no one can deny this fact.

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Probably something like this

Fun gameplay, combat w/e
Something about the classes
Replay value
Probably something about pvp
Co-op stuff

Dated visuals
Auction House
Something about the classes
Always online

Overall: 8.5

Pretty much exactly what he said. I would shoot at 8.5, or 9.0. If they feel a bit mean they might fire out a 8.0 but I doubt that. I personally think they might give it a 8.5 because of the currently missing pvp, but will mention that it would have earned a higher mark with this feature included at launch.
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