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How in the world would they put auto-aim in this game. Team deathmatch and deathmatch aint fun in this game. hell i even hate it. If you tought COD had to skills well wait untill you play TDM and DM. Mission is even a more pain in the ass. if you are in a car, chances are big you get headshot with a pistol even if your driving at full speed.

Races and coop missions are fun tough.



Shame on you rockstar.


PS: Singleplayer owns

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Because not many liked the multiplayer and i don't blame them since you have almost no controle with shooting in soft-lock and most people play soft-lock.

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I love the single player but the multiplayer is a big let down.
With soft-lock you almost have no control of shooting with your character with is the lamest thing i ever saw in a game. Hard-lock is good but nobody plays it so.

Not the mention this game has some kind of wallhack , always your red name above your head. Never saw the point of it but probably goes together with soft-lock. Still multiplayer sucks , it's like letting the computer aim for you, sure you can use small burst fire but that doesn't give much freedom.


Conclussion: Singleplayer owns , multiplayer could have been better without soft-lock and red-name above your head. 

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Crysis aint like COD , Jesus you simple minded people compare everthing to COD nowadays. It's like a damn Virus.

Does there come anything else from your stupid tiny peanut brain then COD.


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It's been going on for 2 months here. Sorry to say but i give gamespot 2 more weeks to fix the problem. After that i'm forced to go to a new gaming website that let me comment on articles like IGN .

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Multiplayer is wel balanced , it just depense on your team. I'm lvl 43 alien and lvl 53 Marines and i played alot of matches and it is perfectly balanced.

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Anyone else thinks it was better if they let PFC. Hudson live instead of Cpl.Hicks. I tought it would be better for the story because nobody knows what really happend to HUDSON besides that an alien dragged him down.


Still hate the fact that the game doesn't tell us how who's body is was in the cryotubes in the alien 3 movie.

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They should have left hudson live lol. Altough does a nuke don't give alot of radiation ?

Ow and then they asked who was that in the cryotube then ?

One story at the time cpl. Hicks said. I raged so bad lol

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LoL Troll ? the title says : guesse the gameSpot score....

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A 4.0 , Bad graphics but i could live with that if the story and gameplay was good. Well all of those are bad.

The story has no depth and if it could go deeper then Gearbox said: 1 story at the time . --> Reffering to Cpl.Hicks --> Who's body was in the cryotubes ? lol That really made me rage..... . People who completed the game know what i'm talking about.


The multiplayer , simple Xeno's are dominating Marines. Marines get crappy guns which recoil is ever worse then the first machine gun they made arround 1930 lol.