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General news updates

Some interesting stuff came in this morning's news: http://www.gamespot.com/news/2005/04/07/news_6121600.html

Just check it out by coping and then posting the link in the address bar. It tells how Hironobu Sakaguchi (creater of the final fantasy series) is on the E3 agenda for 2 count um 2 new games on route to the next xbox. There is a link to his site (Mistwalker Studios) on the news page. But unfortunatly the site is in Japanese!

Well this page is getting pretty boring. As you've probably noticed I havent updated here in a long time. This is mainly due to the fact I cant post pictures or links until I reach 250 posts (I already have 2000 min. online).

Once I reach the 250 posts I will continue posting here as well as update the page and my sig with lots of pictures and links.

So until then, I hope to see you at the forums!

New Icon, New review

yep that correct. i changed my quake icon into a doom icon. One classic id game to another.

As for the new review it is also my first: Super Star Wars.

I know, i know why such an obsecure game. Well i lke Star Wars and Super Star Wars was the first Star Wars game i played.

Oh yeah, and about those gba reviews, well all get those up later this week.

New Games and Netrek

I Just recently bought two new games, Astro Boy: for the gameboy advance, and Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes on the gamecube. Both are amazing games. I've never heard of Astro Boy before, and never played a Metal Gear Solid game. But i decided to go out and take a chance on new franchises, and man did it pay off. I haven't finshed them yet but they are just amazing games! I look foward to rewiewing these games, or at the least, scoring them.

On the PC side of things i recently became a new player of Netrek, an online star trek multiplayer game. This game has amazing depth and a surprisingly steep learning curve for a free online game. Point is Netrek is a great and addicting game so if anyone wants to play just go to www.netrek.org and make a small download so you can start playing!!

Just send me a private message if you want to play with or against me. Keep in mind though im only a newbie at this point.

Advertising and Reputation of a Game

Yes this article was orginally a post in the Gamespot forums, but i decided it would make a good journal entry, so here it is.

Reputation plays a big role in whether or not the consumer buys the game. Just look at 2004: most of the top selling games are sequels or are cookie cutter games. I think people should give something they dont know about and is a new concept a chance. Such as Grim Fandango: a game that was one of the all time best but hardly sold any copies. This was either because nobody new the game existed, or because it was a style of game that somebody without previous experance with older pc games of the same type. On the other hand some new style of games with original concepts have sold very well. Is it because of good advertising or just by word of mouth. More likely it is a combination of the two. But in my experiance it is more because of word of mouth and reputation.

True advertising helps to start the ball rolling but reputation is what carries the title into stardom. All games' populality is because everybody starts playing it, so you go to the store and but a copy to fit in. Admit i now you do it Halo became so popular (at least in my city) because if you didn't have a copy of the game you would be a loser. Halo wasnt advertised much before the game came out. Yet is was the most have (and top selling) xbox title of the year (and every year after, untill halo 2.) It is still selling a ton of copies now even though halo 2 has came out. This is because people want to experance the first game in the series before they buy the sequel(not the case with half-life 2 mind you). With halo, it became know as the only good game for xbox.(whether that is true or not)(people are now starting to realize its not).

I think the best advertising a game publisher can do is to build up the anticipation for the next big sequel. In the cases of both halo 2 and half-life 2, it helped sell copies of the first game long after it came out and long after games without a sequel do. Also, with all the anticipation, anyone who doesn't buy the new big budget sequel when it finally comes out is going to be a real loser. Nobody wants to be that right?

Such is not the case with games of multiple sequels though. Such as Final Fantasy. It has so many games in the series nobody would want to have to spend time playing all of those games that come before the new one. That is why Square has decided to stick with developing their new games with to important tie to the past games in the series. You dont have to play Final Fantasy 1-11 to understand Final Fantasy 12. Final Fantasy's success at this point in the series is more dependent on reputation. They dont need to do much advertising because everybody already has heard of the series. The challenge for square comes in getting all the people who have heard of the series but regarded it as not their style of game (rpg) and getting the fans who dropped out in the middle of the series to start playing new Final Fantasy games again.

Final Fantasy 7's success was a big part of the ps1's success. Great advertising helped sony establish the most popular console in the world. Reputation played a big role in this as well. Everybody was talking about how good the ps1 was. "If you dont get the console your a loser." "Ps1 is loads better than N64." And so on.

In short, the advertising of a game may help get the new game on the market. Or it just could be somebody picked up the game liked it and everybody gets the game because its the cool thing to do. This is most often the case whether or not the game had good advertising beforehand or not. The repuation of a game goes a long way toward people willing to buy the game and people saying the game is good(or most often the best game ever: which they've said a hundred times before).

Luckly, and the whole point of this long article, is that the game has to be good and appealing before it startes to earn a reputation. Most often the games that are the best are also the most popular and freqeuntly played ones.

Joined Gamespot

Just joined gamespot a few days ago and am enjoying it already.

I will gladly accept any friends requests. infact please add me to your friends list!

Still trying to get to level six so i can start writing reviews. I will try to update this journal at least once a week for now and will give scores to as many games as i can. Please feel free to comment on any of my journal postings.

Hope to see you in the forums