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I finally got to watch Appleseed the other day. An excelent moive! I really wanted to see it too. Not only becuase it was from the maker of Ghost in the Shell, Shirow Masemune, but it looked really good too. My thouhgts for it were correct and i recomended it to you all!


School has started. i must say i is really werid to be back in school. Luckly homework hasnt been given out that much yet. im sure it will be. The days have been really long so far, so i can tell this will be a long year.

the last day of summer

Today's the last day of summer vaction. tomorrow i'll be starting highschool. What fun will that be. oh well i guess it'll be good to get out of the house sometime. Goodbye summer


6 days and i finally got to level three!! Finally. i wonder how long it will take me to get to level four. Talking about all these low levels is really making me feel pathetic

waiting for a level up

It's been four days and i've stayed at the same level and the same precentage so im going to count down the days till i level up. its been 4 days now watch me level up really quickly now.

Level up will you!!

This piece of junk. i have written in forum's and i have posted two new blogs over the past two days and i have stayed the same level and not grown up to level three.Start working TV.com i want my level up!!


My family got a new goat today! it just a little pygmy goat named Billy. He was ignored by his owners and then we somehow we got him! My dogs went crazy when they saw him and my other three goats arent used to him yet but i think they'll start bonding sooner or later. (Right now the dominate goat got it cornered in a dog house. Im betting on the later)

I'm surprised im not dead yet

I did something really bad. something so horrible im surprised my sister hasnt killed me last night in my sleep. See here i was playing Final Fantasy 7 last night. i know its an old game and all but definately one of the best and i still need to beat it like my sister did. Well i had just gotten onto the second disc, i had Vincent, Red 13, and Cloud in my party the same characters in my sister party. I wasn't paying any attention and i saved my game in the wrong slot, her slot. My sister had beaten Sephiroth a couple of times and had just gotten out of the cave to beat everything (Well she couldnt get Vincent's final form and that is enough reason just to start over) and she had just beaten ultima weapon and i saved over her game. Now she's complaining about starting all over again cuase she doesnt want to play a game that i started saying it wasn't hers. I'm already at level 41 at the beginning of the second disc (In my opinion thats fairly good) I've got all the characters (Besdies Areis of course)and my high leveled charcters are the same as her charcters that she used. I told I was sorry (probably 15 times. The bad part is that i was laughing when i told her what happened.) I was going to restart the playstation when it was saving but i feared what it would do to the memory card, memory slot, or the playstation. Does anyone know what happens when you do restart it when it says not too? To my sister who i know will be reading this and to let the whole world know, I AM SORRY!!!

what i miss the most

You know what i miss really badly. Ghost in the shell. Cartoon network just had to take it off. they better not be moving back the newer episodes becuase they decided to move fullmetal alchemist back becuase of Neon Genis Evengalion. Cartoon network and aldut swim can be a real pain sometimes. i guess i cant complain as long as i get some anime. i still miss ghost in the shell though...

FullMetal vs. Flame

i saw that episode of Fullmetal Alchemist last night. That is my absolute favorite. So funny i love it! Roy kicking but and then is trouble by a past memory. You just got to love him. And Riza getts a new pet and hughes is just hughes. I say the best episode so far. maybe next to episode 25. but lets not think of such sad things.
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