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PC Gaming, AMD's Finest

Here it is, the last day of July... For some time now I have built a plethera of games on the Steam Network , 240 games to date. My PC building skills are at their best and my rigs are powered by ATI HD 6870's & a couple 5770's. I Crossfire two out of my 3 gaming PC's. I can say, I've seen the next gen allready because the systems of tomorrow are going to be more and more like a PC from today. With it's hi-resolution graphics and higher frame rates playing games like Skyrim & Battlefield3 at their best, it blows away the quality of it's console version. I spoiled myself because it feel like I want the Ferrari of systems because I love games and want to play them at their best ;) Heres to more of a good thing

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How have you been?

How have you been? What games you been playing? Whats the weather like? C'mon let's catch up :)



I've been O.k. Lifes crazy busy with work and family, but all in all thing are at an all time good point, so I'm expecting to mess that up some how, you know, the old self sabotage thing. I've been playing the crap out of my PS3, picking up most of my games for that system, now I just feel stupid paying for a service that iI dont use much, that service being XBL. I am really enjoying the gaming on the HDTV, HUGE difference. OH!! one really good thing added to my game room... A real Lay-Z-Boy chair, it's friggin bad a$$ ;) I am so comfortable now :D anyway, I hope the people that occasionaly come by and chat with me are doing well, you know who you are, Miss you. I hope we can have another game session, much love - Crush

2 For 1 Achievement & a Fresh Track

It was a perfect day outside but instead of going out, I turned on so games and played :) Halo3 being one of the games I played. I think I'm like alot of people, just 1 or two achievements away from getting your katana. Myself, I have/had two achievements left, Overkill in a ranked FFA and the Two For One - Get two people with one shot of the Spartan Laser in a ranked FFA. Well ladies and gentlemen, yesterday I got me the Two For One achievement :D

Two For One

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Two For One

And here is this blogsFRESH TRACK Enjoy :)