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Civilization V

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Just released this week, I'm hoping to add Civilization V to my collection this weekend. There's a free demo available on Steam for those that would like to try it out. I've checked out a few reviews, previews, and have played the demo, and let's just say I'm sufficiently excited for this game.

I used to play Civilization II way back when it was still cool, and had a blast doing so. Some of the new mechanics introducted in Civilization V look pretty neat, such as the city states and the move to hexagonal tiles rather than squares. I haven't followed the series since Civilization II, so I'd equate myself with a newcomer in terms of skill. However, Civilization V is apparently the most accessible title in the series, so it shouldn't be too difficult to start back up.

Has anybody out there picked this up yet? It appears to be pretty well received.

Time for a New Beginning

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I've gone through and have entirely cleared out my old blog posts. After being inactive on GameSpot for well over two years, I've decided to maybe start poking around here more often, checking reviews, writing reviews, etc... It's a neat platform for connecting gamers and the community seems nice enough. So I'll give it a go for the time being.