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Mario Sports Mix news: Square Enix should rot in hell with Final Fantasy

I can't believe this piece of crap. Square Enix cut Funky Kong, Dixie Kong, Rosalina, Lubba, Hammer Bro and Toadette for these pieces of abomination called Final Fantasy characters. Why would you do that? How come these effers get to be in a Mario game? This isn't DS you dumbasses.

Games that Nintendo should make: Part I

Ok, folks I think that Nintendo needs to crack it up a notch. They make good games, but they gotta keep up the good work and actually improve it in the future. Therefore, I think that they should really focus on creating games like these:

1) Super Mario Galaxy 3

Everyone loved the first game, but the second let down a few people, even though it is a great game overall. The main problem of the second game was its easiness and the replacement of Rosalina and the observatory by fatass Lubba (he's decent tho) and the giant Mario head. Thus, they should make the third and last part of the trilogy so that this cycle can close and they move on with another Mario 3D project

SMG 3 should have a few innovations, even though it should keep Yoshi and Luigi from the second game:

a) Make more challenging levels. SMG2 is really easy for an experienced player.

b) Have Rosalina as co-protagonist. Maybe make her playable after some point too!

c) The bosses should be more difficult. The final fights with Bowser are never challenging and this should change. Have a big Hammer Bro as a boss, that would be awesome.

2) A new 2.5 Mario game

New Super Mario Bros Wii was totally awesome. I do not know if they should make a NSMB Wii 2 or a New Super Mario World or something else from scratch, but 2(.5) Mario games must continue side-by-side to the 3D games.

3) Wario & Waluigi (aka Wario Bros)

It's about time Waluigi gets his own game. In my opinion, he should be Wario's sidekick in a 2.5D game, maybe a sequel to Wario Land: Shake it? The game should involve bike riding, which would work like animal buddies in the DK games and Yoshi in Mario. Waluigi could also use his whiplash as a weapon too.

A game like that could take place in a modern city and involve humans too, much like the WarioWare series.

Donkey Kong Country Returns anticipation and beyond

I really look forward to this game. I think it will kick ass, because it seems that a lot of work has been put in it.

However, there are few things that have disappointed the old school fans of the game, even before its release.

1) No other Kongs except for Cranky. No Funky Kong, no Dixie? Are you serious over there in Retro? You better make a sequel that will include our beloved characters. And have Funky playable in bonus levels where he could get extra bananas by snowboarding, surfing or paragliding. FUNKAY BABAY!

2) No Kremlings. Even though the change of the main villains is totally accepted, I would like even the tiniest reference in the game to our favorite kroks.

3) No underwater levels: No Enguarde? Screw that!

4) No animal buddies apart from Rambi. Come on Retro, even Donkey Kong Jungle Beat had some kick-ass animal friends, like Orco the Orca and Hoofer the Wildebeest.

In conclusion, this game will be wonderful, there's no doubt about that. However, I really wanna see a sequel to this game, I don't want this game to be limited to nostalgia.

P.S. Retro dudes get your asses back to work, because I wanna see a Donkey Kong 3D game like the Donkey Kong 64.

In short, I want you to work on the three following projects:

1) DKCR2 (put Kongs, Kremlings, water levels and more animal buddies)

2) Donkey Kong 3D: make it as cool as Super Mario Galaxy. Make Funky playable in bonus levels too

3) Funky Kong's Extreme Resort: a game where our favorite Kongs would engage in extreme sports in Funky Kong's resort.